The Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP), a branch of the Department of Land Conservation and Development, hosted a series of talks in person along the Oregon coast titled “Oregon Beaches and Dunes.” Oregon Shores’ CoastWatch Program Manager, Jesse Jones, co-hosted a remote version of this presentation on Tuesday, August 15, 2023. The featured speaker is Elissa Connolly-Randazzo, Coastal Outreach Fellow with the Oregon Coastal Management Program of the Department of Land Conservation and Development. Oregon’s Beaches & Dunes is a presentation for audiences eager to learn about the ecology and history of Oregon’s unique coastline. Elissa Connolly-Randazzo (she/her), Coastal Outreach Fellow with Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) at the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), will share information about the importance of these landforms, how they are influenced by vegetation, and how they have historically changed. This will be an opportunity to understand the State Planning Goal 18, and the development guidelines to protect, conserve, and/or restore the resources beaches and dunes provide to communities and the state.