Are you interested in getting involved in protecting our coastal environment? Here are some volunteer opportunities that you may find enjoyable and will certainly give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to conserve this beautiful and ecologically important region for future generations:

Volunteer training at Otter Rock.  Photo by Alex Derr.
Volunteer training at Otter Rock. Photo by Alex Derr.

CoastWatch:  Adopt a mile of Oregon’s shoreline and keep watch for both natural changes and human impacts.  Adopt any mile where you like to spend time -- any number of people can adopt a particular mile and post reports of their experiences and observations there.  If you have some flexibility, you can help us fill in a gap of coverage by adopting a mile that has few or no other watchers (some of these may be difficult to access -- a plus if you are adventurous!).  Go to the CoastWatch section to learn more, or send a note to [email protected].

Volunteers examining a mussel bed.  Photo by Alex Derr.
Volunteers examining a mussel bed. Photo by Alex Derr.

Land Use and Regulatory Issues:  We work with local citizens who alert us to issues and speak out for their communities. We are glad to provide coaching and support for those willing to engage in regulatory processes:  land use planning, clean water, shoreline management, endangered species, mining and forestry practices, and more.  If you would like to take a leadership role in advocating for environmental protection in your own community, consider becoming a land use and regulatory liaison for your county or a member of the steering committee for our Coastal Law Project.  For more information, contact [email protected].

Local Events Organizer:  Interested in hosting local beachwalks, lectures, discussions, house parties, fundraisers, or other events? Have an idea for a fun and creative way to get people together to socialize, learn, and support nature on the coast? That's what CoastWatch is all about: fun, learning, and conservation. Get in touch through [email protected].

Website: We hope you enjoy the new website. If you 'd like to be a website contributor, there are several ways you can help:

  • Calendar contributor:  Our comprehensive Coastal Conservation Calendar lists events relevant to those interested in learning about and protecting coastal ecosystems. If you are a member of another organization that sponsors events like this, send us notices of your events and we'll help publicize them.
  • Website contributor or associate editor:  If you're interested in contributing articles for the site, or helping to curate and administer the site, let us know.
  • Photographer, videographer:  Part of our intent in developing this new site is to showcase photography that illustrates the awesome beauty of the Oregon coast. If you are a photographer or videographer and would like to offer your work for use on the site, we need you -- especially if you are interested in working on assignments to photograph particular locations and subjects of interest.

Contact website editor Michael Coe if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to the website:  [email protected]

Board and Program Committees:  Our Board of Directors looks beyond local issues to integrate and advocate for the needs of the coastal region as a whole.  Our program committees are made up of board members and members of the community who have expertise or strong interest in one of our program areas:  land use, ocean conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and CoastWatch (natural history education, citizen science, and coastal monitoring activities). If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, or in possible board service, contact Executive Director Phillip Johnson, (503) 754-9303, [email protected].