The presentation, “Forests for Water or Timber: A Clearcut Problem,” is coordinated by the North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection in collaboration with the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, the Lower Nehalem Community Trust, and the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance (Peachland, BC). In his presentation, Mr. Hammond addresses what a healthy watershed looks like and how it functions. He also discusses the current health status of Western North America’s watersheds, both forested and clearcut, ranging from coastal Oregon to British Columbia. This provides insight into the direct interactions between deforestation, extreme weather events, and climate change. Mr. Hammond addresses what needs to be done in order to restore and safeguard forested drinking water sources. He includes his insights into the current condition of Rockaway Beach’s very own Jetty Creek Watershed, which is currently in the process of potential changes in ownership and management. Mr. Hammond’s talk concludes with a question-and-answer period.