Mile 314

Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek, Chapman Beach south
Clatsop County

Latitude: 45.896609564821
Longitude: -123.965593824490
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited between the beach ramp at Gearhart (46° 01.8570', Mile 326), southerly to the Clatsop County-Tillamook County line (45° 46.9902', Mile 306), except as follows: Operation or parking of motor vehicles used for and engaged in towing dory boat trailers or essential dory boat launchings from Sunset Drive (45° 53.2830', Mile 313) in Cannon Beach southerly to Warren Way (45° 52.3566', Mile 312) with access from Warren Way only.
  • There is hereby established a 15 MPH maximum speed limit within those areas of the ocean shore where motor vehicle travel is permitted. Said speed limitation shall extend from Ecola Creek to Arch Cape in Clatsop County, Oregon.
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Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek, Chapman Beach south
Mile 314 Reports (22)


December 2, 2022 - tabeag

Chilly winter day with few visitors on the beach. Common mergansers, buffleheads, and mallards swimming in the river. A female bufflehead swimming in the ocean in the sand bridge between Chapman Point and Bird Rock more

  • Snowy Hills in Cannon Beach
  • Doggy Bag Chapman Beach
  • Wintry Day on Chapman Beach
  • Chilly Winter Day at Chapman Beach


June 7, 2021 - FOHRAP1

A beautiful day on the beach, with lots of visitors for a Monday.  The beach was clean, very little litter.  The tide line had brown foam (diatoms, algae).  Only other remarkable observation was the erosion noted in 2 adjacent backyards. See more

  • Dune Erosion
  • Significant dune erosion
  • Chairs outside Ecola Inn on the beach
  • Looking north on Cannon Beach
January 21, 2021 - FOHRAP1

A quiet day on the beach, a few folks and lots of dogs.  The most noteworthy thing on the walk was the erosion of sand and dunes resulting from the storm last week.  I have walked the beach many times in recent weeks, the level of dune cut out more


December 2, 2020 - FOHRAP1

Beautiful day at the beach, with a surprising number of people and dogs for a Wednesday.  Chapman Point was unusually more

  • Haystack Rock
October 5, 2020 - FOHRAP1

A beautiful day on the beach, Chapman point and Ecola Creek continue to be popular spots for visitors and walkers. Lots of activity in these areas. read more

  • Mouth of Ecola Creek
  • Chapman Point
  • Tide Line, Cannon Beach
August 22, 2020 - FOHRAP1

A beautiful walk on the beach during a negative tide revealed lots of visitors on the beach. Haystack Rock tidepooling was quite popular given the -.8 tide. The surprise was how busy Chapman Point was, so many walkers, dogs and folks enjoying the beach.  The human litter on the more

  • Haystack Rock
  • Juvenile Gulls
  • Ecola Creek meets the Ocean
  • Phytoplankton along the beach
  • Chapman Point at Low Tide
July 4, 2020 - FOHRAP1

Wow, today was a reminder that people love the beach. It was surprising so many people were in town, given the covid-19 increases. The humans overwhelmed the space, I don't have much comment for this report except about the people.  My counts are likely low, I did my best more

May 7, 2020 - FOHRAP1

A beautiful day on the beach, with little human activity on the beach, around Haystack Rock and Ecola Creek.  Limited beach activity is due to Covid-19 social distancing and the fact that Cannon Beach continues to be closed to visitors.  The weather was amazing, sunny and 60's. It has more

  • Quiet Beach
  • Tide Line, Cannon Beach
  • Chapman Point
  • A quiet day on the beach
  • Seagulls hanging out in Ecola Creek
  • Mouth of Ecola Creek
April 16, 2020 - FOHRAP1

A beautiful day on the coast; sunny, partly cloudy.  Survery was done near low tide.  There were a number of sand bars and tide pools that had formed. Ecola creek output, where it connects to the ocean, had spread across a wide area.  Gulls and Black Oystercatchers were enjoying more

  • Looking south on Champman Point, sandbars/tidepools
March 25, 2020 - FOHRAP1

 A beautiful day on the beach. The beach, tide line were relatively clean. The day was most noteworthy for the lack of human activity, corona virus precaution related. read more

March 4, 2020 - FOHRAP1

I began at the far north (Chapman Beach).  Almost entirely deserted (photo attached).  Like a sand-packed moonscape.  Understandable why some people like to come here to get away from it all, at least for an hour or two.  Going south, Ecola creek was unpassable due to heavy runoff, so more


December 9, 2017 - cheeseguy

Beautiful Dec. morning on the beach. Very low counts for both humans and vehicles. Beach was generally free from human trash. No dead birds noted. There had been a lot of pyrosomes about two weeks earlier but no sign today. 2 New sand drift fences at Breaker's Pt. Condos and more

  • Dune protection.
  • Drift fence 1.
  • Drift fence 2.
  • Storm Drain off Jackson St.
  • Storm Drain.
September 18, 2017 - cheeseguy

A sunny fall day at the beach. Lots of people walking for the most part. Only new observation was the application of ground cloth to the base of the dune at Breaker PT. condos and Ecola Creek. Some of the new beach grass plantings may have been eroded. Before more

  • Ground cloth applied to dune base
  • Kite flying day at the beach
  • Pelican beach, ecola creek
June 24, 2017 - cheeseguy

It was a gorgeous day on the beach. Probably a record day for people because of the warm temperatures. read more

  • Drainpipe outfall from Jackson st.
  • Drainpipe outfall from Monroe St.
  • Drainpipe outfall from Madison St.
  • Drainpipe outfall from Jefferson St.
  • Drainpipe outfall from Adams St.
  • Drainpipe outfall from Washington St.
  • Dune Stabilization project at Breaker's Pt Condo/Ecola Creek.
  • Mid mile 314 looking S towards Haystack rock.
  • Mid mile 314 looking N towards Breaker's Pt.
March 20, 2017 - cheeseguy

It was a cloudy day(a few rain drops) with moderate NE Wind. People count was up likely because of some visitors being on Spring Break. Otherwise would not have had so many on a Monday in March. Majority of folks just walking on the beach. Driftline was amazingly free more


December 13, 2016 - cheeseguy

The day was a bright sunny day. Beach was narrow due to King tide. I walked in the hour prior to high of 10.6. Lots of kelp strands and huge bundles. Fair amount of rope both alone and in kelp bundles. 6 dead birds found 4 being Northern Fulmars. more

  • Beachgrass planting
  • Cassin's Aucklet
  • Tree with roots
  • Jefferson St outflow/storm drain
  • Kelp bundle
  • kelp bundle w/ rope
  • Madison St. outflow/storm drain
  • Monroe St outflow/storm drain
  • Northern Fulmar #1
  • partial wooden pallet
  • coil of rope
  • Taft St outflow
  • Western Gull
  • New Construction
  • Jackson St outflow/storm drain
September 16, 2016 - cheeseguy

The dead birds were all found in approximately the southern 3/8 of the mile. This is consistent with the fact that more dead birds are found closer to Haystack Rock in other surveys. No change seen in any of the drains but I was curious why one was running more

April 18, 2016 - Volunteer Trainer

Submission from Diane and Rex Amos. Diane and Rex Amos photographed these at 6:50 a.m. just north of Margo Visher’s near the dunes. There were about 8 of them. Learned from Joe Liebezeit, Avian Conservation Program Manager, Audubon Society of Portland, that they are semipalmated plovers. Had been hoping more

  • Semipalmated plover on the shoreline north of Ecola Creek
  • Semipalmated plovers
  • Semipalmated plover, Clatsop County, Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek, Chapman Beach south


September 27, 2014 - skylaar
A very nice, sunny fall day and a lot of people enjoying the day. Many people walking or sitting in the sand. Happily did not see a lot of trash (was also SOLV beach clean-up day).read more
  • Jellyfish, about 8" diameter
May 12, 2014 - skylaar
Considerable amount of manmade debris in the driftline along with dozens of molted crabs. read more
January 31, 2014 - skylaar
Visited mile just as the king tide was receding. The tide came up pretty high but did not reach the small sea wall or the bluffs. The visible tide line was littered with seagrass and a lot of razor clam shells. The tide carved out sand at its highest point, more
  • Tide was too high to visit northern edge of mile at Chapman Beach.
  • Sand removal from high tide


October 26, 2013 - skylaar
There were easily 100 people on the beach today. Lots of people just enjoying the nice weather, and there were a few people still on the beach from the SOLV beach cleanup that morning. The tide was already coming in, so the tide pools were covered up by that point, more
  • Concentration of gulls
  • There were five dead jellyfish near or in the tideline.