Clatsop County has been revising its comprehensive plan, bit by bit, over a number of years. This year, the county is working on the last three goals: Goal 16 (estuaries), Goal 17 (coastal shorelands), and Goal 18 (beaches and dunes). At stake are future policies concerning such issues as shoreline armoring, public access, development in dune areas, and cable crossings of the shoreline. (“Goals,” which have the force of law, are the fundamental structure of Oregon’s statewide land use planning system.)

Oregon Shores and the Surfrider Foundation are jointly sponsoring an event in Astoria—6 p.m. July 11 at the Fort George Brewery—intended to provide information to Clatsop residents who would like to help to influence the planning process.

The timeline for completion of this planning effort is uncertain. At present, consultants led by the Astoria-based CREST (Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce) are working on draft recommendations, and the state’s Department of Geology and Mineral Industries is developing new maps showing sea level rise. Once those become available, there will be a public comment period and in-person stakeholder meeting, presumably sometime in later summer. The consultants are scheduled to deliver recommendations by October, although the process got off to a late start, and it is uncertain whether the deadline can be met.

Oregon Shores and Surfrider will work to organize widespread involvement in the planning process, advocating for the strongest possible conservation provisions, once it becomes clear when the public comment period will begin.

Click here to see the county’s public information about the plan update, and find links to the current language in the plan relating to the goals under review.


Photo: Clatsop County coastline by Kirt Edblom