Oregon Shores has joined other groups in supporting House Bill 2617, the Foam-Free Oregon bill.

Expanded polystyrene, often known by its trademarked name, Styrofoam, is a form of foamed plastic commonly used for food containers and packaging. This disposable packaging is usually thrown away after a single use and often falls apart easily into smaller pieces that are hard to clean up and can persist in the environment indefinitely. Expanded polystyrene is not accepted in curbside recycling and is not easily recycled. 

This isn’t a radical new idea.  Portland, Ashland, Eugene, Lincoln City, and Medford have already passed ordinances prohibiting polystyrene in food service.  We think it’s time for our legislature to act and extend the ban statewide.  This would help to counter the growing plastics problem—at current rates, plastic waste is expected to double in five years.

By passing the HB 2617, Oregon can lead the way in drastically reducing the production and use of harmful and wasteful single-use foodware and ensure we transition towards more sustainable alternatives that better protect both human and natural communities.

Oregon Shores urges that you contact your legislators and urge them to support the Foam Free Oregon Bill.​​​​​​

For information, contact Oregon Shores board member Ed Joyce, who is taking the lead for us on this issue: (503) 468-0995, edjoyce1590@gmail.com.