Mile 199

Beachside SP, Waconda Beach, Little Creek
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.389205310025
Longitude: -124.089310866640
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), southerly to the Lincoln County-Lane County line (44° 16.5774', Mile 190).
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Beachside SP, Waconda Beach, Little Creek
Mile 199 Reports (28)


October 25, 2021 - seagazer

This dispatch is an update on the continuing armoring projects taking place on mile 199 - Wakonda Beach. Last year, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department issued emergency permits for (north to south) 5290, 5304, 5318 and 5330 SW Pacific Coast Highway, Waldport due to severe loss of the embankments more

  • Nov 2019 completion of the armoring project of five properties immediately north of the Wakonda Beach access
  • Scouring of sand and beach grass after January 1-3, 2021 King Tides
  • Permanent installation of riprap against the eroded embankments of  (north to south) 5290, 5304, 5318, and 5330 Pacific Coast Highway
  • Project completion October 23, 2021
  • Completed 2021 project adjacent to the 2019 project
May 25, 2021 - seagazer

First of all, the Wakonda Beach access at mile marker 159, which was a 12' dropoff due to heavy wave errosion, has been repaired to accommodate trucks and heavy equipment access to the beach. It is once again passable although care must still be taken when going up and more

  • Wakonda Beach beach access erosion from King Tides
  • Wakonda Beach beach access restored to allow trucks and equipment onto the beach
  • View from north of the Wakonda Beach beach access restoration to facilitate trucks and equipment access
March 14, 2021 - seagazer

This is a late report. This year's King Tides have had major effects on our beaches this year. Wakonda Beach is no exception. My last dispatch showed some of these significant changes on parts of mile 199. The subject of dispatch the remnants of a vehicle that was exposed by the more

  • Remnants of car exposed on beach
  • Location of car remains on Wakonda beach
  • Front view of recently exposed car remains on Wakonda Beach
  • Car remains exposed by 2021 King Tides on Wakonda Beach
  • Unknown heavy iron remnant found 50' south of car
  • Example of the vehicle buried in the sand on Wakonda Beach
January 15, 2021 - seagazer

In this dispatch, it will cover mostly visually the changes to the embankments of the eight or so private residences north of the Wakonda Beach (Beachside Beach) beach access (highway mile marker 159) from March of 2010 to January 2021. All but a few of the images were taken during King more

  • Wakonda Beach @ mile (highway) marker 159 - March 2010
  • Embankments in January 2016
  • Looking north at embankments north of Wakonda Beach access - Jan 2016
  • Emergency application of rock
  • Waves overtop initial emergency application of rock
  • construction of permanent armoring
  • Completed armoring project
  • North end of the Wakonda Beach armoring project
  • Significant embankment loss north of 2019 armoring project
  • significant loss of Wakonda Beach access and some of the south end of the armoring project
  • significant loss of unarmored embankment including and south of the Wakonda Beach access
  • Area within red-lined border lost since the 2019 armoring project was completed
  • Emergency repair of the seriously eroded embankment north of the 2019 armoring project.
  • Wakonda Beach changes from 2010 to 2021


May 16, 2019 - seagazer

After being away since my last dispatch, my return has found further changes to Wakonda Beach. First of all, the two properties north of the Wakonda Beach access appear to have survived the heavy surf after the temporary rip-rap was installed that was shown in my previous dispatches. Today more

  • restoring permitted embankment protection
  • Replenishing rock for a permitted preestablished rip-rap wall
March 20, 2019 - seagazer

It is very obvious that this winter's storms have been so strong that many properties along this mile have lost a lot of their beachside embankments. Some, especially the first two north of the Wakonda Beach acccess, were close to exposure of their sand filters. Due to concerns that more

  • Wakonda Beach north from the access - Jan 3, 2010
  •    Comparison of embankment north of Wakonda Beach access - 01/20/2010/03/20/2019
  • Comparison of changes in embankment due to storm damage over the years on the beach side of properties north of the Wakonda Beach Access from Nov 10, 2015 to Mar 20, 2019
  • Comparison of changes to embankment after heavy surf from Jan 1, 2018 to Mar 20, 2019
  • Permitted soft bank protection applied by bulldozer on June 19, 2018 is all but gone by Mar 20, 2019
  • The most noticeable loss of embankment on mile 199 is in front of about a dozen lots north of the Wakonda Beach Rd access
  • 1975 picture of the two properties north of the Wakonda Beach Access
January 5, 2019 - seagazer

Upon arriving here on the 28th of December, I first went down to the beach to take a quick look. It was raining so I chose not to do a full inspection. What caught my attention was the amount of foredune that has been lost since my last inspection. more

  • Condition of the bank and beach access on December 28th
  • Initial rock work laid late in the day of Jan 3rd
  • view of bank and first courses of rock
  • by 11:00 am, the waves were crashing high on the rocks
  • Machine continues to apply rock to bank of both properties
  • completed emergency armoring looking north
  • completed emergency armoring of the second north property


December 15, 2018 - Volunteer Trainer

Olive Ridley sea turtle spotted and reported to ODFW.  Transported to OCA. more

July 29, 2018 - bahngarten

Calm foggy morning. 1 person clamming in surf. Notable was 1 black winged carcass, probable cormorant sp. 30 sandpiper sp. flew N overhead. Some Dungeness crab molt (4-5" carapace), many mole crab parts along drift line. Footprints along beach indicate heavy summer usage. Clean beach. Beachside campground more

July 13, 2018 - seagazer

The primary reason for this inspection is to see and record with photos of the completed beach bank armoring project first observed and chronicled in my report and dispatch filed in January of this more

  • subject property - google map view
  • wide view of subject armor from beach
  • full width of armoring project
  • two armoring styles
  • New concrete stairs
May 6, 2018 - bahngarten

Mod winds from SW on cloudy day. 13 people,2 dogs walking along beach.  Shells, pebbles, and some mole crab molt along high tide line.  Clean beach. Beachside campground 3/4 full. read more

January 24, 2018 - seagazer

This dispatch is following up on a rip-rap project going on at the second house north of Little Creek/Big Stump Beach. Dump trucks are continuing to bring large rock to the site and the track hoe is setting what I understand to be backing rock. The track hoe also more

  • Dump truck on beach, dump truck delivers boulders to to rip-rap site
  • Historic views of rip-rap wall.
  • rip-rap rock breaking, preparation to repair rip-rap bank protection
  • Placing broken backing rock, rip-rap bank preparation.
  • Truck dumps large boulders, supplying rock for rip-rap repair.
  • Dump trucks cross Little Creek.
January 22, 2018 - seagazer

This report is primarily an addendum to the report I filed for January 20th (and before) where a rip-rap project has resumed after it was previously halted by strong storm/extremely high and rough surf.


Edit - January 23, 2018 - Starting with image #6, these are added to this report more

  • Temporarily improved beach access
  • site of rip-rap repair
  • Location of rip rap, shoreline armoring.
  • Breaking rock, rip-rap, coastal armoring.
  • Cleaned-off beach, surf-stripped beach, np beach debris.
  • beach access, access made passable, crushed rock access
  • dump trucks on beach, large rock, rip-rap delivered
  • dump trucks on beach
January 20, 2018 - seagazer

The following images identify activities of contractor activity accessing the beach and preparing for a permitted rip-rap project to the north. Also, changes to a septic system repair(?) with changes in the bank. Finally, images that show some of the changes that took place from the extreme wave action more

  • Beach access leveling.
  • Track hoe on beach.
  • Beach access cut at Wakonda Beach.
  • Surf moves large log.
  • Log deposited on bank removed by high surf.
  • Eroding embankment resulting from extreme surf and high tide.
  • Sand shifting on the beach side of a septic system repair.
  • rip-rap, boulders, errosion
  • Unknown fauna.
January 1, 2018 - seagazer
  • Wood chips on beach.
  • Subject log on beach1.
  • subject log on beach2
  • Dear carcass in surf.
  • Seagull feeding on crabs.


June 4, 2017 - bahngarten

14 people enjoying a sunny warm almost cloudless day. Many adult live mole crabs digging in the sand to lay eggs at low tide.  High tide line all along this mile had large amounts of tiny mole crab carcasses along with sand dollar pieces and  scattered dungeness crab parts (all more

March 31, 2017 - seagazer

On March 31, 2017 at 4:30, a dead sea lion washed ashore. It's head was mostly missing with no other observable injuries. The carcas rolled in the surf so all parts were mostly visible. Even parts of the skull is missing. An assumption would be that a boat's propeller more


December 18, 2016 - oceangoer

Beautiful day walking the beach. Only a couple other people walking this afternoon. Observed sea birds beyond the waves. Weather was calm and rain had stopped. Lots of trash at the tide line and in the dunes. Quite a bit of plastic. Filled two bags. One recent dead seal more

  • Beautiful sunset
March 25, 2016 - seagazer

It was a very nice day to be on the beach. This was most evident by the number of people on the beach and the variety of activities that they were doing from digging holes and writing in the sand, playing in the surf, to meeting with strangers, to more

  • There were two similar large masses of rope in two locations on the beach. There are marine life attached to them.
  • Close-up of rope/attached life
  • Flat tire on rim
  • Unknown lifeforms attached to a tire/rim that was found mid-beach
  • More detail of attached life
  • One of two tiny crabs that fell off the tire/rim when I flipped it over.
  • This piece is about the size of a medium-sized kite. It is jammed up in the rocks.
  • Items not normally seen by this observer
  • Plastic items not normally seen on the beach by this observer
  • Combined images of plastic/foam fishing floats
  • One of two 4" plastic fishing floats and one 4" classic glass fishing float
  • Over the past few years, higher tides have been causing the decay of this embankment that was built over building demolition materials.
  • Stairs that have been virtually demolished in this fall's/winter's damaging storms/waves are being replaced
  • There are still smelly remnants of these all along the beach from low to high tide lines


May 19, 2014 - seagazer
While watching the sunset, a round dark object camera into view out in the surf. There were two others at the surf edge watching it too. Soon it came in close enough to be drug up onto the beach. It appears to be a good sized rubber(?) float. On more
  • What looks like a float that has barnacles on the bottom of it came ashore just north of Highway 101 mile marker 159


December 31, 2013 - seagazer
It was a nice, mild and windless morning. Came down to take pictures of the King Tide but was surprised that it was so much lower than last night and the day before.About 3:15, I spotted the ATV on the beach again from our balcony (picture). It was on more
  • Three different lines of high tide described on the photo
  • Piece of wood cut - probably with a chain saw - likely harvesting material for woodworking.
  • This ATV was seen yesterday on the beach and went up and down the beach today at least a half-dozen times with different operators and riders.
  • Mole crabs in the drift line - keys to give sense of size.
  • dead bird in drift line - appears to be somewhat fresh considering how much meat is still on the bones
  • unidentified bird in drift line
  • seagulls feeding on crab at sunset
February 16, 2013 - seagazer
It has been a couple years since I have made a report on this mile. I have not been on the beach much. Today's visit was not complete but I hope that soon I can get back to making full reports. This is not our primary residence. Changes noticed more
  • Someone brought a dead puffin to the top of the Wakonda beach Rd access near where the beach cleanup bags are hung.
  • complete salp found at high water line.


January 1, 2010 - seagazer
We wanted to see what effect high tide driven by storms was doing to the beach and adjacent embankment. Due to how high the water was coming up, we could not get onto the beach to walk our mile so we settled for pictures from above. I took a more
  • The waves are scouring down the surface of the beach
  • Looking south
  • Beach scouring - erosion


November 28, 2009 - seagazer
We walked from the northern edge of Beachside State Park to Little Creek which we did not cross.Considering how nice the weather is today for a late November, there were not a lot of people/dogs on the beach considering the popularity of Beachside State Park. I was unable to more
  • This is looking south from the same location as the pictures taken last December 30th and 31st of Wakonda Beach before and after the mass log landing.
  • This is looking north from the same location as the pictures taken last December 30th and 31st of Wakonda Beach before and after the mass log landing.
  • A dead seal washed ashore on or before 11/25 but now has washed up to the high-tide line near the embankment and is partially buried in the sand.
  • One of three dead sea gulls found on the mile.
  • Some parts of the embankment that seem to be well established have been sloughing off.
  • Increased sloughing of the embankment exposing fill material


December 31, 2008 - seagazer
What we noticed was a small number of both humans and groups of birds who were mostly overflying the beach with few landing. We saw one group (40) of what looked like sanderlings (guess) running the beach as the waves retreated. Mixed within the wood debris were a few shells, more
  • This picture was taken looking north the day before 'the big log landing'. Night was falling so the camera tried to compensate for light so this is a rough image.
  • This picture was taken looking south from Wakonda Beach access.
  • This picture was taken looking north from the Wakonda Beach access road.
  • This picture was taken looking south from the Wakonda Beach access road.
  • A group of sanderlings feeding along the beach
December 30, 2008 - speelyei
Due to constraints, I had to do my mile at almost high tide. I saw 5 people including two small children, 2 dogs, and a lot of accumulated flotsam and jetsam. Some domestic plastic and glass bottles, many with Japanese manufacturers names on them. I found two dead birds more
  • approx 30" x 18", no visible appendages, but I didn't poke around much, either.
  • accumulation on tide line.  Compare with pictures from earlier reports.
  • Dead birds on mile 199, also at N end of mile
October 19, 2008 - speelyei
This morning was calm, clear, and clean, with very little beach activity of any kind. The beach was clean. I saw 3 dungeness crab shells, 40 Western Gulls, a single piece of bull kelp, and a very light accumulation of shells, small rocks, rounded bits of wood, a single more
March 10, 2008 - speelyei
Quiet, uneventful morning on this windswept stretch of more
  • This is at the big stump looking North.  this photo gives a good representation of what most of this mile looks like.
  • Rip rap erosion control on Mile 199