Mile 12

Boardman SP cliffs
Curry County

Latitude: 42.120513778801
Longitude: -124.353076161080
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from Meyers Creek (42° 18.4422', Mile 23), southerly to the Oregon-California border (41° 59.9208', Mile 1).
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Boardman SP cliffs
Mile 12 Reports (6)


March 17, 2010 - George
No changes of any import observed since last time.Very strong winds precluded much human activity (it was hard to stand up on the cliff tops) . 10-15 ft. wind-driven waves breaking near shore, much bigger ones breaking way out. Huge amounts of sea foam on shore. No fishing boats today, more


December 24, 2009 - George
The difficulty of access and the State Park protection of Mile 12 continue to isolate it from any appreciable signs of human intrusion. Although the area is subject to erosion and landslides during the winter, none was observed this time inspection. First observation by this observer of dolphins off Mile more
  • This was the view form the south end of mile 12, in an area relatively protected from the House Rock viewpoint "mini-cape".  North of the "mini-cape" at Whaleshead Beach, the surf was much higher and more organized.
September 15, 2009 - George
Mile 12 looks pretty much the way it always does. With a beautiful day at hand and more people in town than usual there was a bit more activity than usual, but this is still a lightly used area with no apparent threats. There are magnificent tide pools at more
June 10, 2009 - George

This appears to be healthy mile, lightly used, and with full bloom of coreopsis, wild carrot, wild lily,Oregon grape, etc. Observed more kelp, fewer sea stars than normal. But is that really part of a moose found near Brookings? If anybody has a different explanation of what's in the photo, more

  • This was found at the waterline along with vertebrae, ribs, and miscellaneous other bones, but no skull or limbs.  It had been well picked over, but enough flesh was left to cast an unpleasant smell.
March 10, 2009 - George
It's hard to believe that Coastwatchers want miles where something happens; usually, what happens is not good. I am very happy to report that nothing has happened since the last report. There is still little evidence of human usage away from the House Rock viewpoint, and even there the more


December 10, 2008 - George
Please note report was mailed 12/16/2008 to Ed Rossiter, as instructed. Mail was returned because forwarding time has expired.Since this is my first report on Mile 12, and I'm not sure when this mile was last covered, there were two significant events in the last three years or so:1. more
  • Photo shows extent of landslide of 2 - 3 years ago.
  • Stumps resulting from the removal of Douglsas Firs at House Rock Viewpoint.  They were also removed from the north side.