Mile 296 Dispatch

May 18, 2010
by skyhar8000

South end Nehalem Beach, Nehalem Bay SP
Tuesday 2:00 PM
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This afternoon I hiked the length of the South Nehalem Jetty. Near the end of the jetty, I discovered two large tarps. One is caught in rocks and wood. The other one, I managed to dig out and haul back. Wind blowing, waves crashing, rain pelting down, and me jumping from rock to rock, with the heavy tarp alternately billowing into the air and catching on everything.Dragged it clear back to the Nedonna Beach parking lot and got it secured in some bushes. Walked home and retrieved it with my car. Tarp is easily 100 feet long and more than 10 feet wide. No grommets, no marine growth, very little fraying. Am donating it to local Master Gardeners group, and they will cut it up and use it for weed shielding in their vegetable/flower gardens. Not sure if the other tarp can be freed from where it is -- might someday take as much as I can using my diving knife. This was a great adventure -- soaked and freezing, and every gust threatening to yank me into the depths of Nehalem Bay. Not everybody's cup of tea, but certainly mine! SB
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July 14, 2019 - JMorris
North of the Nehalem River mile 296 is accessible only by an ~2 mile beach walk (or bicycle or horse) or a similar distance on a sandy track running down the center of the spit. Human use is...


November 10, 2018 - Coopersmith
A sunny weekend day at the beach, loads of people, SOLV cleanup in September, beach extremely clean.
June 12, 2018 - Coopersmith
Many new signs. Since the last time:; the beach is semi blocked. Shorebird preserve: pedestrians must walk on wet sand only. No dogs, bikes, motorized vehicles. Every 50 yards a stake with a sign :...
February 13, 2018 - Coopersmith
Gorgeous day: low temperature brought out only the hardiest, well-wrapped walkers. Beach looks good. As usual in winter, high waves and loads of driftwood.


October 6, 2013 - Coopersmith
Since this mile, ending in the Nehalem Bay North Jetty, is in a state park and activity is patrolled by park rangers, it is clean. No human debris and very little natural debris sighted on this...


June 10, 2010 - Coopersmith
Aside from noted litter, otherwise clean; no erosion or interference.
March 19, 2010 - Coopersmith
Unusual to see hikers climbing on N. Jetty. Jetty showed extra driftwood and logs on top, indicating rougher seas than we observed from shore. Still paradise.


October 6, 2009 - Coopersmith
Exceptionally clean beach. East end of jetty covered with sand, making it look much shorter. The huge barnacle-covered tree trunk that I have been observing for years is gone. All is well.
July 11, 2009 - Coopersmith
11 People. Almost no litter except for a red foil balloon, now half its original size.
April 10, 2009 - Coopersmith
Many jellyfish pieces. Light (7) human use, not one speck of litter on beach or dunes path.


December 2, 2008 - [email protected]
Very few people or dogs on this walk, none on mile 296. I did not complete the south portion of mile 296.
June 27, 2008 - Coopersmith
Exquisitely clean + windswept
April 13, 2008 - Coopersmith
Staggering beauty; heartbreaking litter. Evidence of winter storm activity.
January 1, 2008 - Coopersmith
Winter storms brought usual mass of driftwood + logs up to dune grass. Lots on jetty, too.Collected 3 gallon-sized chunks of white styrofoam. Sure wish styro. could be recycled: worst man-made hazard...


September 24, 2007 - Coopersmith
No human disturbance or litter. 5 dogs, 3 horses. Saw 7 brown pelicans, flying + fishing.
July 8, 2007 - Coopersmith
Unusual concentration of seagulls of all ages fishing with pelicans (more than ever seen before)
January 15, 2007 - Coopersmith
MAJOR LITTER (needs a truck to remove):Red buoy washed up on dune; White plastic shelter by GRI-Plastics, Grassie, Ontario: big enough for a small family or 2 St. Bernards.