Join Our Second Annual Coastal Challenge

Challenge yourself to walk or run as many miles as you can during the event period, embracing the spirit of adventure and the thrill of making a difference. But don’t stop there! Rally your friends, family, and colleagues to support your efforts. With their donations, you’ll amplify your impact and help Oregon Shores protect and conserve our coastal ecosystems, landscapes, and communities.

Participants will walk or run from August 30 – September 8 to raise awareness and funds for Oregon Shores’ work to empower citizens through education and conservation action to learn about, enjoy, and protect the Oregon coast.

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What You're Signing Up For

Those who join the event will be asked to do two things:

  1. Run or walk at least 3 miles (just under 5 kilometers) on the coast or other natural public lands.
  2. Ask their friends to honor their run or walk by pledging to donate to Oregon Shores through their own GiveButter page. We’re asking all participants to make a good-faith effort to secure 10 donors in support of their walking/running.

Registered participants will receive an exclusive Surf and Sun Virtual Walk and Run tee shirt. Be sure to register by August 10 to get your shirt before the event starts!

Are you ready to step up for conservation?


  • How will the participants raise funds?

    We are using Givebutter. You’ll join as a team member on our Givebutter fundraising page and use its tools to share that on social media and via email to engage your friends and family.

  • How does fundraising work?

    Any participant can visit our Givebutter campaign (or you can send them your personal link) and click on the team member they would like to support. When they are on your page, they can click “Donate” at the top right to share their support on your behalf.

  • What do you add to your Fundraising Page?
    • First, you will need to sign in to or create a Givebutter account.

    • Then, you’re asked to share a fundraising goal and write a note sharing why you support Oregon Shores and why you hope your friends donate. You can also share when and where you plan to walk or run your miles.

    • Lastly, you can add an additional picture or video if you’d like. The picture could be some pretty spot on the coast or your favorite ocean creature.  (If you don’t have anything appropriate, feel free to use any picture from our webpage, or you can email, and she’ll email you one).

  • How can I help encourage my friends to donate?
    • Once you’ve set up your Givebutter page and like the way it looks, you can click on the link to “Share,” which offers up options to directly post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or get the link that you can copy and paste directly into an email, text message, or social media post.

    • We encourage you to start sharing your participation in the challenge about a month before the August 30 start date. For example: “I’ll be joining Oregon Shore’s Surf and Sun Virtual Walk and Run starting August 30 to raise funds for their work conserving our coast. I plan to walk at least 3 miles and hope my friends will each donate a minimum of $25 to support Oregon Shores’ work.”

    • Then, start spreading the word by sharing the link to your Givebutter page!

  • Do I need to donate myself?

    After paying the $25 registration fee, fundraisers do not have to donate. However, we do feel most fundraisers will want to make at least a small donation (even $5) on their own fundraising page to help build momentum towards their goal.

  • When will the fundraising take place?

    Surf and Sun Virtual Walk and Run will start on August 30 and conclude on September 8. We encourage participants to begin sharing their fundraising page at least a week in advance to rally their friends to pledge their donations.

  • What if I can’t make it to the coast?

    Walking or running outside on any public natural land counts as participation in this event.

  • How do I track my miles? Do I need to run or walk them all at once?
    • You have the entire challenge duration (August 30 – September 8) to accumulate your miles.

    • Your kick-off email will include instructions and a link to this Google Form to track your miles once the event starts. You can also send your mileage by email to Katie (, and she will enter it on your behalf.

    • Participants are encouraged to tag Oregon Shores in a selfie on social media at the end of their run/walk so we can share their progress.

  • What if I can’t participate but want one of your cool t-shirts?

    Email before September 1 to order a shirt.

  • How will the funds raised be used?

    Some of Oregon Shores’ top 2024 priorities include:

    • Oregon Shores’ Campaign for Oregon’s Estuaries: We are working to influence the state’s update to its 22 estuary plans so that they will protect our natural legacy in light of climate change.  In the coming months, you’ll have opportunities to help by participating in seminars, field trips, and workshops.

    • CoastWatch in the Schools: this program schools in all Oregon coastal counties to a shoreline mile near their school that they visit, observe, and document over time. The program encourages students to take pride in a part of Oregon’s public shoreline, watch it closely for changes (natural or human-caused), and share what they find on our website. Your support helps us expand this free program to more classrooms along the coast.

    Bottom line: Oregon Shores has built a 50-year legacy of scenic landscapes, unmarred by condos, hotels, and other developments that threaten coastal wildlife and public access to beaches. From Astoria to Brookings, we’ve successfully watchdogged land use and other decisions made by local and state governments. We couldn’t do this without your support.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Email our Education and Outreach Manager, Katie Russell,