Mile 316

Ecola Point, Bald Point
Clatsop County

Latitude: 45.921915363918
Longitude: -123.975440982220
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited between the beach ramp at Gearhart (46° 01.8570', Mile 326), southerly to the Clatsop County-Tillamook County line (45° 46.9902', Mile 306), except as follows: Operation or parking of motor vehicles used for and engaged in towing dory boat trailers or essential dory boat launchings from Sunset Drive (45° 53.2830', Mile 313) in Cannon Beach southerly to Warren Way (45° 52.3566', Mile 312) with access from Warren Way only.
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Ecola Point, Bald Point
Mile 316 Reports (4)


June 9, 2021 - tabeag

We carried out a fair amount of trash left behind by more

May 22, 2021 - tabeag

A visitor was waaayyy out on the rocks at Ecola Point, disturbing nesting seabirds.  Quite a few people walking, tidepooling and playing on the beach.  Five eagles, lots of harlequin ducks and cormorants, a few pelicans, two black oystercatcher pairs (one is nesting).  Some huge sea stars in this area.  read more

May 15, 2021 - tabeag


June 13, 2017 - newton

Counted 8 large sea stars and found 3 juvenille sea stars around Ecola Point

Lots of mussells, barnacles, chitons and anemones

2 black oystercatchers and possible one juvenille oystercatcher on the cliffside at Ecola Point.

 read more