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This is the way you like to find your mile...very clean beach, and lots of people, dogs, and birds enjoying it. Picked up some assorted pieces of plastic and styrofoam and two bottles...but not nearly as much as expected. Not much in the way of rocks or shells either, but lots and lots of driftwood everywhere.


Temperature: 50 F. Cloud Cover: Cloudy. Wind Velocity: Calm/Light. Wind Direction: S. Tide Level: 4.0 feet.

Human Activities

Number of people: 33. Number of dogs: 5. Walking or running: 33.


Cars/trucks parking: 1.

Notable Wildlife

30 Seagulls, 11 crows

Beached Birds

Total dead birds: 1. Unknown

Driftline Content

Small rocks, Shells, Wood pieces, Marine debris (plastic, styrofoam, etc. washing in from the sea), Styrofoam.

Natural Changes

Evidence of wave overtopping.

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Mile 293

May 3, 2023

Extremely clean beach.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

April 2, 2023

Large bale of styrofoam found.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

January 1, 2023

Overall the beach looked pretty good for post king tides and fireworks.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

October 22, 2022

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

September 7, 2022

For the day after a holiday weekend the beach was exceptionally clean.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

February 6, 2022

A warm February day.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

December 31, 2021

A relatively calm day before the first King tide of 2022.

Mary and Zio

Mile 293

September 14, 2021

Observed approx.

stu and barb