Help Oregon Shores Make Waves in 2023

Help Oregon Shores Make Waves in 2023


Oregon Shores’ mission does not just affect the Oregonians who live on the coast, surf the waves, or walk their dogs on the beaches. Earth is about 70% ocean. It creates every drop of freshwater we drink.  We feed on the ocean’s bounty, both literally and economically.  Habitats like coastal dunes, estuaries, rocky intertidal shorelines, and sandy beaches wouldn’t exist without the ocean.

We are dependent on the ocean, and as a coastal state, every single person living in Oregon is responsible for acting as an ocean steward.

Over the past 50 years, Oregon Shores has won many victories that protect the entire coastal region, from the crest of the coastal mountains to the edge of the continental shelf:

  • We were instrumental in pushing for protection of the iconic Yaquina Head years ago and the Sitka Sedge State Natural Area more recently;

  • We championed the creation of five marine reserves along the Oregon shoreline;

  • We worked with key partners to successfully block the proposed liquified natural gas export facility proposed for Jordan Cove in Coos Bay;

  • We created the CoastWatch volunteer program in 1993, which became the first program in the nation through which the citizens of a state have adopted their entire shoreline! Now the CoastWatch program has over 1,700 volunteers.

As we look forward to the future, our ocean and coastal habitats are in jeopardy due to climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise, sea temperature changes, pollution and microplastics, overfishing, species endangerment, disease, burgeoning coastal developments, and poor land use practices.

We can only overcome these obstacles if we all work together.

Let’s be the force of change to protect our oceans and shoreline ecosystems. Click here for our newest video. Thank you for supporting Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition in this mission.