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Summer high beach sands were being built by the Northwest winds. Beach gradients checked were 1 foot in 18 or 19 feet. The beach was almost free of debris and litter in part because of the sand cover now in place.

Human Activities

Of course people have been using the beach, but only in a recreational way including walking and running. There was nothing being done though a posting of a 70 foot section of bluff notified those interested that plans for reinforcing the bluff were in the making.


Apparent violations: None.


Cars/trucks parking: 3.

Notable Wildlife

There was a half-mile or more of small bunches of eel grass on the low beach. There was one moderate-sized pile of kelp.

Beached Birds

one dead common murre sans flesh

Stranded Marine Mammals

Total stranded mammals: 1.

Driftline Content

Drift line indistinct , covered with drifting sand

Man-made Modifications

New riprap or shoreline protection structures. Application in for this structure

Actions & Comments

Received via email notice of Oregon Shores Alternation permit BA 687-13 for the installing of rip rap on the bluff facing for a property on mile 209 located about 1/3rd of a mile south of Lost Creek (Mile 210). I wrote to Phillip Johnson saying that I had no plan to take action re: this project as there is an existing house of pre-1974 vintage that provides "grandfathered" provision for such a build, so it is not worth the effort to fight it.There was one 14-foot by 12-by-6-inch timber that had drifted in that was of foreign ilk and like the 7 timbers I attempted to describe in the March, 2013 report (unsuccessful). In the 40 years of beach walking such material has not previously appeared on the beach. If someone is now interested check with me.

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Mile 209

February 12, 2023

It was a nice, sunny and mild day today.


Mile 209

December 31, 2022

There was more litter on the beach after the recent storm.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 209

December 18, 2022

10 people, 1 dog, three sets of vehicle tracks on beach (ATVs ?


Mile 209

July 19, 2019

Beautiful day with a lot of human activity.


Mile 209

May 29, 2019

Pretty usual day.


Mile 209

April 24, 2019

Nothing of concern viewed during this visit.


Mile 209

March 20, 2019

15 people observed, all walking along beach, some with dogs.


Mile 209

March 20, 2015

More re-work on riprap construction under permit BA-687-13.