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We’re excited to announce the results of Oregon Shores’ first-ever Surf & Sun Virtual Walk & Run!

We’re thrilled to share the success of our inaugural Surf & Sun Virtual Walk & Run to raise awareness and funds for our work protecting coastal ecosystems and communities. The event saw over 20 dedicated individuals registering and collectively walking, running, or hiking 92 miles on the Oregon coast and beyond. Even more heartwarming, they rallied to raise over $3,700 to support our mission of empowering citizens through education and conservation action to protect coastal communities and ecosystems.

This unique event challenged participants to explore the beautiful Oregon coast or other public lands and share their journey with friends and family to raise funds and awareness for coastal conservation. This simple act amplified their impact, helping to further our cause of protecting and conserving our magnificent shores.

Those who joined our event were asked to fulfill two important tasks:

1. They ventured out to run, walk, or hike at least 3 miles, experiencing the beauty of our coast and other natural public lands.

2. They reached out to their network, requesting friends to honor their run or walk by pledging donations to Oregon Shores for each mile covered. We asked all participants to make a sincere effort to secure 10 donors in support of their walking or running journey.

As a token of our appreciation, registered participants received an exclusive Surf and Sun Virtual Walk and Run tee shirt.

This inaugural event was a success; we couldn’t be prouder of our passionate community. Your dedication and support continue to make a meaningful difference in protecting and preserving the Oregon coast. We look forward to even greater achievements in the future as we continue to work together for a healthy and resilient coastline. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!