Mile 308

Arch Cape (community), Asbury Creek
Clatsop County

Latitude: 45.811869924684
Longitude: -123.965149796560
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited between the beach ramp at Gearhart (46° 01.8570', Mile 326), southerly to the Clatsop County-Tillamook County line (45° 46.9902', Mile 306), except as follows: Operation or parking of motor vehicles used for and engaged in towing dory boat trailers or essential dory boat launchings from Sunset Drive (45° 53.2830', Mile 313) in Cannon Beach southerly to Warren Way (45° 52.3566', Mile 312) with access from Warren Way only.
  • There is hereby established a 15 MPH maximum speed limit within those areas of the ocean shore where motor vehicle travel is permitted. Said speed limitation shall extend from Ecola Creek to Arch Cape in Clatsop County, Oregon.
Tides: NOAA Tide Predictions. Click on the station nearest to your location to see predicted tides in graphical and tabular formats.
Arch Cape (community), Asbury Creek
Mile 308 Reports (25)


January 16, 2022 - John Markham

Unusual number of fresh logs, some very large, some still bearing bark. Photo provided of erosion. read more


February 10, 2021 - John Markham


September 22, 2020 - John Markham

Survey taken over two days, 21, 22 September, in conjunction with COASST dead-bird survey. A pleasant lull between two severe wind storms and a day before a very heavy more

March 26, 2020 - John Markham

An overcast day with occasional light sprinkles, but overall pleasant. A few people in small separate groups. Everything appears fine on my 1.8 km-long stretch of more


November 13, 2019 - John Markham
January 13, 2019 - John Markham

Two new colverts more


September 29, 2018 - John Markham

 Exotic pampas grass (native to South America) on face of more

July 31, 2018 - John Markham

Several western gulls standing on beach. Flocks of brown pelicans flying more

March 1, 2018 - John Markham

Pleasant late-winter day on the beach between more


October 4, 2017 - John Markham

Another pleasant warm fall day on the more

April 30, 2017 - John Markham


September 23, 2015 - John Markham
The sand level is unusually high, with the high-tide line close to 100m out from shore. There were more people than expected on a weekday, but the pleasant weather was inviting. The beach appears very clean and devoid of more
June 5, 2015 - John Markham
Sand level is higher than it has been in several years. I took measurements the day before. The day at the beach was fine despite the wind. I am quite happy that here were few people to share it with more
January 1, 2015 - John Markham
A fine day to start the New year with a pleasant walk on the beach. Yesterday, New Year's Day, I joined a crowd of perhaps 40 others for the traditional Arch Cape dip in the surf - it was actually enjoyable!There is more plastic debris than usual, from nerdles more


February 1, 2013 - John Markham
A fine day to be on the beach, though almost nobody was. There were many washed-in clumps of fresh Nereocystis leutkeana. I saw more plastic nerdles than in several years. A landslide just south of Austin Creek had dumped an elaborate wooden stairway onto the beach, and the property more


August 1, 2012 - John Markham
A quiet cool day at the more
February 5, 2012 - John Markham
A beautiful spring-like day on the more


September 16, 2011 - John Markham
A pleasant morning on a fine beach being enjoyed by a small gathering of respectful visitors. One neighbor formerly had a zig-zag stairway down to the beach from his home atop a high cliff with a storage shed at mid-level. The shed is now gone, and a new staircase more


July 7, 2010 - John Markham
No evident cause for concern. There were many flies and beetles struggling on the beach. Small washed in Nereocystis, Fucus. Molts of Cancer magister and Emerita analoga, tests of Dendraster eccentricusread more


November 25, 2007 - John Markham
Quiet pleasant more
June 17, 2007 - John Markham
Fine day on the beach, but an unsually large crowd of more
May 13, 2007 - John Markham
People enjoying beach, driftline more


June 1, 2006 - John Markham
Nothing of partcular concern more
March 2, 2006 - John Markham
Nothing out of the ordinary; birds seen: immature bald eagle, fledging grebe, many more


October 4, 2005 - John Markham
A few more dead birds than usual (2 western grebes, 2 immature gulls, 1 american crow, 4 common murre). Notable more