Mile 228

Rocky Creek State Wayside, Whale Cove
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.785625024239
Longitude: -124.073225067910
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Tillamook County-Lincoln County line (45° 02.6706', Mile 247), southerly to Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), except for the following locations within the corporate limits of Lincoln City:
    (A) A distance of 150 feet on each side of the westerly extension of North 35th Court;
    (B) A distance of 150 feet on each side of the westerly extension of North 15th Street.

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Rocky Creek State Wayside, Whale Cove
Mile 228 Reports (36)


August 8, 2020 - dwhite

Excluding by sea, the entry to Whale Cove beach requires passage on private property and an easement provided by USFW, so it was unusual to find such a collection of beachgoers. The beach is normally quite clean as it was this time, but with two unusual findings: the door more

  • Tree root exposed on beach bluff
  • Debris refrigerator door


October 23, 2018 - dwhite

All human activity was at the Rocky Creek wayside, not Whale Cove. 

The most notable change was on the Whale Cove beach where a dead sea lion was seen in June (not reported then, but see picture below). There was a noticeable height gain of sand on the beach since more

May 5, 2018 - dwhite

Both the Whale Cove beach and Rocky Creek wayside were in good condition as usual, however there were rubber surf boards and a downspout that were found both on the beach below the houses on the bluff and hung up among small vegetation on the cliff in between the houses more

January 18, 2018 - dwhite

Although not king tide level, high waves at high tide on Jan 18, 2018 reached all the way into the inner reaches of Whale Cove's sandy cliffs. The beach is normally exposed at high tides (king tide excepted). High waves picked up large driftwood logs hurling them against the ladder more

  • High Waves in Whale Cove 1
  • High Waves in Whale Cove 2
  • High Waves in Whale Cove 3
January 2, 2018 - dwhite

Coast Guard and Depoe Bay fire crews rescued a 19-year-old male hiker in the vicinity of Whale Cove, after he reportedly suffered seizures and became immobilized Tuesday evening. Sector watch standers received a report from Lincoln City 911 dispatchers at 4 p.m. of a male with medical issues on a cliff and more

  • Whale Cove Rescue


October 15, 2017 - dwhite

Both Whale Cove and Rocky Creek were in good shape and quite free of debris. The colony of 150+ seals were visible on the rocks at the southeast end of Whale Cove (see photo). Two whales were present in Whale Cove "sharking" (grazing on their side in a relatively shallow area more

March 19, 2017 - dwhite
  1. There was a notable increase in driftwood and debris that had washed up onto the Whale Cove beach. This was minor compared to other, more accessible and exposed beaches.
  2. A small portion of the resident seal population was seen on rocks on the east end of Whale Cove (common during low tide
  3. more


November 21, 2016 - dwhite

No significant changes to Whale Cove. Some styrofoam fragments were noticed, but the beach remains quite clean.  Higher tide level meant that the seals were unable to perch on the rocks at the east end of Whale Cove and were therefore scattered in the water and elsewhere.

Dog feces was found more

September 25, 2016 - dwhite

Whale Cove has recently acquired its Wildlife Refuge designation, so the intrusion of humans is now more difficult and development prohibited. The portion of state beach (not part of the Wildlife Refuge) is accessible by boat and via a ladder constructed by residents bordering Whale Cove.  The ladder was more

February 26, 2016 - djohnson

There is very little human activity on the Whale Cove beach now for two reasons: 1) Much of the surrounding land is now owned and controlled by the USFWS and only a limited number of people have official access; 2) The storms in December took out the ladder to more


January 23, 2015 - djohnson
Big news on Whale Cove! The undeveloped land on the west, north and east side of the cove is now owned by the USFWS.Our neighbor, Bryce Buchanan, purchased the land in 2005 with the sole purpose of conserving the area and preventing some of the extreme developments that had more


December 22, 2014 - djohnson
I took a look at the north side of Whale Cove at the peak of the "King Tide" to see if there was anything unusual. Other than the water being up into the driftwood logs, there was no damage or danger. There did not appear anything to submit for more
  • Condition on the beach on the north side of Whale Cove precisely at the maximum tide.
January 24, 2014 - daveincamas
Wow that is awesome news about the transfer of land to the USFWS! Please pass on my gratitude to Mr. Buchanan.I grew up in Newport and visited Whale Cove several times as a kid. I think I scrambled/slid down the cliff at the east end of the cove, next more


July 13, 2013 - [email protected]
MP 228 Description65% (northern part) of the mile consists of a cove (Whale Cove) which is a half-mile wide breach in a basalt headland. The basalt is a narrow barrier with cemented sandstone inland that is more erodable than the basalt, resulting in formation of the cove.35% (southern part) more
  • MP 228 Looking North from Rocky Creek State Wayside at the north ern part of the grassy slope north of the parking lot.Entry to Whale Cove is visible.
  • MP 228 looking South from Rocky Creek State Wayside at west end of fence NW of parking lot.


December 14, 2012 - [email protected]
Mostly sunny day with light winds at noon. Made observation during December "King Tide" period. A 10.6 foor high tide occurred at 11:50 am. No unusual activity or conditions to more
  • Photo taken at 11:44 am, facing ESE from the north beach section of Whale Cove.
June 12, 2012 - djohnson
There are no current problems at Whale Cove. For about three weeks we had a molting elephant seal on the beach. We contacted Jim Rice of the Marine Mammal Institute, OSU and he came by on May 16 and observed that it was a male seal about two years more
March 20, 2012 - djohnson
There has been no significant activity on the Whale Cove beach and there are no problems such as cliff erosion. All's well!!!!read more


December 19, 2010 - djohnson
There have been no noticable changes around Whale Cove, so the only item of interest is the temporary presence of Sea Lions as noted more
November 12, 2010 - [email protected]
Beautiful late fall day on the central Oregon coast. Recent high water has moved woody debris and kelp to the upper beach line.No wildlife more
  • View looking east along north beach of Big Whale Cove
November 4, 2010 - TMarie
Not much going on as it was a very foggy day with about 800 feet of visibility. Lots of gulls resting on the road's asphalt pavement. Paths were muddy due to recent rains. Waves were 8-10 more
June 25, 2010 - djohnson
There is little change in Whale Cove. There has been some activity on the beach, but none causing problems. The dealings relative to conservation easement establishment around the cove is moving slowly in a typical bureaucratic way!read more
May 13, 2010 - [email protected]
I hiked over the saddle from LWC to Big Whale Cove and strolled along the north-side beach from west to east and back. In between the beached logs are numerous plastic water bottles and scattered pieces of styrofoam. There was also a dead and decaying sea lion and several more
  • View is west
April 15, 2010 - TMarie
Rocky Creek continues to be a favorite place to pull off, park and walk north on the path to get a superb view of Whale Cove. The rock shelf where the gray seals rest is not visible, but seals are frequently seen playing in the waves and sunning on more


December 20, 2009 - djohnson
There is no visible change to the beach at Whale Cove. The high tides with recent significant storm surges have cleaned the beach and moved the driftwood logs around, but there do not seem to be any problems.Activity relative to the future of the land surrounding the cove continues (slowly), more
December 3, 2009 - TMarie
Human activity at Rocky Creek state Park is more
August 27, 2009 - [email protected]
Excellent weather for shoreline exploration. Relatives were visiting us at Little Whale Cove and we took the opportunity, at low tide, to circumnavigate the small cove, climb up on the hill southwest of Little Whale Cove, and look at marine life in the ocean tide pools west of the more
June 22, 2009 - djohnson
The development of 20 dwellings or so between Whale Cove and Highway 101 is currently dead. The owner intends to list the property for sale when the economy warrants more
March 26, 2009 - TMarie
Spring break week always brings more people to Rocky Creek State Park. Several families were using the newly-renovated picnic benches. The northern-most picnic bench is still missing a top and seats.We've been seeing whale spouts for several weeks, about 1/2 mile off-shore and moving more


September 16, 2008 - djohnson
There is little change at Whale Cove and the light problem from Whale Cove Inn seems to be pretty well under control. As mentioned above, any new development in the area is on hold, as it has been for years!read more
June 11, 2008 - TMarie
The day was overcast a bit a bit chilly; localized rain showers on and off. use of the park was low, probably because the weather was not especially more
April 11, 2008 - TMarie
The Inn at Whale Cove continues to be a source of night light into the cove and a nuisance to some adjoining neighbors. The night lights shine into the windows of adjoining neighbors, in violation of Lincoln CO. regulations forbidding light trespass from a commercial site to a residential more
March 25, 2008 - djohnson
The only change of note is the completion and opening of Whale Cove Inn. This has not impacted the isolation of the Whale Cove beach area, however, and the peaceful, scenic cove is more


December 20, 2007 - djohnson
The beach at Whale Cove is very clean. The 9-unit up-scale hotel being built to replace Whale Cove Inn is nearing completion. It should be complete in the next few months. The issue of a bright light shining on the cove, and disturbing the neighbors, seems to be more
September 18, 2007 - TMarie
A Whale was sighted just more
July 15, 2007 - TMarie
It was a warm, enjoyable day on the coast with mild winds and little wave more
June 5, 2007 - TMarie
Lots of gulls on the rocks. since this is a basalt rock cliff, there is no opportunity to see tide pools or beach where seaweed and invertebrates are visible. No problems so there is no more