Crag Law Center

Crag Law Center is a client-focused, public-interest law organization that provides legal aid for the environment, representing community groups, conservation organizations, Native Tribes, and individuals across the Pacific Northwest. To protect and sustain our region’s natural legacy for current and future generations, Crag offers a wide range of strategic support, including legal representation, civic participation, development and execution of campaign strategies, community organizing, and media relations. They implement a unique model of “legal aid for the environment,” combining their legal skills with their clients’ passion for their local communities to implement a positive vision for Oregon’s future.

Working Together

In 2004, the Oregon Shores board of directors made a decision that has hugely benefited our work and the coastal environment ever since. We had worked on several issues with Crag and had developed a great respect for their work and their mission. We learned that they were interested in doing more work on coastal issues and wanted to develop an ongoing relationship. It didn’t take much conversation before we had hammered out a joint plan, and the Coastal Law Project (CLP) was born.

Oregon Shores has been working in partnership with Crag ever since. We provide funding, and they provide low-cost, high-quality legal services. The cost of the project is one of our significant fiscal challenges, and yet it leverages vastly more legal help than we could afford were we to hire legal help at market rates. The CLP enables us to work with dedicated conservation lawyers with an impressive track record in defending the environment in court—not just on the Oregon coast but throughout the West.

Help preserve the legacy of our Oregon coast for all generations