Mile 89

West of New River, Morton. Curry/Coos county line
Coos County

Latitude: 42.950130025610
Longitude: -124.482320074130
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Coos-Curry County line, (42° 57.2628', Mile 89), southerly to the north side of Blacklock Point (42° 52.8000', Mile 60).
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from a point approximately one mile north of the mouth of Twomile Creek (43° 03.3288', Mile 97) to the Coos County-Curry County line, (42° 57.2628', Mile 89).
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west of New River, Morton. Curry/Coos county line
Mile 89 Reports (2)


January 17, 2009 - [email protected]
Kayaked in from Storm Ranch then traveled 4 miles S to middle of mile 89. Walked N and S from there. Kayakers should be aware of duck hunting along the river this time of year. River is breached near outlet of Floras Creek. No significant activity - beach was more
  • NR breach created in 2005. This is old lagoon left behind when it sanded shut.
  • These are red fox tracks - some of them are small suggesting sub adult.
  • Looking S from near end of mile 89 toward Blacklock Pt.
  • These two were moving over the beach. Notice the dart shape and rectangular head shape.
  • Red Fox track showing heal and toe calluses which are  characteristic of these tracks.
  • The debris was very light and mostly small wood pieces.  a clam shell here and there.


March 12, 2008 - [email protected]
Kayaked from Storm Ranch to old breach near end of Mile 90 and walked to S. end of Mile 89. New River breach closed. Bull Kelp knots, shells, woodpieces, plastic pellets, Land- and ocean-based debris and Styrofoam in driftline. Fox and raccoon tracks on beach. Merlin and Sanderlings observed. more
  • This is looking S from N end of mile 89 onto the wide area scoured by the river and wave overtopping.
  • This is 13.5 foot steep wall left by river and wave erosion. That is my 46" walking stick at the bottom.