Ballot Measure 99, the “Outdoor School for All” proposition, would ensure that all Oregon middle school students gain the opportunity for a week of hands-on environmental learning.  Oregon Shores urged members to sign the petition that succeeded in placing the measure on the ballot, and we now advocate that those who care about both education and the environment vote for the measure in November.

Outdoor School is an Oregon legacy that teaches important life skills and boosts academic achievement, giving students a learning opportunity they can’t get in the classroom. Research shows that children who attend Outdoor School do better in school; their attendance improves and they’re more motivated to learn.

Today, the average child spends seven hours a day on a screen and less time outside than ever before. Outdoor School allows them to unplug and reconnects them with science and nature. It fosters a strong sense of responsibility, stewardship and connection to the land, teaching them there’s more to the outdoors than Pokémon Go.

However, there currently is no dedicated source of funding for this Oregon educational tradition, meaning that many students are left out.  Measure 99 dedicates a portion of lottery funds to make Outdoor School available for all.  If you would be willing to pledge your vote for the measure, go here.

For more information or to find out how you can help support, volunteer or spread the word, visit