Ocean Events


Rocky Shores Strategy Discussion

February 23, 2019, Yachats

Oregon’s rocky shore habitats are some of the most recognizable and dynamic ecosystems along the coast, and managing these special areas can be challenging. Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan is the state’s framework for managing coastal resources and the section on rocky shore management is...


Microplastics Beach Clean Up

February 24, 2019, Otter Rock

Newport Surfrider Chapter cleaning microplastics at Otter Rock.
Newport Surfrider Chapter cleaning microplastics at Otter Rock.

The Newport Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is in need of volunteers to clean up the beach at Otter Rock. Join them at the Otter Rock Parking Lot Sunday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. Park near the bathrooms. There's more plastic and...


Lecture on Bull Kelp

March 2, 2019, Yachats

Bull kelp on the Oregon coast.
Bull kelp on the Oregon coast. | Photo by Charlie Plybon

Ever noticed long strands of bull kelp washed up on the beach? Where does it all come from? Where and how big are Oregon’s bull kelp forests? And how are they changing over time? One of the few people studying kelp in Oregon is Sara...


Wave Energy Presentation

March 7, 2019, Nye Beach

Burke Hales, from Oregon State University. | Photo courtesy of MidCoast Watershed Council.

Join the Midcoast Watersheds Council for an evening presentation about wave energy prospects off the coast of Oregon on Thursday, March 7, starting at 6:30 p.m. in Room 205 on the upper floor of the...


Nehalem Estuary Cleanup

March 9, 2019

Nehalem Estuary Cleanup Flyer

The 2019 Nehalem Estuary Cleanup will be taking place on Saturday, March 9. Spend a day making a lasting difference in the beautiful Nehalem Bay Estuary and community. Click here to get the latest details about this event. 

This event is open to all ages and co-hosted by the Lower Nehalem...


Black Oystercatcher Lecture

March 13, 2019, Cannon Beach

Black Oystercatcher. | Photo by Tim Melling

The Friends of Haystack Rock as host the Library Lecture Series held on the second Wednesday of each month, November to May, 7-8:30 p.m. in the Cannon Beach Library (131 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach). These events are free and open to the public....


Spring Whale Watch Week

March 23, 2019 - March 31, 2019, Yachats

Grey whale breaching. | Photo by Joe Morris

It is time to celebrate Spring Whale Watch Week on the Oregon coast from March 23 - March 31 at the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center (2400 Hwy 101, Yachats), and at many other locations along the coast. Volunteers will be stationed at 24 designated...


SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanups

March 23, 2019

Join SOLVE and thousands of volunteers on March 23 as they clean up litter and marine debris from the entire Oregon coast! Since 1986, this home-grown tradition of twice-yearly beach cleanups has benefited people and wildlife alike, supporting clean seas and healthy communities. This is a...


Lecture on Gray Whales

March 23, 2019, Yachats

Michael Noack, a retired Chief Park Ranger and Naturalist, will present Experiencing Gray Whales. Noack has been educating agency staff and the public about the natural world, especially gray whales, for many years. After the program, he will be available to discuss whale watch techniques...


Science Talk '19

April 4, 2019 - April 5, 2019, Portland

Have you ever struggled to explain why your science matters to a non-scientist? Have you ever been frustrated at the way science is covered in the media and used in policy? Have you wondered just what they’re teaching about science these days? Then this particular annual conference is right...


Puffin Lecture

April 10, 2019, Cannon Beach

Tufted Puffin. | Photo by Jacob Spendelow
Tufted Puffin. | Photo by Jacob Spendelow

Join the Friends of Haystack Rock as they host the Library Lecture Series held on the second Wednesday of each month, November to May at 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Cannon Beach Library (131 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach). These events are free and open to...

Past Events


Flying Offshore: Getting to Know Curry's Seabirds

March 24, 2016, Gold Beach

Photo of Common murres at Redfish Rocks. Photo by Lois Miller.
Common murres at Redfish Rocks. Photo by Lois Miller.
Seabirds wander vast stretches of the sea, but when it comes time to nest, tens of thousands of them call Curry County home. Kalmiopsis Audubon Society president Ann Vileisis will give a presentation about seabirds and the South Coast’s...

Link Forests to Tidepools at Cape Perpetua

March 22, 2016 - March 25, 2016

Photo of Cape Perpetua Visitor Center by Andre Hagestedt.
Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. Photo by Andre Hagestedt.

Marine reserves don’t exist in a vacuum, and one important goal for Oregon Shores and our partners in the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership (OMRP) is to link onshore ecosystems to these protected areas immediately offshore.

The Cape...


Volunteer Coordinator Helps with Whale Watch Training

March 15, 2016, Lincoln City

Photo of Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center, courtesy of OPRD.
Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center. Photo courtesy of OPRD.
Fawn Custer, CoastWatch’s volunteer coordinator, will participate in a special presentation on Whales of the Oregon Coast, taking place on Tuesday, March 15 at the Oregon Coast Community College branch in Lincoln City, from 6-9pm. The...

American Cetacean Society Meeting to Focus on Whale Exploitation

March 12, 2016, Newport

Aside from Captain Ahab, people haven’t hunted whales as existential quests for meaning, but for the resources they provide. The next meeting of the Oregon Chapter of the American Cetacean Society will feature a look at this reality.  Speaker Uko Gorter will address Whales as a source of raw...


Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission Meeting

March 10, 2016, Gold Beach

The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) will meet Thursday, March 10, at 9:00 a.m. in Gold Beach at the Curry County Fairgrounds Ocean View Room and will be briefed about the decision by the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) to establish a committee to review the Rocky...


Kalmiopsis Audubon Society Annual Meeting and Potluck

March 4, 2016

Join Kalmiposis Audubon Society members for this annual meeting plus fun potluck and slide sharing. Bring something you like to eat, and each person can share 10-15 favorite bird, nature, or landscape slides in either digital or traditional format. It’s always a fun evening. If you plan to come,...


Bird Conservation in Oregon’s Marine Reserve System

February 11, 2016, Manzanita

Photo of Common murres at Yaquina Head. Photo by Amanda Gladics.
Common murres at Yaquina Head. Photo by Amanda Gladics.
Joe Liebezeit, Avian Conservation Program Manager for the Audubon Society of Portland, will offer a presentation on how volunteer efforts to monitor seabird populations have contributed to a better understanding of seabird populations...

Kick-off Party #2 for Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

January 30, 2016, Cannon Beach

Photo of Cape Falcon, looking toward the new marine reserve, by Alex Derr.
Cape Falcon, looking toward the new marine reserve. Photo by Alex Derr.
New Year’s Day marked both a completion and a new beginning for Oregon's network of five marine reserves.  On Jan.1, the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve became fully operative, closed to resource extraction. Up till now,...

Ocean Acidification Panel Discussion

January 28, 2016, Newport

Photo of the ocean at the Oregon coast.
Acidification shadows Oregon's ocean. Photo by Alex Derr.
The worrisome subject of climate impacts to the ocean will be taken up by a set of expert voices when the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC)  combine to present From Bivalves to Beaches:  Ocean...