As invasive plants on the Oregon coast go, Scotch Broom is second only to European beachgrass in the extent to which it has occupied and reshaped shoreline, bluff, and dune habitats.  The Western Invasives Network has declared a Great Scotch Broom Census, to take place during the entire month of May.  Everyone is invited and urged to report any sightings of Scotch Broom, anywhere in Oregon, to iNaturalist. The goal of this campaign is to rapidly collect data on the expanding range and density of this noxious weed. 

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The project will culminate with an online Scotch Broom symposium June 2-4. For more information, go here.

Seeking a way to make progress on tracking invasive species even during the stay-at-home period, the Western Invasives Network has teamed up with the Washington Invasive Species Council, 10,000 Years Institute, UC-Santa Cruz, WSDOT and many others to develop this crowdsourcing event (also taking place in Washington).  Information about Scotch Broom will be communicated over the course of the month.

For more information, contact Troy Abercrombie, coordinator of Western Invasives Network,

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