Mile 144

West of central Umpqua Lighthouse SP
Douglas County

Latitude: 43.636760222151
Longitude: -124.212600632670
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the south bank at the Umpqua River (43° 40.0818', Mile 146) southerly to the Douglas County-Coos County line (43° 36.7314', Mile 142).
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West of central Umpqua Lighthouse SP
Mile 144 Reports (11)


September 14, 2021 - mruggiero

A couple fresh dead common murres being fed on by turkey vultures. People with off leash dogs on the beach, some of which disturbed gulls and peep sp.. Snowy plovers on the upper beach. Most beach visitors walking or more

  • dorsal view dead common murre
  • person walking on sandy beach with dead common murre in foreground and three turkey vultures on beach int eh distance


February 17, 2016 - Mike Mueller

There were various kinds of plastic located at the high wrack line. Most of the continuous upper line of wrack consisted of huge logs of different sizes. The high wrack line was located another 30 to 50 yards higher than average from major storm activity during January more


July 17, 2015 - Mike Mueller

I thought it was unusual to find a shark carcass, since I have never observed any other fish besides a more

  • Shark body had been washed up and landed on the high tide line.
April 1, 2015 - Mike Mueller

The mile of beach looked normal except with less sand buildup because of less winter storm activity. I have never seen so many Valella-Valella. Lots more than last summer, more

January 20, 2015 - Mike Mueller

Lot and lots of wood debris of all sizes washed up on the shore from recent more


September 14, 2014 - Mike Mueller

Nice autumn day. 16 people on the beach No concerns4 dead birds 2 Western Gulls and 2 Common Murrespretty mellow survey. Very more

July 9, 2014 - Mike Mueller

Only 3 people walking on the beach. Dead birds--2 Western gulls and 1 Common murre. Dune modification- possibly due to calm summerread more

June 4, 2014 - Mike Mueller

No concerns or people on the beach more

January 18, 2014 - Mike Mueller

Nice day on the beach. 15 people walking Only concern is the thousands of BB and larger sized styrofoam pellets. Probably most were from the dock that broke apart in the Bastendorff Beach more


September 24, 2013 - Mike Mueller

Rather nice day on the beach. Many dead birds though. Tried to rescue one that was still alive by taking it home and calling the bird rescue in Bandon, was going to take it there in the morning, but the bird passed within a couple hours. (starvation)read more


July 5, 2007 - mcasiano
Heavy (14) vehicle use. Big metal tank on the beach between 145 & more