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Human activity was limited to U.S. government employees performing tasks related to plover nesting.Large mixed flocks of shorebirds and other migratory waterfowl were observed.The breach at mile 62.8 was naturally closed. Beach was generally clean but as usual had large amounts of driftwood.

Human Activities

Number of people: 4. Other Activities: Working. ATVs transporting biologists, predator control and monitor related to snowy plover nesting activities.


Cars/trucks parking: 4. ATVs/OHVs on beach, prohibited: 2.

Notable Wildlife

Large flocks of mixed shorebirds (200+)and numerous flocks of geese and possibly Brants were seen. Smaller flocks of gulls, cormorants, terns and pelicans were observed.

Driftline Content

Seaweeds and seagrass, Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.), Shells, Wood pieces.

Man-made Modifications

Breach at mile 62.7 naturally closed.

Natural Changes

Evidence of wave overtopping.

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Mile 61

September 20, 2020

Another sunny windless day.


Mile 61

October 22, 2009

One beach walker was collecting agates on a clean, wind-swept beach.


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Mile 61

April 21, 2009

Human activity was limited to U.


Mile 61

March 6, 2009

Five people, accompanied by three dogs, were agate hunting on the beach.


Mile 61

December 5, 2008

Mile 61 had been reworked with significant overtopping.


Mile 61

September 22, 2008

Mile 61 exhibited a clean surf line and beach.


Mile 61

April 24, 2008

Mile 61 remained free of natural and man made debris.


Mile 61

February 28, 2008

Mile 61 was relatively free of natural and man made debris, dead wildlife and human incursion with the exception of 4 sets of old ATV tracks.