Mile 98

Bandon State Park, China Creek
Coos County

Latitude: 43.072195310542
Longitude: -124.436455897340
  • Motor vehicle travel is allowed at any time from north of China Creek (43° 04.3938', Mile 98) southerly to a point approximately one mile north of the mouth of Twomile Creek (43° 03.3288', Mile 97).
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the northerly beach access parking area at Bullards Beach State Park (43° 08.9484', Mile 104), southerly to north of China Creek (43° 04.3938', Mile 98), except as follows: Motor vehicles are allowed at any time on the ocean shore at the south jetty of the Coquille River between (43° 07.3566', Mile 102) and (43° 07.3398', Mile 102).
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Bandon State Park, China Creek
Mile 98 Reports (28)


November 12, 2018 - [email protected]

It was a quiet sunny morning. Not much garbage to pick, mostly small plastic piece and poop bags. I was amazed how much huge kepl with rocks attached were strewn about. Many mounds of more


April 28, 2017 - [email protected]

Nothing out of ordinary sighted. Picked up 2 bags of garbage consisting of plastic bottles, broken bits of plastics, picnic debris, styrofoam, beer bottles, fishing debris, sandals, dog poop bags and dog more


April 9, 2016 - Athena96

There is an increase of dog poo in parking area and on beach... suggestion to install bags in the parking more


December 15, 2015 - Athena96

Lots of pieces of plastic and fishing material all along beachread more

September 11, 2015 - Athena96

Daily walks on beach produce grocery size shopping bag full of litter...Increase of dog waste in Devil's picnic parking area... waste bag more

June 19, 2015 - Athena96
Light use of the beach--four people, three dogs--and yet that was enough to cause disturbance of seabirds by the dogs. Two of the people were engaged in photography. Two dead seal pups had washed up on this more
March 30, 2015 - Athena96
When first on beach no one in sight, then several people and 1 other dog observedread more


December 13, 2014 - Athena96
Pleasant day on the beach. 6 people, 4 riding horseback. Spotted 40+ snowy plover- feeding at the shorelineread more
September 2, 2014 - Athena96
Nice day on the beach except for the 25 dead gulls and 10+ dead small birds (wren size). Part of my mile is restricted snowy plover area. Not much happeningread more
April 26, 2014 - azbeach
This item, which appears to be layers of rubberized material, was first "discovered" sometime late March to early April, on the south side of Johnson Creek. It is now (tides/storms) on the north of Johnson Creek outlet, having traveled approx. 200 yds. Very dense, too heavy for us to move, more


December 31, 2010 - beachnut
China Creek has taken a long northerly jaunt to the sea. Crossing at low tide was treacherous because of quicksand-like conditions in several spots close to the rock base below the parking lot. A newly dead beaver was laying on the ocean side of the creek close to where more
June 22, 2010 - D Bilderback
We found a Longnose Lancetfish, (Alepisaurus ferox) washed up on the beach near China Creek, Bandon, Oregon (N43.07524 W124.43339 estimated gps using Google Earth). This fish was 150 cm long (4 ft 11 1/2 inches). When we first looked at it, we noticed that it had a dorsal fin more
  • Note the beautiful silvery color of the skin.  There are no scales on the skin. Also, note the smaller adipose fin that is close to the tail.
  • The dorsal fin is soft and at first was down against the body.  In this photo, Dave has pulled the fin up.  Also, this photo shows clearly the beautiful blue color of the eye and the irridescent nature of the silvery skin.
  • This photo shows the characteristic large teeth about the middle of the jaw of this fish species.
  • Note the raised midline of this fish and the small adipose fin.


December 19, 2009 - beachnut
The wash area at China Creek beach access today had a disintegrating land mammal, a beaver, a munched-upon dead pelican and a probable dead northern fulmar. Lots of marine trash here. Incoming tides occupy the area between the sea and the more
  • dead and diminished land mammal with marked teeth. possibly a beaver; the tail appeared to be flat and oval.
November 1, 2009 - azbeach
Brown Pelicans apparently in a stopping off place to feed-up before continuing migration. Huge numbers of birds- 145. Nine Mergansers flying north. A flock of Sanderlings running along surfline. Three dead immature gulls. Unlawful fires continue on this mile. 18 lbs. of trash removed (beach clean-up was just over more
  • Firepit and trash - bundled papers hidden away for future use (?)
  • see previous photo
  • nearly covered by sand
September 4, 2009 - azbeach
This beautiful early, still evening we walked south to north, encountering no people or cars. Return trip there were 7, respectfully enjoying their stroll. Few sea/shore birds. Did not see any BLOY, tho 2 successfully fledged in August in the area. No wildlife observed - deer tracks. Hundreds of more
  • running north
July 26, 2009 - beachnut
Two Mile Creek is more like Two Mile Lake in a northerly direction, and it has been so for a couple of weeks. The snowy plover eggs hatched in the caged area just south of the parking lot; two of the three babies survived, according to the official plover more
June 25, 2009 - azbeach
Not a "scheduled" visit - decided to walk the mile after observing our BLOY nestlings on LH. China Creek has departed from its previous course, and is heading northerly, paralleling the shoreline for several hundred feet. Kelp/algae in the driftline. Beach clear of debris. Evidence of campfire in driftwood more
June 20, 2009 - beachnut
China Creek is acting strangely this year. For most of this week, it split north and south for a considerable distance instead of continuing straight to the ocean as it had done. Today, though, the southern leg had disappeared but the northern one continues perhaps a third of a more
June 8, 2009 - beachnut
A dead seal, showing several bullet-like holes, was on the beach today between the parking lot and the Christian camp trail. No carrion eaters had been at it during my walk. There also was a fresh, dead Common Murre just west of the parking lot at China more
June 7, 2009 - azbeach
Our main concern for mile 98 is vehicle entry where not permitted. "Cookies" observed, and single-track (motorcycle?) vehicle. Appears entry is from south of China Creek where it is posted no entry. Vehicle tracks follow and cross creek. Although fresh horse tracks, no manure observed (which is rare!). All more
May 7, 2009 - beachnut
Just a note that the beach access path at China Creek now has an official sign designating that fact. Let's hope that keeps people from heading down the grassy hill and slippery more
February 12, 2009 - beachnut
Just an advisory that China Creek no longer meanders north below the parking lot. It parallels the lot and then heads due west to the sea now. The tidal wash area comes up to the rocks below the lot and also north to the trailhead. With the high tide more
January 31, 2009 - D Bilderback
We received a call from CoastWatcher Barbara Harrison concerning a dead shark on Mile 98 just north of China Creek. We went out and identified it as a Salmon Shark. We normally find these young sharks in August to October and so, were surprised to see it. This shark more
  • This photo shows the flared keel on the lower part of the tail that is one of the keys to identifying this species.
  • Male sharks have these split fins, called claspers.  Females do not have the split fins.


December 29, 2008 - beachnut
Numerous pelicans were flying over the land near the beaches in this area, south past the Christian Camp trailhead. They were high and coasting.Otherwise, there was considerable wave overtopping from China Creek north to the rocky area just before Devil's Kitchen. Both streams were flowing deep and fast. Kelp/algae, more
November 14, 2008 - Doug C
Beautiful, sunny, light wind day. A few gulls passed through. Several flocks of Dunlin and Sanderlings moved with the surf. Least Sandpipers (brown backs, greenish-yellow legs) were in smaller numbers. About 6-7 Snowy Plovers were observed.Driftwood shelter had been constructed north of the China Creek parking access. Evidence of more
  • China Creek empties into the ocean at the China Creek parking area on the south end of Beach Loop Drive.
  • Driftwood shelter (about 8x16 feet) with evidence of fire at the rear (right).  Other smaller logs in the area also showed evidence of fire.
  • Several piles of Bull Kelp littered most of the mile.  Piles were up to 2.5 feet high
  • Likely a sea lion, back skin down, ribs exposed upward.  Remains about 4-5 feet long. Longest remaining rib bone was about 15-18 inches long.  Large backbones were scattered in vicinity.
  • One of 5 backbones in the vicinity of the carcass.  Largest was about 9 inches acress.
  • Representative dune erosion on southern half of mile.  Dune is about 6-8 feet high.


December 31, 2007 - Midasoev
We walked Mile 98 on Dec. 31, 2007 from 3:30pmuntil 5pm. Began walking North. Kelp, small rocks, land-based and ocean-based debris, styrofoam and plastic pellets in driftline. Erosion of the foredune. Observed 2 people with 4 dogs on the beach at the beginning of ourwalk and saw 2 people more
February 24, 2007 - shepherd
Shells, animal casings, ekop, wood pieces, land- and ocean-based debris and styrofoam in the driftline. Shorebirds moving in response to humans. Jellies on the beach. Low human impact (0).read more
January 23, 2007 - shepherd
European beach grass, shells, animal casings, kelp, styrofoam, skate egg case, in driftline. One dead Western Gull. Erosion of vegetated foredune. Foredune removal for Snowy Plover habitat restoration. Low human impact (3)-3 walking. 1 more