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45 People were enjoying the beach near the Visitor Center in the usual ways; walking, walking dogs (8), playing in the surf and shallows, beachcombing, sitting. The tide was high making the river estuary flooded but a lot of people were playing in the mouth shallows where it was easy for small children to splash around. The beach was virtually clean of litter. Beach campfires were prohibited on the State Park side but there was one campfire smoking on the north side of the Winchuck River near large driftwood piles and below residences. The wrack was light consisting mostly of kelp and other marine detritus.There was a normal amount of Common murre mortality (3 adult, 9 juvenile) for the season strewn along the beach.


Temperature: 65 F. Cloud Cover: Foggy. Wind Velocity: Calm/Light. Tide Level: 5.0 feet.

Human Activities

Number of people: 45. Number of dogs: 8. Walking or running: 7. Playing in surf: 6. Playing in sand: 7. Sitting: 7. Other Activities: One man sitting by campfire on north side of Winchuck, an adult and child with a small inflatable raft in river mouth, seven people beachcombing, seven people with 8 dogs, walking or throwing sticks or frisbees for the dogs: all included in Activity Counts above as best fit. I counted 3 large driftwood structures, all not far from the Visitor Center. One couple had a fairly large collapsible canopy set up for shade.. All the people were concentrated either at the mouth of the Winchuck River playing in the shallows or surf or sitting on the beach not far from the Visitor Center. I walked the beach to the south end in the California section where there were 12 people playing in the surf or sitting on the beach but there was no one in between the two ends of the beach. I didn't even notice any human tracks although there may have been some. I saw a few campfire ring remnants below the Visitor Center and the active campfire on the north side of Winchuck River. In the California section in front of the private residences there was a big sand pit with the remains of a large firework (a 2-3 inch rigid tube with 8 inch long fiberglass-like filaments wrapped around it and fallen from it). I moved it above the beach onto a residence access trail. There were 3 large driftwood shelters constructed near the Visitor Center. There was virtually no trash on the beach. I picked up a Copenhagen tin, a bottle cap and a cigarette filter. I saw one pile of dog poo, unbagged.



Apparent violations: One man was sitting by a campfire on north side of Winchuck River surrounded by piles of large driftwood (I observed from south side of Winchuck). Visitor Center on south side of river had signs posted on the door sayin "No Beach Campfires at present." Presumably, residents of houses above the beach on the north side would be aware of the campfire as it was smoking well when I returned from my walk south along the beach at 5:40pm. I did not see the smoke or anyone on the north side when I arrived and looked across the river mouth from south to north near 4:10pm..


Cars/trucks parking: 18. RVs/Buses parking: 1.

Notable Wildlife

Brown pelican in surf at Winchuck mouth - 16, Cormorant species - 20+ roosting on offshore rocks and flying, Common loon in surf - 1, Common murre in surf just offshore - 1 adult, 1 juvenile.

Beached Birds

Total dead birds: 12. There were 4 dead Common murre (1 adult, 3 juvenile) on the Oregon State Park beach. There were 8 dead Common murre on the California section (2 adult, 6 juvenile). I believe this is normal Common murre mortality from fledging in my experience as a COASST surveyor of 13 years.

Driftline Content

Small rocks, Seaweeds and seagrass, Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Wood pieces. One 550 ft stretch of the beach consisted of a cobble bench midway between surf and vegetation. There was also a small patch of pebbles at surfline.

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Mile 1

August 3, 2023

45 People were enjoying the beach near the Visitor Center in the usual ways; walking, walking dogs (8), playing in the surf and shallows, beachcombing, sitting.


Mile 1

August 22, 2022

Human activity: 23 people, 6 dogs.


Mile 1

October 12, 2021

High tide reaching close to vegetation (composed of European beach grass) above the waveslope.


Mile 1

August 31, 2021

Most important observation was the dumped contruction material - mostly wood -  at the end of a rough trail down the west side of dune.


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Mile 1

July 31, 2021

Beach looks super clean; no litter except for one dog poo bag.


Mile 1

November 26, 2020

Crissey Field Visitor Center and Winchuck River access on north side of river are both opened today.


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Mile 1

January 13, 2018

There were a few large tires on the beach.


Mile 1

January 31, 2014

Walked the sand dune like area and found the tide very high.