Mile 40

North of Sisters Rocks, cliffs south of Arizona Beach
Curry County

Latitude: 42.602864818502
Longitude: -124.401764470160
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from the south end of Arizona Beach (42° 36.7056', Mile 41), southerly to the Ophir Rest Area (Oregon State Highway Division) (42° 32.1948', Mile 36).
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North of Sisters Rocks, cliffs south of Arizona Beach
Mile 40 Reports (28)


January 12, 2017 - azbeach

This is not a full report -- a placeholder for our 4th qrtr 2016 observations.  We started at the north end of the mile, Arizona Beach access, during the high King Tide.  The photos show wave overtopping obscuring beach access and travel.  Mussel Creek has seasonally changed its course, more


September 9, 2016 - azbeach

Beautiful day on beautiful beach.  Today's temperature was 79 when we started and 84 when we finished.  In August, 2015, one year ago, the temperature was 63 -- nearly 20 degrees cooler.  To the non-believers:  climate change is real and active!
Sandy beaches more abundant this time of year; more

April 2, 2016 - azbeach

Mussel Ck. meanders and now enters south of AZ Beach -- the mouth has moved significantly south. ATV trail (approx. mid-mile) access from beach now blocked by large rocks. Sand now covers beach area of previously exposed boulders; large rocks in areas previously of sandy more

  • Now flows north before making an abrupt turn to the south before entering ocean
  • Entering ocean, Mussel Creek
  • Last quarter this was a sandy beach
  • Last quarter this beach was all boulders -- now sand
  • Pigeon Pt. access from house to beach
  • Erosion, Foredune disappearing
  • Interesting kelp - near Pigeon Pt. access on mile


December 19, 2015 - azbeach

The mile could not be accessed from Arizona Beach -- Mussel Creek was impassable; the southern access from Frankport site was flooded, we parked in the area south of that. Because of high seas with big surges, only a small portion of the south end of the mile could more

  • Arizona Beach parking lot
  • Mussel Creek Impassable
  • Erosion at north end of mile
  • Picnic area on top of bluff - north end of mile
  • BLOY! to the World
  • Frankport Site parking area
  • View from the South End of the Mile
  • More from the South End
August 26, 2015 - azbeach
Tracks of apparently illegal vehicle spotted. Black oystercatchers, turkey vulture, osprey more
  • Crusted and cracking sandy shore
  • OHV operation is prohibited, unless the operator has a specific permit.
  • easy going because of sand levels
  • Meandering Mussel Creek, looking south to Humbug Mtn.
June 22, 2015 - azbeach
Seasonal sands have arrived, making this mile very accessible. No problem to walk the entire mile without bouldering or going overland. Lots of footprints, minimal debris, land or more
  • Flows to the north, then west - empties at Mile 41.
  • access thru this arch
March 19, 2015 - azbeach
Mussel Creek channel is meandering, narrower and deepening. This mile remains relatively free of human/marine-caused debris.The new signage at the Arizona Beach end and Sisters Rocks end makes clear what is permissible and what is not. Unfortunately, the sign at the Sisters Rocks is behind the access gate, so more


November 16, 2014 - azbeach
Mussel Creek continues to flow south to north, and then west to join the ocean. The water volume is lower and sand mounds interrupt the usually free-flowing waters.From observation, the BLOY population appears stable in this area with 6 juveniles interacting with 2 attendant more
  • feeding at the waterline, eventually moving to islands as tide receded.
  • trail to the north of Frankport site now covered with sand, easier going
  • creek split by sand mounds, lessening flow
  • Meadowlark at parking for Arizona Beach
August 7, 2014 - azbeach
This usually pristine, wild mile was wrought with human activity this day. Rogue sheep not seen except for the remains of one, replaced by horses bearing riders; a new trail for access across rocky area, and OHV track.Beach bummer!read more
  • 3 sheep last seen in May; none in August
  • Flows north, and then west at beginning of Mile 41
May 7, 2014 - azbeach
The welcoming Arizona Beach Motel office/dwelling has been lost to what appears to be a recent fire. 2 floats, "Made in Japan" Ubejushikako Co. with Common Goose Barnacle attached, approx. 12" in diameter, the other with tiny mollusks attached, all writing Asian.Sheep looking weary and rag-tag -- maybe just more
  • Flows due north and opens just before large rocks on Mile 39
  • Arizona Beach Lodge Office/Home lost to fire
  • Large pipe formerly protruding from the bank, now gone.
  • larger float, Ubejushikako Co., 12" diameter - Common Goose Barnacles attached
  • Shows "Box" Island grazed down by the sheep
January 25, 2014 - azbeach
The mouth of Mussel Creek has moved south, with the creek running north, meandering, and then west to the sea.Except for the 3 curious, cautious sheep, minimal animal life. Another beautiful day!read more


October 29, 2013 - azbeach
Just another day in paradise . . . Heartened to continue to see less human-caused more
  • The 3 wait for the low tide for access to this off-shore island
  • Flows south to north and then west into the ocean.  Requires a wade
  • Curious, but not alarmed.
July 29, 2013 - azbeach
Another beautiful, exceedingly windy, yet warm day. Unable to cross Mussel Creek. Swollen, running south to north, with no visible outlet..Seasonal sand drifts covering boulder areas, so crossing easy.Always more
  • 3 sheep on the beach and bluff
  • Frankport site trail
  • Not previously seen
  • locust
  • running south to north, with no apparent outlet
April 28, 2013 - azbeach
Correction to previous reports, inadvertently identifying the grazing roamers on our mile as domestic goats. I've been informed, and confirmed, that these are actually sheep. I'm posting this in hopes that the 3 remaining renegades will be recognized by their more
  • split upper lip, tails down -- a couple clues I just discovered
April 4, 2013 - azbeach
Starting in dense fog, and returning with the skies lifting. Mussel Creek, requiring crossing in SOLV bags, is full and flows due north into mile 41.Another intriguing trek, especially since the usually impassable-by-shore area on the south end of the mile, close the Frankport site area, presented a wide, more


October 25, 2012 - azbeach
Domestic goats again roaming, grazing at the south end of Mile 40, Frankport site more
August 12, 2012 - azbeach
A mile of discovery and intrigue -- this time, domestic goats!Despite dog-days of summer being enjoyed by humans engaged in pleasurable activities, no dogs! Minimal debris, both marine and more
  • 4 female domestic goats, two with collar and tag.  Imagine our excitement in thinking they were wild!
  • Grazing goats . . .
  • Grazing goats . . .
  • Not a challenge to cross.  The south-headed creek ends in the sand, before reaching the sea.
  • Another beautiful day at Mile 40
May 10, 2012 - azbeach
Very low tide permitted access to most of this mile, north to south (except for "the point" which was observed from above and from the south). Gorgeous day -- windy beach protected by Humbug Mtn. Minimal marine and land debris. The stairs at Pigeon Pt. access were more
  • When visible, this piece of machinery (from old Frankport operation) is usually embedded in sand
April 15, 2012 - azbeach
An abandoned fire took our time and attention on the south end of the mile (north from Sisters Rocks). Due to winter storms, we were unable to cross the hugely expanded Mussel Creek at the Arizona Beach end of the mile. Mussel Creek now travels a long distance north more
  • What we thought would be an uneventful day
  • Boys shouldn't play with fire!  Unusual behavior, and ultimately abandoning a sizable driftwood fire.No plates on front of vehicle, and Oregon plate on back was obscured.
  • Huge and uncrossable, Mussel Creek now runs a long way north before cutting west to the sea.  Much deeper than it looks!


November 27, 2011 - azbeach
Mussel Creek now opens directly west -- wading to cross required. Seasonal sand removal makes this a "bouldering" mile -- difficult to walk it. Very little evidence of marine or human debris except for broken bottles on rocky beach below Frankport site entrance.Contrary to "What happens on the Mile more
  • This wheel is exposed seasonally
July 28, 2011 - azbeach
The outlet of Mussel Creek has significantly moved to the south. The portion of Mussel Ck. that traverses the sand has created a dividing line between the west side wave-swept beach where there is no vegetation, and the higher elevation east side beach which now has plentiful vegetation. Of more
  • Concrete/cement bag steps at Pigeon  Pt. access to beach.
  • "Steps" to beach below houses at Pigeon Pt.
May 24, 2011 - azbeach
Although this stretch of coastline is remarkable in itself, nothing of moment to report this time. Mussel Creek has again altered southward, where it now opens. Must be waded for beach access. Waiting for warm weather to encourage the plentiful vegetation to bloom!read more
  • direction change
  • re-built staircase
  • Erosion - bluff deterioration
  • More erosion
January 2, 2011 - azbeach
Again, a great way to start a New Year, new decade. Most notable, the cliff erosion below established dwellings. On a positive note, marine and land debris minimal - less than a full SOLV bag. The concept of "pay it forward" is beneficial to us all, and especially the more
  • Drainage pipe, rutted soil


September 30, 2010 - azbeach
Like having our own private beach . . . not another footprint. Another beautiful day on the mile. Most pleasantly, the marine/beach debris was significantly not present. Time of season? Awareness and action? Whatever the cause, it's a good more
  • Photogenic BLOY group
  • Drift line content - amazing amounts of Sea Palms and algaes
  • Concrete mix bags placed to form steps below wooden stair structure
July 15, 2010 - azbeach
Beach to ourselves until the return trip. Mussel Creek shallower, easier to cross. Less marine and human/land debris this time. Lots of "bouldering" on this mile; had to complete the most southerly portion by access from Frankport area. What a beautiful, exhilarating coastal more
  • Bank above foredune flowing to the sea . . .
  • One of adult pair that had been sitting in the sand
  • Concrete bags
April 18, 2010 - azbeach
Another terrific adventure along this wild mile. Spring flowers including iris, strawberry, aster, wild cucumber. We had to complete the mile from two access points because low tide still did not permit access around one point.Marine debris abounds. Challenge other mile tenders to always carry a bag or 2 more
  • Swollen creek about 25' across, flowing north to ocean.  Water about 2' deep.  Brrrrr!
  • Looking north from impassable point.  (We then returned to AZ beach access and completed the mile north to south -- to this point)
  • Invasive species - Ice Plant quite abundant
  • Evidence of non-permitted vehicles entering from Frankport Site gate (opening at edge of gate large enough for vehicle access)
  • Arches and slots
February 7, 2010 - azbeach

This is an "interim" report. Mile 40 was mostly impassible, though a low .8 tide at 1:30 p.m. We observed from Arizona Beach and then walked as far as possible north from Frankport site, and viewed from highway. Mussel Creek was more swollen than on our December visit; major more

  • authorized vehicle entry?
  • Gate and access between gate and eroding bluff at Frankport site
  • making access along Mussel Creek north (Mile 41) impassible


December 28, 2009 - azbeach
Bicycle, road sign, tires, glass, plastic, styrofoam, tin - the only sign of humans was what they left behind. Garbage and debris, both discarded and drifted in from offshore activities, is very damaging and offensive to this beautifully wild and pristine area. However, where the beach travel was difficult, more
  • overview, from whence we came - starting above Frankport site
  • rock fields for foot paths; more erosion
  • looking north above homes on Pigeon Point