Mile 140

Oregon Dunes NRA, W of Eel Campgrounds
Coos County

Latitude: 43.583610047366
Longitude: -124.225890135160
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Douglas County-Coos County line (43° 36.7314', Mile 142), southerly to approximately one mile south of the Tenmile Creek estuary (43° 32.9232', Mile 137).
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Oregon Dunes NRA, W of Eel Campgrounds
Mile 140 Reports (9)


June 30, 2014 - MetzmanJoe
My patrol area is mile 140 for my USDA/APHIS job so I am coving this stretch of beach at least 3 times a week. Today was notable due to the large quantities of Vellella jellyfish washed ashore. The Snowy Plovers are doing exceptionally well this year, the best nesting more
  • Mile 140 photo of float with gooseneck barnacles and large amounts of Velella jellyfish washed ashore.
March 1, 2014 - MetzmanJoe
Low human activity due to the remote characteristic of this area. Some hikers tracks from Umpqua river and Umpqua dunes trail.Many sanderling shorebirds and a peregrine falcon plus 30+ snowy plovers seen. No unusual marine debris or tsunami debris observed. Just the usual water bottles and fishing gear. There more
  • Large redwood or cedar log that get covered and exposed at mile 140.
  • Mile 140 typical beach sceen.


October 18, 2009 - Foggy
Just passing through 140 on a hike/geocache in the Dellenback Dunes and along Tenmile Creek. There were no other people or dogs anywhere on 9 miles over firm sand, and few human footprints on the dunes. One seal in the surf. Two large flocks of gulls assembling on the beach, more
  • A flock of about 90 honking Canada geese headed south for the winter. There were two flocks of these, skating just above the fog in late afternoon; this one was actually on Mile 141, over the Umpqua Dunes Trail.
  • Jim Rice says this is a CSL, clearly a young one, about 4' long. Note obvious ear flaps, which help identify it as a sea lion (or fur seal).
  • Bicolor <em>Lotus formosissimus</em>, very happy in sand/mud alongside a seep flowing into Tenmile Creek. The 1 cm yellow and purple blossom is easy to spot; also the compound leaves of five leaflets.
January 19, 2009 - 10mile2
Beautiful, isolated section of the coastline where you can walk for miles without seeing another soul. Generally swept clear of most human and natural debris by the winter storms. Shells and some ocean-based debris in driftline.Plants noted in last report located in the 'Snowy Plover Habitat area' appeared to more


October 11, 2008 - 10mile2
Recent storm had deposited numerous dead seabirds, crab and razor clam shells, and plastic and styrofoam debris (including fishing boat floats) and also brought in a significant amount of 'bullwhip' kelp.Somewhat disturbing to see an ATV (supposedly having a permit to be in a restricted, isolated area) with tracks more
March 2, 2008 - 10mile2
Clean, windswept beach. Remote location with little human visitation. Very little wildlife present. Found few "whole" sand dollars. No shipwrecks. Shells in driftline. Low human impact (2)-beach combing in dry more


August 24, 2007 - 10mile2
Kelp/algae, shells, animal casings, small rocks, wood pieces, debris, plastic pellets and Styrofoam in driftline. Numerous molted crab carapaces. One dead 3-foot shark (probably a Salmon Shark). Two dead birds (probably Common Murre as they were white and black in color). Sea Gulls on the beach. 3-4 dozen small more
May 10, 2007 - 10mile2
Few shells, driftwood and some rope and floats in driftline. More litter than in March on Mile 140. Foraging shorebirds in surf. Wind swept beach. Fences around Snow Plover nesting area. Low human impact (0).read more
March 11, 2007 - 10mile2
Beach very clean of trash, driftwood, and other more