In this webinar, Josh will provide valuable insights into the natural history and ecology of transient killer whales, highlighting their role as apex predators and specialization in foraging for marine mammals. Learn about the diverse sub-populations of transient killer whales, ranging from Southern California to the Bering Sea, each with unique social and geographic characteristics. With changes in ocean ecosystems, understanding the impact of transient killer whales on prey becomes crucial.

Community Science Effort: Reporting Killer Whale Sightings on the Oregon Coast

Learn how CoastWatch volunteers can actively contribute to a community science effort by reporting killer whale sightings on the Oregon coast.

About the Speaker: Josh McInnes Josh McInnes, a Canadian ecologist with a marine biology and ecology background, brings a decade of experience studying killer whale populations across diverse locations, from Antarctica to the Bering Sea. As the research coordinator at Marine Life Studies and a member of various international killer whale research initiatives, Josh is at the forefront of cetacean ecology.