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Just a typical beautiful and warm weekend day at the beach. One of the first warmer days of the season, and many people were out to enjoy the coast. The northern, rugged part of the mile had no apparent changes. Indian beach was crowded, but not very polluted--there was a recent beach clean-up by SOLV 3/20/10.


Temperature: 60 F. Cloud Cover: Sunny. Wind Velocity: Calm/Light.

Human Activities

Number of people: 117. Number of dogs: 10. Walking or running: 35. Playing in surf: 7. Playing in sand: 25. Sitting: 40. Photography: 5. Surfing: 3. Other Activities: flying kites: 2. No violations noticed. Generally, families and individuals were just out enjoying a beautiful early spring day. One surfer was seen being carried far out from shore; not sure if this was intentional or not. A lot less litter than expected for a busy beach day.




Cars/trucks parking: 76.

Notable Wildlife

Just the typical seagulls, murres, etc.

Driftline Content

Seaweeds and seagrass, Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Land-based debris (picnics, etc.), Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.), Marine debris (plastic, styrofoam, etc. washing in from the sea), Shells, Small rocks, Styrofoam, Wood pieces.

Actions & Comments

No actions necessary; this is a very popular and well-observed section of the coast. Most often, situations are taken care of before I am even aware of them.

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Mile 317

October 30, 2023

Collected 4 Ikea bags of debris from beach just north of Indian Beach, mostly fishing gear, single use plastics, and golf balls.


Mile 317

July 4, 2022


Mile 317

July 3, 2022

Black Oystercatchers are currently raising three chicks on Submarine Rock and birds' behavior was noted to change due to tidepoolers.


Mile 317

June 22, 2022

A drone hovered very close to the Black Oystercatcher nesting site on Submarine Rock for nearly 15 minutes (definitely affecting the behavior of both parents and chicks) and nearly hit a juvenile Bald Eagle;The Steller pup was in a high traffic area and even with relocation of the sign from the Seaside Aquarium, people either couldn't see him, or still wanted to get close to take photos.


Mile 317

June 20, 2022

An endangered Stellar sea lion pup has been continually harassed by visitors and dogs for several days, and the same behavior continued today.


Mile 317

June 19, 2022

I'm wondering if better protection can be put in place for endangered seal and sea lion pups.


Mile 317

June 18, 2022

The majority of the people seemed genuinely concerned with the health of the sea lion but weren't sure what to do and weren't aware pups are left on beaches by their mothers.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 317

May 5, 2022

Minimal activity because of the rain.