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This week had the highest tides of the year, but they were not accompanied by high surf conditions. Nevertheless there was considerable sand moved from high on the beach to the lower beach. The high beach and lower part of the elevated portion of the beach/bluff was swept clean of natural and man-made debris except for stream-transported floral material deposited high on the first half mile of beach north of Beaver Creek. The beach gradient at the north end of the mile was about 1 foot in 24. At the highest level of the beach sand had been removed down to the mudstone underlay.By Dec. 26 heavy weather with high tides had occurred and the combined action had moved sand from the beach below the exposed underlay mentioned above to the low water line creating a gradient of 1 foot to 18 feet, the steepest I've recorded.I counted 56 larger pieces of wood, 14 pieces of styrofoam, 6 cans or bottles, 18 pieces of litter and 4 small pieces of rope.

Human Activities

Number of people: 4. Number of dogs: 1. Walking or running: 4. Even though the weather was tolerable there was no activity except for the 4 people I saw walking in mid beach.


Apparent violations: None.


Cars/trucks parking: 2.

Notable Wildlife

Nothing caught my attention this time. Near the end of November I walked this area just after a raft of bull kelp clumps were deposited. I counted 75 to 80 moderate sized clumps of kelp on mile 209.This material has been washed high on the beach drift line or taken from the beach via the recent very high tides.

Beached Birds

no dead birds were encountered

Stranded Marine Mammals

There were no marine mammals on the beach

Dead Fish or Invertebrates


Driftline Content

Seaweeds and seagrass, Styrofoam, Wood pieces.

Natural Changes

Landslides/major boulder falls.

Actions & Comments

No. The breaking down of the mudstone, packed sand bluffs on public or private land is not responded to.

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Mile 209

February 12, 2023

It was a nice, sunny and mild day today.


Mile 209

December 31, 2022

There was more litter on the beach after the recent storm.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 209

December 18, 2022

10 people, 1 dog, three sets of vehicle tracks on beach (ATVs ?


Mile 209

July 19, 2019

Beautiful day with a lot of human activity.


Mile 209

May 29, 2019

Pretty usual day.


Mile 209

April 24, 2019

Nothing of concern viewed during this visit.


Mile 209

March 20, 2019

15 people observed, all walking along beach, some with dogs.


Mile 209

March 20, 2015

More re-work on riprap construction under permit BA-687-13.