The beach is a place of wonder and curiosity and an incredible place for learning.  CoastWatch in the Schools links classrooms on the coast to a shoreline mile close to their school that they observe and document year after year.

CoastWatch in the Schools (CWIS) coordinates guest educators to be on the beach with teachers and students; provides training for community science projects and uploading data; coordinates with other schools for sharing CoastWatch Mile findings; introduces classrooms to scientists and researchers. Schools submit mile reports just like all CoastWatch volunteers.

The CoastWatch in Schools Program: 

  • Coordinates guest educators to join teachers and students on their adopted beach mile, supporting outdoor education and time away from screens. 
  • Provides connection to and training for place-based community science projects that contribute to the health of their communities. 
  • Introduces classrooms to each other along the Oregon coast, helping move the exchange of information found on our coast. 
  • Gives teachers the flexibility to design interdisciplinary lessons and participate in ongoing community science projects.


Outdoor Learning

As students spend more time on screens, outdoor learning balances an increasingly digital learning environment.

Sharpening Observations

Students learn about the natural world around them, engaging their senses to make discoveries.

Documenting Change

CWIS encourages students to take pride in a part of Oregon’s public shoreline by watching it closely for natural and human-caused changes and publishing observations on our website.

Benefits to Teachers

CWIS prioritizes listening to educators’ needs and highlights existing programs and curriculums that coastal educational partners have created.



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Help shape the next generation of ocean stewards