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Why is so much plastic continuing to wash up on this beach as never before?


Temperature: 51 F. Cloud Cover: Cloudy. Wind Velocity: Calm/Light.

Human Activities

Number of people: 74. Number of dogs: 16. Walking or running: 40. Playing in surf: 3. Playing in sand: 15. Sitting: 7. Other Activities: flying kites, 6. It's a little frightening seeing people, usually young men, climbing the unstable slide area of the big basalt rock at the north end of the beach.


Climbing bluffs/seastacks


Cars/trucks parking: 27.

Beached Birds

Total dead birds: 4. 2 oystercatchers (heads gone but wings and bright red legs intact) 2 unidentifiable downy feathered remains

Dead Fish or Invertebrates

a few crab, a few dozen sandcrab

Driftline Content

Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.), Marine debris (plastic, styrofoam, etc. washing in from the sea), Small rocks, Styrofoam, Wood pieces. Lots of pulverized plastic bits continue to litter the driftline.

Man-made Modifications

New riprap or shoreline protection structures.

Natural Changes

Erosion of vegetated foredune, Newly exposed roots/trees falling.

Actions & Comments

This week's bag of trash consisted predominantly of plastic: bottle tops, tubing in 6-8 inch lengths, bags, bottles, pieces of flat sheet, halves of hollow green 1" balls, syringes, bait containers, conical 8" sieves, several clumps of plastic melted into a wad, assorted bits, rubber shoe soles, and short lengths of half inch and quarter inch poly pro. lines.

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Mile 245

January 23, 2024

After king tides and heavy surf, most of the usual driftwood was up nearer the bank along with minimal bull kelp.

Lisa Bizon-Carroll

Mile 245

November 18, 2023

The beach mile varied quite a bit - with the south (less traveled) section with darkened sands and clear of most debris while the north end, with more visitors, was covered in stones with more small debris (esp.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 245

November 17, 2023

Just wanted to say there have been a lot of brown pelicans this season, more than I've ever seen, and I'm wondering if they will stay for the winter?


Mile 245

September 29, 2023

Less tourist traffic.


Mile 245

September 21, 2023

Lazy, late summer day on Road End beach.


Mile 245

August 14, 2023

Busy day at 245.


Mile 245

July 7, 2023

Dead elephant seal pup.


Mile 245

June 26, 2023

Beach was cleaner than observered previously - paper and plastic most prevalent however.