Mile 193 Report

June 18, 2007
by [email protected]

Yachats Ocean Road Wayside, Yachats SP
Monday 6:30 PM
55° F
Calm/Light from the SW
Tide Level:
-1.0 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in surf:
Playing in sand:
35 watching sunset
Cars/Trucks parking:
RVs/Buses parking:
RVs/Buses parking: 2
Activity Comments:
Family playing with frisbie on sandy part of river bottom. Some dog walking on this sandy river inlet.
Notable Wildlife:
Numerous seagulls, some crows and other small birds. Saw about a dozen Ochre stars at various heights in rocky tidal areas. Lots of Giant Green anomone's in the tidal pools. Upper tidal pools murkey with grasses in bad health.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Did not see any dead wildlife except mussel shells.
Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Shells·Wood pieces
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Visible retreat of solid bluff
Bluff area mentioned before still decreasing because of wind/rain. New etchings/writing on side of bluffs.
In general everything seems healthy. A little trash at Yachats State Park and down at the tidal area. Observed many footprints on sandy areas not cleansed by tide. This is not unusual for this time of year there are lots of visitors. There are paths from observation platform that encourage tidal area exploration. There was evidence of recent fires on south beach and this is usual as I see these sometimes at night from my house.
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June 21, 2021 - SKMacK
Very foggy evening. No obvious change in coastline appearance. 
  • Yachats Ocean Rd looking north
  • Yachats Ocean Road State Park lookin south
  • Yachats State Park
  • Yachats State Park
  • Ocean View Drive north of overlook
  • Ocean View Dr looking north
  • Ocean Bluff at level of 7th street looking south
  • Looking south from Ocean View Drive at 7th street
January 8, 2021 - SKMacK
I saw no appreciable change in the coastline. 
  • Bluff below Ocean View Drive just north of marker 76


September 19, 2020 - SKMacK
The day was overcast and mild. It was a relief to be out of the smoke. A lot of people were parked at the parking area at Yachats State Park but not so many on the beach. More people fishing than I'...
  • Shoreline debris
  • Looking north along Yachats Ocean Road
  • Looking north along Ocean View Drive
  • Looking north from beach along Ocean View Drive
  • erosion of bluff in area circled on previous pic
  • Looking South from north end of mile 193
  • Looking south from 7th street
  • bluff erosion
  • bluff erosion from Ocean View Drive
May 3, 2020 - SKMacK
It was a beautiful day. I saw more people walking/jogging the road than usual but fewer people on the beach. Social distancing was observed, but most people weren't wearing masks. The parking areas...
February 7, 2020 - SKMacK
Cloudy day with no people along beach because of high tide. More logs washed up on south side of Yachats River by its mouth. Continued erosion along Ocean View Drive. 


October 11, 2019 - SKMacK
There were few people out this morning as the sun was peeking over the mountains. Mile 193 south of the Yachats River looked about the same with regard to erosion. North of the river, Ocean View...
  • feet of dead bird
  • dead bird
  • fallen block of sandstone near riprap near 5th street
  • Ocean View drive repaving
  • Ocean View Drive repaving
June 5, 2019 - SKMacK
It was a cloudy day. Not many people out mid-week and mid-afternoon. By and large there have been no significant changes south of the Yachats River on the beach next to Yachats Ocean Road. However,...
March 3, 2019 - SKMacK
It was a gorgeous day on the beach. Quite a few people were out and fewer dogs than usual. I did not appreciate any major changes in the amount of erosion occurring along either Ocean View Drive or...


November 23, 2018 - SKMacK
Cloudy day. No appreciable changes in erosion along along Yachats Ocean Road or Ocean View Drive. 
August 2, 2018 - SKMacK
It was a cloudy/foggy morning with a misty drizzle that later cleared. Few people were out that early, although the previous afternoon there were 4 surfers, many cars in the parking areas and many...
April 23, 2018 - SKMacK
It was a beautiful sunny day. Very little wind. I did not notice any significant changes in extent of erosion along the road north and south of the river. Most appears to be occurring along Ocean...
January 4, 2018 - SKMacK
Day was mild, cloudy with intermittent rain, mild wind. Surf was higher than I've seen it. There were more logs and wood debris than usual at Yachats State Park. It seems as if there is more shore...


August 30, 2017 - SKMacK
Foggy morning. Only a few people were out walking. Extent of erosion along both Yachats Ocean Road and Ocean View Drive appears about the same.   
May 5, 2017 - SKMacK
The day was cloudy, rainy, and sunny at various times. There was a lot more log debris than usual both north and south of the Yachats River. A fair number of Velella were on the beach, though not as...
  • Erosion along Yachats River where it enters ocean.
  • South of Yachats River looking south.
  • Looking north from Agate Cove.
  • Looking north from beach at Yachats State Park.
  • Looking S. from beach at Yachats State Park.
  • Looking N. toward end of mile 193
  • Looking south from north end of Mile 193
  • Dead sea lion and vultures.
  • Harbor porpoise.
  • Harbor porpoise-view 2.
  • Harbor porpoise-view 3
January 13, 2017 - SKMacK
Nothing significant to report even with the King Tide. The water may have been higher in the Yachats River than usual.
  • Looking north across river along Yachats Ocean Road


June 24, 2016 - SKMacK
I noticed no significant changes in the shoreline or the amount of erosion threatening either Ocean View Drive north of the Yachats River or Yachats Ocean Road south of the river.
  • Looking north toward overlook at Yachats State Park.
  • Looking north toward end of mile 193
  • No new erosion of road since reinforcements were placed.
  • Looking south along Ocean View Drive from end of mile 193 at 7th street
  • Tree that fell many months ago is still there. Amount of erosion appears stable
  • Looking south toward Agate Cove
May 21, 2016 - Volunteer Trainer
From Glen Olsen: I noticed a harbor seal pup at the end of Windy Way area. This is a newborn, with the umbilical cord still attached. Mom is probably grabbing a bite while the baby rests. Marine...
  • newborn harbor seal pup resting on the rocks at the end of Windy Way, Yachats.
February 21, 2016 - SKMacK
South of Yachats River Bridge along Yachats Ocean Road another clump of vegetation has been eroded onto the beach at the same place a tree had fallen last year. Also, it appears that more erosion has...
  • New clump of eroded hillside at same location of last year's fallen tree along Yachats Ocean Road south of river.
  • View toward Agate Cove from first parking area on Yachats Ocean Road
  • Looking north toward Yachats along Yachats Ocean Road
  • Looking south toward Agate Cove along Yachats Ocean Road
  • Warning cones along Ocean View Drive on north side of river
  • Photo from overlook at Yachats State Park along Ocean View Drive north of river
  • Looking north from Yachats State Park along Ocean View Drive
  • looking north toward 7th street along Ocean View Drive
  • looking south from 7th street along Ocean View Drive north of river
  • Looking south from Ocean Overlook bluff just north of 7th street


October 19, 2015 - SKMacK
The coastal erosion north and south of the Yachats River looks about the same. Finding of two dead sea mammals (?sea lions) was remarkable.
  • Looking north from Agate Cove toward town of YAchats.
  • Erosion seen from beach approaching mouth of Yachats River from the south
  • This mammal was seen walking north from Agate Cove.
  • This dead animal was seen closer to beach where the Yachats River empties into the ocean.
  • Erosion at overlook Yachats State Park.
  • Coastal erosion north of river affecting Ocean View drive
  • More erosion affecting Ocean View Drive
  • More erosion affecting road
  • Erosion of bluff looking toward end of mile 193
July 1, 2015 - SKMacK
The gradual erosion of the coast north and south of the Yachats River continues. I was unable to identify any major changes except for the placement of a barrier where a portion of Oceanview Drive...
  • Erosion of the beach below the overlook.
  • View of the overlook from the beach
  • Erosion of bluff north of the parking area
  • Looking north toward end of mile 193
  • View of eroded bluff and house and end of Mile 193 looking toward Yachats State Park.
  • Looking south from Oceanview Drive and 7th street.Note proximity of eroded bluff to the road.
  • This is where the road was breached and a barrier constructed. The road was moved inward-note the new yellow line.
  • Overview of erosion along Yachats Ocean Road south of Yachats River.
  • Another view of the beach from Yachats Ocean Road
  • Still looking north toward downtown Yachats, slightly north of Agate Cove. View from beach.
  • Eroded bluff and fallen tree just south of Yachats River near picnic area
April 1, 2015 - SKMacK
There seem to be more breaches in the bluff abutting both Ocean View drive north of the Yachats River Bridge, and Yachats Ocean Road south of the bridge. The paths down from the overlook at Yachats...
  • Erosion below overlook.
  • View of erosion below overlook
  • Another view of erosion looking up toward parking area.
  • Tree has fallen town the bluff off Ocean View Drive.
  • Another view of fallen tree
  • More erosion of bluff along Ocean View Drive
  • South of bridge looking toward Agate Cove
  • Overview of beach at north end of mile 193 showing riprap.
  • Detail of breach in riprap
  • Detail of breath in bluff
January 1, 2015 - SKMacK
Mile 193 was fairly unchanged with usual areas of erosion. Bald eagle was seen on one of the Sitka Spruces souh of Yachats River.
  • Erosion next to Yachats Ocean Road looking north
  • Eagle resting on Sitka spruce
  • Just north of overlook at State Park
  • Riprap and erosion of bluff at north end of mile 193. Pretty much unchanged.


August 20, 2014 - SKMacK
No significant changes in the amount of erosion of the shoreline or the amount of riprap at north end of mile 193. Yachats Ocean Road, Ocean View Drive, and the house at the north end of mile 193...
May 19, 2014 - SKMacK
Overall the amount of erosion of the bluffs along both Yachats Ocean Road and Ocean View Drive looked about the same. It seems inevitable that the ocean will continue to encroach on the adjacent...
  • same
  • looking north toward Yachats Inn. South of Yachats River
  • People climbing on rocks has likely caused a lot of the barnacles and mussels to be ground off the rocks
  • One of 4 dead starfish found on sandy beach where Yachats River empties into sea. Seeing this many dead starfish is unusual. This is only one with some of its integument eroded. Wasting syndrome?
  • Erosion of bluffs along Ocean View Drive and house precariously perched on cliff at end of Mile 193
  • Erosion along Ocean View drive is such that the road is being moved further inland away from the shore.
January 17, 2014 - SKMacK
Since September 2013 there has been more erosion of the shoreline along both Oceanview Drive, north of the Yachats River, and along Yachats Ocean Road South of the river. Pictures of this are...
  • from Agate Cove looking north
  • Notice the Landmark Inn, now closed, and the still inhabited house perched above the river.
  • This is same area as previous photo as seen from beach


September 10, 2013 - SKMacK
This mile encompasses two beaches: north of the Yachats River along Ocean View Drive and south of the river along Yachats Ocean Road. There is extensive erosion of the bluff on both beaches, such...


September 23, 2007 - [email protected]
There is still a lot of drift wood scattered on rocky and river sandy area's. Many have burn marks left from July 4th fires. The marine life observed appeared in good health.
March 16, 2007 - [email protected]
Everything is in a similar condition as my last report. I did have a very unpleasant encounter with beach walker and his agressive dog that should have been on a leash.