Take Action! Oregon’s Marine Reserves and Protected Areas are coastal treasures, our state’s only fully protected ocean areas supporting climate resilience, species, and habitat conservation. These living laboratories are underwater parks that connect conservation, science, research, and communities with the management of our ocean resources.

Unfortunately, Oregon’s legislative budget for ODFW, which administers the Marine Reserve Program, has made significant cuts to the program’s budget and staffing. Further, the 2023 Marine Reserve decadal science and social review calls for increased investments in these specific areas to support community engagement and resilience to climate change stressors in our ocean. If implemented, HB 4132 would ensure our Marine Reserves Program is robust and enable us to better understand and find solutions to some of our ocean’s biggest challenges. Learn more about the bill here.

These budget cuts threaten the program, the science and monitoring, and the very existence of these ecologically significant ocean places – Oregon’s Marine Reserves and Protected Areas are legacies that must be protected – we need your help to take action in support of these special places before they are lost!


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