Mile 22

Pistol River SP central
Curry County

Latitude: 42.283590536438
Longitude: -124.408501579230
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from Meyers Creek (42° 18.4422', Mile 23), southerly to the Oregon-California border (41° 59.9208', Mile 1).
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Pistol River SP central
Mile 22 Reports (5)


April 12, 2021 - Lavenne22

Flock of Buffleheads on the river. Observed approximately 15 Caspian Terns in flight. ( I saw two standing at the river mouth 3 days ago). Many gulls, one seal, and one dead bird-- wings only. Matching wings,three feet apart. Dark brown feathers. About the size of crow wings.

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April 9, 2021 - Lavenne22

Overall clean, windswept beach with lots of massive driftwood and notable dune erosion. Observed Buffleheads on river as well as two Caspian Terns at the mouth of the river. Saw two seals at mouth of river. Given the freshwater access and the shelter of dunes and driftwood, I find myself more

  • Pistol River high water mark


April 15, 2016 - Volunteer Trainer

The information and photo are from John Chapman at HMSC. He was able to scrape some of the animals off the boat. Many live specimens. A reminder that we are still getting tsunami debris with live organisms. Please keep a look out and call me if you have any more

  • This boat washed up on the beach just north of Port Orford. Dr. John Chapman has collected specimens to be identified.


January 28, 2012 - Muriah
This "hotspot" for international windsurfing competition in the summertime,the Pistol River Wave Bash is nearly abandoned now and there was no one else to see the sunset from there tonight ... except Snazzy dog. There were plenty of footprints, showing and interest in the decade old two-story driftwood condo more
  • Bird apparently died not able to swallow the spiny rockfish it caught, nor to eject it.
  • Looking from remains of decade old Driftwood Condos north to Windsurfer Rock and Cape Sebastian.


August 12, 2008 - KenBax
The Pistol River remains closed from the ocean. A large number of pelicans and gulls mingled with a few cormorants seem to be 'headquartering' at the lake feature that accumulates just past the bridge when the river is blocked. Photos will be uploaded more