Mile 136

Oregon Dunes NRA, west of Saunders Lake
Coos County

Latitude: 43.527289949501
Longitude: -124.245794855720
  • Motor vehicle travel is allowed at any time from approximately one mile south of the Tenmile Creek estuary (43° 32.9232', Mile 137), southerly to approximately 500 feet north of Horsfall Beach Access (43° 27.3384', Mile 131).
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Oregon Dunes NRA, west of Saunders Lake
Mile 136 Reports (1)


June 18, 2009 - Foggy
Mile 136 is the heart of ATV country, with quads and dune buggies constantly crawling the nearby dunes over "sand roads" and myriad tracks through the pines. To be honest, it's actually the perfect place for this activity, and most drivers were sticking fairy closely to the established routes. more
  • Typical scene on Mile 136. Groups of ATV riders enjoying the sunshine. Steep beach.
  • A section of Mile 136 is protected from the heaviest surf by an offshore sandbar, resulting in a lagoon with crystal-clear water and minimal waves. These lagoons are favorite fishing areas for harbor seals.
  • A section of the beach had a distinct long ridge of sand, with a low deflation plain behind it. This is called a "ridge and runnel". This graphic shows the approximate profile of the beach up to the vegetated foredune.
  • In places, the ATV tracks were so pervasive that they completely covered the beach all the way from the foredune down to the waves.
  • This is a typical view of the primary access to the south end of Mile 135, the Hauser Sand Road. It leads over the dunes and through incredibly dense shore pines, salal, and willows.
  • Hauser Sand Road passes Beale Lake on its way to Mile 135.