Mile 32

Otter Point, Wayside north
Curry County

Latitude: 42.463349026340
Longitude: -124.423247147830
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from the Nesika Beach headland (42° 29.8284', Mile 34), southerly to (42° 27.5022', Mile 31), a point approximately one-third mile south of Otter Point.
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Otter Point, Wayside north
Mile 32 Reports (3)


January 9, 2009 - JerryT
Maintenance by State - The Parking Area & theRoad into it have been graded & graveled sinceLast Report. Also, run off Dirches / Berms have been opened up & more


June 6, 2008 - edbear
The Most Concerning Observation was the off color of the sea itself. It wa a Rusty brown Color as far out as I could see. It looked the same rusty brown color Northward & Southward of Otter Point also. Sorce more


July 21, 2007 - B Edgar
Not much change in the bluff during past year. The trail off Otter point is eroded badly.Dozen or so Harbor seals are using the cove fishing together in concert! What a site to see them "herding" the fish!Sleeping all day on the rocks more