Mile 50

Port Orford Heads east of Tichenor Rock, Tichenor Cove
Curry County

Latitude: 42.736049841344
Longitude: -124.506299537840
  • Motor vehicles are allowed from the south side of Cape Blanco (42° 50.1132', Mile 56), south to Rocky Point (42° 43.3812', Mile 47).
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Port Orford Heads east of Tichenor Rock, Tichenor Cove
Mile 50 Reports (3)


April 29, 2018 - SRMcMillan

Didn't do watch on mile 51. Used mile 50 instead.  Dove in Nellies Cove. Nellies Cove is a catchment area for marine debri/ more


May 17, 2014 - mvolson
Although there has been some residential development above the cliffs at the east end of mile 50, the shoreline is largely inaccessible and remains remarkably wild for a populated area that once had an active Coast Guard Station. Everything looked more


September 1, 2013 - mvolson
Despite being adjacent to the Port of Port Orford, this is one of the most pristine segments of the South Coast.There is a little access to the eastern segment, particularly at low tide, from the Port; also, there are some visitors to the shoreline in Nellies Cove via the more