Do you know someone who would be effective in helping to educate the public about marine reserves, or in organizing research on Oregon’s current reserves?  Are you such a person yourself?

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is hiring for a position that has an important bearing on the success of our marine reserves. The deadline for applications is Oct. 13.

The Marine Reserves Communications Engagement Project Leader will lead communications and outreach, and serve as a community liaison, for ODFW’s marine reserves program, and provide communications and outreach support to the Department’s larger, Marine Resources Program (MRP). The full job announcement is here.

Strong candidates who care deeply about protecting our ocean resources and are determined to help the marine reserves fulfill their promise will be a boon to the efforts of Oregon Shores and our partners in the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership to build support for these protected areas.  You can help by passing the information along to qualified candidates.