Mile 198

Beachside State Park to Reynolds Creek
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.375175204114
Longitude: -124.091790570980
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), southerly to the Lincoln County-Lane County line (44° 16.5774', Mile 190).
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Beachside State Park to Reynolds Creek
Mile 198 Reports (154)


March 14, 2020 - bahngarten

Hazy 37'  morning with light N breeze.  2 people, 2 dogs walking beach. Beachside campground closed. 1 turkey vulture perched in tree near beach.  About 20 western and 1 ring-billed gull flying along beach.  Broken razor clam shells, mole crab parts, and pebbles on generally clean beach.  Notable was 1 2'X2' block more

February 2, 2020 - bahngarten

Cloudy day, slight SW breeze. 4 people walking along beach.  Notable were larger beached pebbles, 1-3" size along shoreline, along with notable decrease in shells as seen last  month. 1  decomposed carcass, ID from beak and foot was a Northern fulmar.Two plastic bottles and several pieces of plastic collected and removed from more

January 5, 2020 - bahngarten

Cloudy day with mod SW winds, 48'. Of note, mod. amts of razor clam shells, lack of usual small pebbles, many small ( less than 1/4") plastic pieces along driftline, otherwise clean beach.  7 people walking,5 dogs. Usual winter overtopping of winter tides into areas of closed Beachside park campground- leaving some more


December 8, 2019 - bahngarten

Calm,cloudy beach, light breeze from SW. Few seagulls in distance. Crab parts, shells and pebbles at drift line,  We did pick up  some bottle rocket, roman candle debris, otherwise clean beach.

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November 3, 2019 - bahngarten

51' foggy day, moderate winds from NW. 6 people on beach, 2 biking, 4 walking, 2 dogs. clean beach, with pebbles, some crab molt and shell pieces present at tideline. Wildlife- few gulls, about 30-40 sandpipers at tideline( probable Western and sanderlings) moving away from observers. preventing definite ID. more

October 13, 2019 - bahngarten

Cloudy still morning, 8 people 2 dogs walking beach.  Few western gulls and crows foraging. Small pebbles, crab parts and shells at low tide line. Of note is a new home ( frame at this time) being built about 100 ft. south of boundary of Beachside State park campground. It more

September 1, 2019 - bahngarten

Calm cloudy 65' morning, 8 vehicles in parking lot. 19 people, 5 dogs enjoying early morning beach stroll.Beachside campground nearly full. Some brown drying seaweed strands, crab molt, live mole crabs laying eggs in sand near tideline. Some predation by gulls. Clean beach. Fall has more

August 4, 2019 - bahngarten

Calm overcast morning, 59'.  6  people walking beach, 1 dog.  Usual  late summer amounts of brown and green kelp clumps along beach. 1 immature common murre carcass. Of note was large amount of about 5" crab carapaces and legs scattered along tideline. Did not appear to be molt as quite a few more

July 7, 2019 - bahngarten

Warm ( 63') sunny morning with light winds, distant cloud line to West.  17 people 3 dogs enjoying beach.  Mod. amounts Dungeness crab molt and crab parts along driftline. Few western gulls and crows seen.  Of note was an Ultralight flying at about 30-40' altitude over beach- people and more

June 2, 2019 - bahngarten

Light breeze from NW on a cloudy morning. Mod. amounts of Velella velella , pebbles, crab molt, and mole crab carcasses along high tide line. 2 people walking along beach. Notable was one 3 rd. year eagle flying northbound, few crows on beach, several vultures flying. Swainson's thrush songs more

May 5, 2019 - bahngarten

Overcast morning with little breeze, 6 people, 3 dogs walking.  Driftline content lots of  small mole crab parts, few live mole crabs.  Usual summer sand deposition along high tide line up to 3 feet elevation, in places.  Notable were 15 whimbrel at low tideline feeding.  Clean beach.  Quick visit with Beachside park hosts and more

April 14, 2019 - bahngarten

Cloudy 52' afternoon with mod. SW winds.Notable was large wracks and pieces of bull kelp, and other brown seaweed along driftline.  10 lbs garbage- plastic caps, bottles, styrofoam, and plastic debris removed. No pebbles present,  lots of small driftline wood, about half had barnacles attached. Also noted were recent more

March 10, 2019 - bahngarten
Calm, clear 30" morning Beachside campground being prepared for spring break opening. . One walking person on beach. Drift line content- shells, pebbles and some crab, mole crab parts. Over the past 2 years, the ocean debris, that we collects has lessened considerably. Just a few food wrappers and small pieces of plastic removed., No rope, bottles or larger pieces of plastic seen, clean beach!read more
February 13, 2019 - bahngarten

Cloudy afternoon, with light winds from the NW, only 1 person, walking seen on beach during our walk. High winter tide lines to edge of vegetation, with some kelp, wood pieces, shells and pebbles, along with 10 pounds of ocean based plastic, and rope-, removed. Only 1 gull seen more

January 26, 2019 - bahngarten

50' cloudy morning with light breeze from SW. Mod amount broken clam shells, pebbles, along tideline. 9 people walking beach, beachside campground closed, host present. Some sandy erosion present along grassy bluff line with recent king tide and winter storms. several med. size Styrofoam pieces, brown paper, 1 yellow more


December 28, 2018 - bahngarten

Cool, cloudy morning with light SW breeze . Small groups of actively feeding sanderlings along entire tideline. Estimate 250 total. 2 western bulls present, 1 dead bird wing, probable western gull by coloring. 7 people, 2 dogs walking beach. Notable was overtopped in several low lying areas of campground, more

November 4, 2018 - bahngarten

Balmy, cloudy 59" afternoon with light winds from SW.Mole crab body debris, bull kelp-1  large wrack along tide line.  Notable was 1 decomposed Cassin's auklet( ID per foot from COASST book).  Beachside campground closed for winter, but 5 people walking beach. Clean beachread more

October 7, 2018 - bahngarten

Calm, cloudy, hazy morning. 11 people, 5 dogs, running or walking on beach( one runner had a small dog in a backpack).  Driftline content- some kelp, shell pieces, and crab molt. Clean beach.  Intermittent  southbound gulls in  groups- predomintantly immatures. Beachside campground about 1/3 more

September 2, 2018 - bahngarten

Strong  chilly N wind, clear skies- with distant haze over whitecaps at sea.  People, dogs enjoying holiday weekend. Beachside campground full.  Notable was one cormorant carcass, and 1 first year gull carcass- decomposed and partially buried in sand, so specific ID not possible.  Broken shells, sand dollar pieces, pebbles, and mole crab parts. more

July 1, 2018 - bahngarten

Cloudy 61' , light breeze from NW, 15 people, 5 dogs walking or running along beach. 5 cars parked in parking lot, beachside campground full for holiday weekend. Few gulls and crows present along tideline, many 1-2inch clear jellyfish and Dungeness crab casings along tideline. Clean more

June 3, 2018 - bahngarten

Light breeze from the NW, 58 degrees, cloudy morning, 22 people enjoying the beach- walking or sitting, children playing in sand, 7 dogs, 2 fishermen at edge of surf. 2 crows, 1 gull flew over. Surf line content: some bull kelp, mole crab parts and velella velella,- not fresh, pebbles, more

April 1, 2018 - bahngarten

Calm, cloudy morning 46', beginning to rain lightly.  Moderate amounts of very small mole crab carcasses all along high tide line.  8 people 4 dogs, walking.  Shells and pebbles along high tide line.  Notable was a new, in-use, garbage compactor at Beachside State Park campground, clean beach. Campground about 1/2 more

March 4, 2018 - bahngarten

39 degree, calm morning with scattered clouds.   1 person walking.  Beachside campground closed.  1 pair Canada geese flying SE.  Scattered 2-3" Velella velella  at tide line.  Shells and small pebbles along drift line.  Clean more

February 4, 2018 - bahngarten

Quiet foggy morning, slight breeze from NW. Few crows, 1 mature bald eagle  flying S,carrying twig. 5 people, 2 dogs walking.Tideline contents: pebbles, clam and sand dollar pieces, very few small  pieces of plastic removed.  Campground host notified of 1  wet crab bait waxed cardboard box, too heavy  to to more

January 7, 2018 - bahngarten

Calm, cloudy, 46' morning, 1 person, 1 dog walking on beach.  Shells and pebbles on clean beach, only 1 plastic empty garbage sack  removed from beach. Several gulls flying at a distance. Nice conversation with  new camp hosts at closed Beachside State park more


December 10, 2017 - bahngarten

Clear balmy 57' winter day. 1person 1 dog walking on beach.  Clean beach.  Notable were some drifts of cellophane tube worm( Spiochaetopterus costarum), mod. amount finger sized firm clear 4" unidentified sea creatures. ! carcass of western gull, recently predated. Most interesting were about 12-2"X4" clear flat rectangular leathery bodied more

  • Salp-Salpida are free swimming pelagic tunicates belonging to the Class Thaliacea.
November 5, 2017 - bahngarten

Breezy, 48 degree, rainy morning with heavy offshore dark clouds abbreviating our walk, due to earlier thunder and lightning. Beachside campground closed. Beach clean, 2 western gulls at tideline. Small amounts shells, pebbles and occasional bull kelp strands. Sea is rough with whitecaps more

October 1, 2017 - bahngarten

Warm, balmy, partly- cloudy afternoon. 15 people, 11 dogs enjoying beach, sitting or walking. Notable all along the tideline were many thumbnail sized clear jellyfish, large amounts of mole crab parts, and some still alive and laying eggs in the sand., general movement of many first year gulls was northward. more

September 10, 2017 - bahngarten

Sunny calm morning, very calm ocean. Some western seagulls, some young gulls begging for food. Few people and dogs walking on beach.  Pebbles, some crab molt, live mole crabs along beach.  Clean more

August 6, 2017 - bahngarten

Calm,  hazy morning on clean beach, with 9 people walking. Notable was 1 unidentifiable gull carcass, 1 harbor seal carcass, with large wound of abdomen, few small superficial wounds 1-2" about head and neck, no post morten predation apparent. Animal probably dead 1-2 days, little bloating of otherwise normal weight animal. more

July 2, 2017 - bahngarten

Sunny warm clear afternoon with light NW breeze.   50 people enjoying holiday weekend, at and on- the beach, 5 dogs, about 20 kites flying.  Pristine clean beach, with usual summer mole crab parts along high tide line, and some live egg-bearing mole crabs burrowing in sand at water line.Pebbles and more

June 4, 2017 - bahngarten

Warm, sunny day with 14 people walking or sitting on beach.  Low drift line content had many live mole crabs burrowing in sand to lay eggs.  High tide line had many tiny mole crab carcasses, along with sand dollar parts and scattered Dungeness crab parts, all shells were 4-5"..wonder more

May 7, 2017 - bahngarten

Sunny, strong winds from NE.  Wind scoured beach, whimbrels-3 groups feeding along tideline, 36,16,12.  Mod. amounts, decomposed mole crab parts along upper tide lines.9 people 1 dog enjoying the beach, sheltering from the strong winds.  Beach more

April 2, 2017 - bahngarten

Mod. breeze from NW, scattered clouds. 8 people 4 dogs walking.  Moderate amounts of decomposing Velella velella along tideline, some shells, wood, pebbles.  No wildlife beyond a couple crows noted. Beachside campground now open, about 1/3 full.  15 lbs of plastic pieces,  mostly white bottlecaps and small colored plastic pieces removed from our more

March 5, 2017 - bahngarten

Blustery, mod/ to strong SW winds with intermittent rain and sleet. Beach empty, 2 lone Western gulls.  Driftline content shells, pebbles, lots of driftwood pieces, some plastic, rope, 1 unopened can of beer- ( beer emptied) 15 lbs of debris removed from beach.  Beachside campground cleaned up ( winter woody debris) and ready to more

February 12, 2017 - bahngarten

Calm cloudy morning. Nobody on beach.  1 lone mature bald eagle scanning tideline, several gulls and crows present. Driftline contents: many razor clam shells, few strands of bull kelp, some 4" Dungeness crab shells, moderate amounts of wood pieces, some larger logs.  15 lbs of plastic pieces and several bottles removed more

January 15, 2017 - bahngarten

Clear, calm cold morning. 3 people, 1 dog walking. 2 small flocks of possible sanderlings skimming the shoreline.  Small rocks, shells, some crab parts present in drift line. Several drifts of mole crab carcasses present.  Several crabbing boats offshore. Few plastic caps, other plastic debris removed from beach-clean more


December 11, 2016 - bahngarten

Blustery cloudy day with intermittent heavy rain squalls.  2 mature eagles, about 150 feet apart on beach. Large wracks of bull kelp intermittently along beach. Clams shells( razor mostly) along beach.  Significant were small amount of nylon ropes in bull kelp, and one 20 lb tightly clustered piece of green more

November 6, 2016 - bahngarten

After a day( yesterday) of heavy rain, we walked our mile at low tide, which was not low (3.5)- about 100 feet of beach from the bluff to surf. Moderate winds from SW on a balmy 61' day, with 14 people and 4 dogs walking along beach. Large amounts more

October 2, 2016 - bahngarten

Calm morning, beach walk completed ahead of  approaching rain storm from south. 2 people, 2 dogs walking. Beach is scoured and uneven, showing recent storms and moderate high winds in last 2 days. Large amount of very small mole crab parts along tideline, along with Dungeness crab parts, broken clamshells, more

July 3, 2016 - bahngarten

Cloudy NW breezy a.m., 11 vehicles in parking lot, 12 people, 3 dogs walking or running. Beachside campground full. Driftline had moderate amounts small jellyfish parts, along with 3-4" circular intact thin jellyfish. About 12 intact 4-5" female Dungeness crab carcasses, having already laid eggs. 1 scavenging crow. Clean more

June 5, 2016 - bahngarten

Foggy 54' morning, Moderate SW winds, -1.8 tide. 10 people, 2 dogs on beach, 3 with clam guns (apparently not very successful. Moderate amounts of Dungeness parts 2-4+ inches, some clam shells present on generally clean beach. Did note 1 30-40' length of 1" discarded rope. Marked with upright sticks, more

May 1, 2016 - bahngarten

Hot 70' clear day, wind from east. 17 cars in Beachside State Park parking area. 27 people walking, wading, playing with dogs (5), sitting- enjoying a fabulous day. Notable were 17 whimbrels feeding at surf line, and 25+ unidentifiable sandpiper-sized birds- feeding and moving N. Clean beach. Some pebbles more

April 10, 2016 - bahngarten

52' cloudy morning, light NW wind. 9 people, 3 dogs walking. Beachside campground mostly full. Moderate amounts decomposed Velella velella, small mole crab parts, pebbles, and shells (mostly razor clams). 10 lbs. plastic, rope, fishing line removed from our mile. 1 Western gull, decomposed, carcass at driftline. 30+ Western more

March 20, 2016 - bahngarten

Our third Sunday attempt in March to walk our mile. Strong winds from south, rapidly changing weather conditions here in the last week. Beachside campground 1/2 full with spring break vacationers. 4 people, 2 dogs on clean, wind-scoured beach. Few crows flying, no other wildlife present under current weather more

February 7, 2016 - bahngarten

Warm, 62' sunny afternoon, Beachside campground closed, no one on beach, few unidentified gulls at a distance. Again this month, thread-like light-straw colored 3" strands clumped all along beach mile at high tide line. 15 lbs. plastic bottle caps, plastic pieces, 2 plastic bottles, and short pieces of rope more

January 3, 2016 - bahngarten

Cloudy, rainy, temp 39'afternoon, along MP 189 beach. Wind light from NW. Notable were 14 Killdeer, 8 Western sandpipers, 1 ring-billed gull feeding along tideline. Moderate amounts broken sand collars, razor clam shells, other clam shells, wood pieces, and pebbles along tide line. Large amounts tan, fine 2/3"long fiber-like, more


December 13, 2015 - bahngarten

We did a partial walk, even though it was low tide, ocean waves extremely high, tideline within 100 feet of bluff. Heavy flooding of Beachside campground requiring caretaker to move RV. Large amount of woody debris along beach and in campground. 2 bird carcasses- 1 Northern fulmar, 1 Cassin's more

November 8, 2015 - bahngarten more
Cloudy, intermittent showers, slight breeze from SW. 1 well-composed Cassin's auklet carcass, 1 16" brown and cream splotched sunfish carcass at tideline. Moderate amount of mostly whole razor clam shells, broken sand dollars, bits of small mole crabs along tideline. Deserted clean beach. Beachside campground closed for
October 4, 2015 - bahngarten
Slight NW breeze on sunny day. 10 people, 4 dogs walking. Lots of active sand fleas, small wads of green seaweed and eelgrass, broken sand dollars and small pebbles along tide line. Notable was a 4 ft. mounding of sand above tideline creating a 200 ft. long shallow pond more
September 6, 2015 - bahngarten
Light SW breezes with rainy areas present out over the ocean. 35 people, 18-20 dogs enjoying beach-mostly in families or couples, walking or sitting on this holiday weekend. No beach fires noted with fire concern restrictions. Few Ringbill and Western gulls along tideline, some 3-4" Dungeness crab and sand more
August 2, 2015 - bahngarten
Foggy cool calm morning. 20 people, 2 dogs walking beach. 2 Common murre carcasses at tideline, some Western gulls, 1 killdeer feeding along shoreline. Barn swallows hawking heavy amounts of active sand fleas. Drying strands of eelgrass along beach. Clean beach. read more
July 5, 2015 - bahngarten
Calm, somewhat foggy morning. Few Ringbill and Western gulls feeding at shoreline. Moderate amounts of active pink sand shrimp. Barn swallows hawking insects along tideline. About 2 lbs. of firework plastic tubes removed from beach area. read more
June 7, 2015 - bahngarten
Calm glassy ocean surface, almost windless (slight breeze from NW), 54' morning, with heavy inversion mist(haze. 8 Western gulls flying N. 6 people,3 dogs walking. Tideline debris- broken clam and sand collar shells, moderate amounts active sand fleas. Foredunes- blooming beach pea(Lathyrus jajponicus). read more
May 3, 2015 - bahngarten
Calm slightly hazy 40' morning. 12 people, 4 dogs walking. Notable, large amounts of Velella velella at driftline. 2 whimbrels feeding at driftline, small flock of flying unidentified sandpipers, 1 flight of 20 double crested cormorants northbound. Clean beach. read more
April 5, 2015 - bahngarten
Mild winds from SW, cloudy dark morning. 6 people, 3 happy dogs walking beach. Moderate amounts of broken sand dollars (no wasting disease seen), clam shells, small pieces of driftwood. NO velella velella seen. Few gulls present. Beachside State Park 3/4 full- spring break! 10 lbs. plastic debris removed from beach. read more
March 1, 2015 - bahngarten
Sunny day with moderate N.E. winds. 16 people, 3 dogs walking. 12 bleached small bird ribcages above high tide line (believe we counted these two months ago). Large group unidentified seagulls on sand, at Big Creek outlet. Abundant clam, Dungeness crab and sand dollar pieces, small sticks and pebbles more
February 15, 2015 - bahngarten
63' warm balmy sunny day in February! Wind moderate from NE. 20 people enjoying the beaches, on long holiday weekend.Lots of broken sand dollar and razor clam shells, small pebbles and sticks recently washed ashore from recent high windstorm 1 week ago. Some seagulls flying at a distance. 2 more
January 11, 2015 - bahngarten
Calm cloudy a.m. Significant dead animals were 64 Cassin's auklets, 1 Brandt's cormorant, 5 unidentified slightly larger seabirds, 1 unidentified tubenose, 1 well-decomposed carcass of small-to medium-sized sea lion. 15 lbs. of plastic pieces (and no yellow crab bait ties)removed from beach. read more


December 7, 2014 - bahngarten
Calm overcast morning. Bird carcasses at tide line, 4 Northern fulmar, 5 Common murre, 3 unidentifiable birds, 1 Black turnstone. 1 50+ flight of sandpiper-size birds, few Western gulls and crows. Moderate amount of razor clam shells, plastic debris, several plastic bottles, 1 crab pot float. Significant was 12-15 yellow nylon crab bait straps. 30+ lbs garbage more
November 1, 2014 - bahngarten
Light SW breeze, cloudy morning, with light drizzle. 1 immature bald eagle flying N, 12+ Ringbill gulls at tide's edge. 9 people, 4 dogs walking. Moderate amounts of razor clam shells. Several 8-10" clear jellyfish, broken sand dollars, 3-4" Dungeness crab shells, and pebbles along beach. Two large wracks of bull kelp. Clean more
October 5, 2014 - bahngarten
Clear calm autumn morning, 11 people, 5 dogs walking beach. Moderate amount of clear half-dollar- sized jellyfish along tideline. 1 carcass common murre in sand. Shells, sand fleas, and small pebbles along tideline. read more
September 7, 2014 - bahngarten
Slight NW wind, hundreds of Western and Ringbill gulls, many juveniles, 1 winter-plumage Black- bellied plover feeding heavily on mostly dead insects. Tideline black with tiny black (1 pair yellowish transparent wings) insects. 2 common murre adult carcasses along tideline. 6 people, 2 happy dogs walking. No debris, clean beach with some green kelp strands. read more
August 3, 2014 - bahngarten
West breeze with hazy fog bringing moderate amounts of "By-the-wind sailors" and some green seaweed to high tideline. 1000+ mixed Dunlin, Sanderling, and Western sandpipers feeding entire length of tide line. 100+ semipalmated plovers also feeding at tideline. 6 people and 1 dog walking. 1 dead 4" sand lance(?)fish in tidal debris. read more
July 6, 2014 - bahngarten
Sunny calm morning. Many footprints in sand, denoting heavy holiday weekend usage. Many Velella velella (by-the-wind sailors) at high tide line. Dungeness and mole crag parts, small pebbles, some seaweed along beach. 1 carcass adult Common murre. 15+ Ringbills, 1 Western gull feeding at tideline.Minimal human garbage removed from beach. read more
June 1, 2014 - bahngarten
Calm, cloudy morning. Moderate amount of sand fleas, small pebbles and shells. 4 large unidentified shorebirds at some distance, flew away. 1 site-protective killdeer feeding at shoreline, then flew up to grassy dune area twice. 7 people 4 dogs walking beach. Clean beach. read more
May 4, 2014 - bahngarten
Strong blustery winds and rain, and blowing sand from Southwest shortened our monthly walk. Few Western gulls and starlings on beach, no human activity, no signs of tsunami debris, clean beach. read more
April 6, 2014 - bahngarten
Drizzly, foggy morning. Clam and crab parts, pebbles along beach. Significant lack of driftwood at high tide line. Six people and two dogs walking.Note: Orca pod seen off Yachats 4/2 and 4/5, by me and other locals.Decaying corpse of baby grey whale found 4/4 near Patterson State park (S.of Waldport) more
March 2, 2014 - bahngarten
Strong blustery winds from SW, light rain, cloudy morning. Beach deserted other than few gulls at tideline. Small sticks, razor clam shell pieces, pebbles on beach. Clean beach. A winter more
February 2, 2014 - bahngarten
Overcast calm morning, 4 people walking.Notable 1 mature bald eagle flying north.Few Western seagulls and crows along beach.Moderate amounts of small pebbles, various clam shell parts, 1 dead four-armed sea star, 2 dead mole crabs. Clean more
January 5, 2014 - bahngarten
1 wary coyote made a hasty retreat into the tall dune grass. Few western gulls,1 ringbill gull, crows. Clam shells, pebbles, 1 jellyfish along drift line. Clean beach, clear beautiful winter morning with light winds from the more


December 1, 2013 - bahngarten
Storm with moderate winds and rain arriving from the SW. Temp. 53'. Beach swept clean by tidal surges; few gulls noted flying. Beachside State Park campground closed- no activity on beach. Winter has arrived!read more
November 3, 2013 - bahngarten
Calm, but cloudy morning, with intermittent light rain. 5 people walking beach. Few mew gulls, 1 killdeer, 1 Red-necked juvenile phalarope along tideline foraging. Some strands of bull kelp, sea palms, and eel grass. Several 4-8" clear jellyfish parts, 3-4" Dungeness crab backs. Moderate winter sand deposits on upper beach. Clean beach. read more
October 6, 2013 - bahngarten
Clear calm morning, 9 people, 4 dogs walking on beach. 11 dead common murres (3-6 days) found along high tide line of last week storms. 9 Canadian geese flying southbound, small flock of unidentified sandpiper sized birds in flight. Some Western and few ring bill gulls on beach. A more
September 1, 2013 - bahngarten
Beachside campground full, beach footprints indicated much human/dog usage. Clean beach. Balmy morning, some Ring-billed and Western gulls, crows along tideline. Dungeness crab parts and small jellyfish present along tideline. read more
August 4, 2013 - bahngarten
Misty, cool, foggy morning. Clean beach though much obvious recreational foot traffic. 1 puddling Ring-billed gull in a sandy tidal pool, a few Western gulls, 2 Turkey vultures feeding on skeletal remains of small sea lion, 1 small plover(probably semi-palmated) with 4 Western sandpipers feeding along tidal edge. Tidal more
July 7, 2013 - bahngarten
Calm cloudy morning, low tide. 6 people walking or sitting. Pebbles, moderate amounts of smaller Dungeness crab parts. Clean beach, only a few pieces of plastic- mostly chip bags, ziplock bags removed. Solve debris bags available at beach entry points, noted at Beachside campground. read more
June 2, 2013 - bahngarten
Moderate winds from the NW. Several gull concentrations of 35-70 on beach. Clean beach, pebbles, immature 3-5" Dungeness crab parts in the driftline, and a few mole crab carcasses. 7 people, 1 dog walking on beach. read more
May 5, 2013 - bahngarten
15 people, 4 dogs enjoying an early a.m. walk/run on this sunny beach. 1 Caspian Tern plunging beyond surfline for food. Almost continual northbound flights of small sandpipers--10-50 per group, at shoreline. Third day of this continuous migration in early morning. Mole crab parts showing at high tide line. more
April 14, 2013 - bahngarten
Calm morning with intermittent heavy showers from NW. Moderate amount of broken razor clam shells, some 4-5" dungeness crab backs. 3 bird carcasses, 1 common murre and 2 unidentified parts of dark- winged birds. Moderate amount of sand deposits all along beach. Small amount plastic bottles, styrofoam pieces, rope more
March 17, 2013 - bahngarten
12 people,4 dogs on beach. 1 carcass northern fulmar. Large amount razor clam shell parts and small pebbles. Reported ( Beachside park ranger) large propane(?)tank and 1 small tire with rim, covered with green algae in upper tide line. Removed about 10 lbs small rope,plastic bottles and bottle caps, more
February 3, 2013 - bahngarten
Quiet calm morning, few gulls present, no people. Moderate amounts of razor clams shells and bull kelp wracks present throughout this mile. Small bag of plastic pieces, one plastic water bottle removed. Large amounts of logs and woody debris at high tide line, most had been at sea for more
January 6, 2013 - bahngarten
1 carcass of grebe (bill, neck length and feet). 1 partial unidentified bird carcass. Modest amount of razor clam shells, bull kelp (loose and in wracks), small wooden pieces and larger logs along high tide line. Few people, 1 dog out walking. Small amount of plastic- bottles,tops, stryofoam removed more


December 2, 2012 - bahngarten
Unable to access beach for more than 200 feet, due to Beachside parking and camground flooding and high creek levels across beach. 1 japanese label plastic water bottle removed. Large wracks of bull kelp more
November 4, 2012 - bahngarten
Large amounts of sand deposited along foredunes, usual for this time of year, with recent storms. Large amounts of nickel-sized, clear jellyfish along high tide line. Clean beach, little activity--1 person, a few Western more
October 7, 2012 - bahngarten
Quiet, calm, sunny morning. 1 bicycler, 3 people 1 dog. Little change between high and low tides, neaptide. Pebbles, few razor clam shells, crab parts. Clean more
September 2, 2012 - bahngarten
Sunny calm morning. Notable were 9 whimbrels feeding, 6 unidentified fast-flying sandpipers, 1 grey whale spouting near offshore. Shoreline content: small wood pieces, crab and jellyfish parts, small pebbles. 25 people, 8 dogs enjoying a morning beachwalk. Beach has many footprints, evidence of heavy usage this holiday weekend, but absolutely clean. read more
August 5, 2012 - bahngarten
Calm morning, 1 C. Murre freshly dead, 2 ravens feeding on carass. 1 Western gull carcass.Ladybug beetles at high tide line. Much sand at higher tide lines, with sea rocket seedlings happily growing. Numerous human and dog footprints indicating heavy beach more
July 1, 2012 - bahngarten
12 people, 4 dogs enjoying beach- walking or running. 1 common murre carcass, 1 dried skate carcass 12-14". Many pieces of styrofoam, 12 bottles, 3 were glass (markings in English). Modest amount of crab backs 4-5", legs; body parts, when identifiable were female. About 40 lbs of bottles and styrofoam, more
June 10, 2012 - bahngarten
1 killdeer moving about, 5 decomposed birds, 2 probable common loons( bird size,feet/bill ID), 2 common murres, 1 unidentified. Some 4-5" Dungeness crab backs(molt?), scant other body parts. Small pebbles, sand fleas abundant. Sunny calm morning. read more
May 13, 2012 - bahngarten
Beautiful sunny morning, not much human activity, though Beachside campground almost full. Large amounts of sand have been deposited along entire mile, much of it covering the winter's driftwood. Sand patterns denote north winds for the last few more
April 8, 2012 - bahngarten
Calm overcast morning. Beachside SP 1/2 full of campers/RVs. Large amounts of larger logs and woody debris along high tide line. 3 southbound Canada geese. Some larger razor clam shells on beach. Small amount plastic and rope debris more
March 4, 2012 - bahngarten
Beautiful sunny 52' day with Mod winds from NW. Mod amount of bull kelp and larger razor clam shells. NOTABLE were bird carcasses: 5 rhinoceros auklets, 6 tufted puffins, 1 common murre, and 9 unidentified birds. Heavy deposits of logs and woody debris along high tide line. Eleven people more
February 5, 2012 - bahngarten
Beautiful calm afternoon, large amounts of driftwood at high tide line- many larger logs including fir, maple and alder. Near S. end of 198 were moderate amounts of logs that had been chainsawed up into rounds, and piled- ? for removal. No tire tracks present, but beach houses nearby.10 more
January 8, 2012 - bahngarten
Calm, sunny day 52'. Notable was the carcass of one tufted puffin in driftline, identifiable by beak, dark plumage overall, orange feet.1 runner with dog. Small amount of large razor clam shells on beach, clean beach. Few Western gulls present at Big more


December 11, 2011 - bahngarten
Quiet calm, overcast morning. No beach activity. 2 gulls, 2 dead adult common murres, 1 crow or raven carcass. Several wracks of bull kelp. Shells and small rocks along beach. Clean more
November 6, 2011 - bahngarten
Noted 1 resting adult common murre 80' above low tide line. Approached and gently picked up bird. No injuries noted, breast fat present, bird vocally protested and tried briefly to bite. Returned past first row of breakers, and did not see the bird 1 hour later on return. 3 more
October 2, 2011 - bahngarten
Southwest light breeze. Clean Beach, various clam shells, small pebbles present. 20 mixed ring billed and western gulls resting on beach.15 brown pelicans flying southbound. 2 people, 3 dogs more
September 4, 2011 - bahngarten
Quiet calm morning with some fog. 4 Willets noted both flying and feeding at shoreline edge. Footprint evidence of significant human/dog usage. Notable was significant sand deposit sloping upwards back to vegetation line, leaving small lagoons near shoreline. Unusual for this time of more
August 7, 2011 - bahngarten
Clean beach. Footprints, bicycle tracks, and sand castle building, show heavy usage by summer visitors. Beachside State campround nearly full. Evidence of multiple beach fires, appropriately extinguished. Few gulls more
July 3, 2011 - bahngarten
Calm, cloudless morning. 12 people enjoying the beach, 3 clamming. 3 Caspian Terns in flight several crows and ravens on beach. 3 bird carcasses,2 unidentifiable, 1 common murre.Beach clean, few pieces of plastic - bottle caps, small pieces of rope and fishing line, several aluminum cans near campfire removed from more
June 5, 2011 - bahngarten
Overcast, calm morning with few people on beach. Clean beach, few crab shell pieces, small pebbles. 1 black albatross carcass clear ID with bill intact. 1 unidentified gull more
May 8, 2011 - bahngarten
2 whimbrels,5 barn swallows,ring billed and western gulls, about 50+ Western sandpipers feeding at shoreline.1 common murre carcass.Dune excavation noted and reported to State Park Employee (Beachside state pk/campground.), who will look at it, and report to Tony Stein. Prevous " stay of the dunes" signage on this grassy more
April 3, 2011 - bahngarten
Calm sunny morning. People and dogs out walking on the beach. Notable was a 3' foredune of sand on south quarter end of mile 198- perhaps Tsunami related. No significant bird life noted. 10 lbs of plastic, bottle, and debris removed from more
March 6, 2011 - bahngarten
Sunny, calm morning. 4 people, 1 dog walking. Some broken clam shells, bull kelp, small rocks along driftline. 10 lbs plastic, rope removed from more
February 6, 2011 - bahngarten
quiet foggy morning, some dungeness crab shell molt, razor clam shells, eel grass. plastic debris- mostly bottles, caps, lighters, toothbrushes removed from beach. Southbound gulls in small groups. 7 elk noted across from entrance to Beachside State more
January 9, 2011 - bahngarten
Very cloudy, intermittent rain squalls, little wind this am. Numerous bird carcasses-6 unidentified, 2 shearwaters,5 murres, 1 gull probably western or mew. None were freshly deceased, nor predated. Surfline debris was mostly razor clam shells, small woody debris, deteriorated bull kelp, about 15 shotgun shell casings, small pieces of more


December 12, 2010 - bahngarten
Strong south winds, temp 59' broken cloud cover. Evidence of high winter tide line, but no noticeable erosion of bank. Mod amounts broken shells, rocks and logs along tideline, little human debris bottles and plastic pieces more
November 7, 2010 - bahngarten
Calm, scattered clouds, nice morning,5 people 1 dog walking. 6 bird carcasses- 3 Northern fulmar,2 Common murre, 1 grebe, unable to discern which grebe species. Moderate amounts of bull kelp, sea palms, razor clam shells. Small amount plastic garbage and rope pieces more
October 10, 2010 - bahngarten
The action of steady wind has created mini valleys on the upper shore. Very little animal casings or shell material. Two large bull kelp beds and one dead Common Murre. There was little humnan caused more
September 2, 2010 - bahngarten
A beautiful sunny warm afternoon, with families out enjoying the beach,(sand castles,kite flying, walking, and just sitting.) Cleaned one doused fire remains of metal beer cans, and 1 broken beer bottle in front of private home. Minimal ocean debris picked more
August 1, 2010 - bahngarten
A very clean beach, but also little bird life showing. Broken shell debris from razor clams. Cedar Waxwings in Beachside State Park. The campground was more
July 3, 2010 - bahngarten

Light, broken cloud cover, 58'. People, dogs, and children enjoying the holiday weekend. Beachside campground almost full. Clean beach. Pebbles, razor clam shells, few mole crab parts along more

June 6, 2010 - bahngarten
We removed about 20 lbs of plastics, styrofoam,etc, and reported a dorm sized refrigerator that was on the beach. We reported this to the camprground management at Beachside State Park. The refrigerator had several bullet holes in it and still had some insulationread more
May 2, 2010 - bahngarten
10 adults walking with 4 dogs. Driftline, 1 skate eggcase with barnacles. 3 groups of 30-40 Western Sandpipes flying northbound. One flight of 80 quiet geese also northbound. 50 lbs garbage removed from beach- plastic bottles, plastic debris, few glass bottles, short pieces of rope, many pieces of 8-10" 3/8" plastic tubing,toothbrush and numerous bottle tops. read more
April 11, 2010 - bahngarten
We carried out 50 pounds of litter--mostly Japanese current based. The content was a mix of plastics, styrofoam, and heavier than usual glass more
March 7, 2010 - bahngarten
Nothing notable this morning small amount of rope,string, plastic pieces removed from beach. 10 people, 3 dogs enjoying light breezes on beach. Small rocks and older razor clam shells scattered on beach, no significant changes in driftwood accumulation, or foredune erosionread more
February 7, 2010 - bahngarten
Wide distribution of logs along banks from high surf. One dead California Sea Lion. About 150 Sanderling foraging at more
January 3, 2010 - bahngarten
About 25 lbs, of plastic, styrofoam, fishing line, plastic bottles, and 1 crab pot buoy removed from beach. 25 western sandpipers feeding at water's edge. Coyote (healthy) noted in parking area across from closed Beachside park more


December 6, 2009 - bahngarten
A cold wind chill factor this morning. The beach was clean. Four eagles gathered and devoured a small dead fish. The eagles remained as we left the more
November 1, 2009 - bahngarten
Lovely calm sunny morning with 15 walkers with 4 dogs. 300+ sanderlings feeding at ocean edge, 300 Western gulls resting at Big creek. 1 "V" flight southbound of 35 of double crested cormorants. Driftline few mounds of bull kelp, scattered pebbles, clean more
October 11, 2009 - bahngarten
Two dead Murre, one dead Northern Fulmar(probable). A fine plastic string was scaattered throughout the mile. We bagged what we could as more
September 7, 2009 - bahngarten
One common murre carcass found in high tide line, Moderate amounts of bull kelp in mounds along beach. Western and ring billed gulls seen. Beach very clean and being enjoyed by about 15 people, 3 dogs present. read more
August 1, 2009 - bahngarten
People and dogs enjoying early morning beach walks. Few gulls, western and ringbills, 6 Western sandpipers. Mod. amounts of bull kelp, sea palm, green seaweed on beach. Clean beach with one exception of aluminum cans/ plastic glassware left at beach fire site. (Removed from beach) at Beachside state more
July 12, 2009 - bahngarten
Heavy amounts of shell casings left from last months dungeness crab die-off. Beach was clean--little more
June 14, 2009 - bahngarten
Huge ( 1000+) amounts of dead male Dungeness crabs along surf edge. Most had 4-5inch backs.Only one female carcass seen. Otherwise clean beach, considerable footprint activity- sand castles, forts made of driftwood more
May 1, 2009 - bahngarten
I saw no man made changes nor poor environmental behavior. Several families were already arriving to camp for the weekend. The winter has left copious amounts of driftwood. Had a Pacific Loon sighting at Big Creek. Packed off 5 lbs of more
April 5, 2009 - bahngarten
Calm sunny morning with 12 people and 4 dogs walking/running on the beach. Large rolls of bull kelp intermittently found along mile. 1-3ft. square of styrofoam (float) wrapped in netting and plastic removed from beach and left at Beachside State Park refuse site,(ranger notified). Pebbles, 1-2" abundant along tide more
March 8, 2009 - bahngarten
The tide seemed way in for mid transition to a 7.9 level, even considering moderately strong wstern and northern winds and the change to daylight savings time. Lots of detritus from sea foam heaped close to the banks. No shore birds, but did observe western gulls in flight, Fairly more
February 8, 2009 - bahngarten
Large amounts of driftwood near high tide line. Most were larger trees with some roots attached and appeared to have been in the ocean for some time. Large amounts of 4-6" brownish jellyfish all along beach mile. Small amounts 2-3" razor clam shells present. Small amount of plastic, fishlines, more
January 4, 2009 - bahngarten
Huge amounts of wood debris from river flooding, primarily. One dead Cormorant and two unidentifiable dead birds. Hauled off 50 lbs of more


December 7, 2008 - bahngarten
Clean beach, some 4" razor clam shells, pebbles. 2 ringbill and few western more
November 2, 2008 - bahngarten
A rough, windy morning, but a relatively clean, untroubled beach, at least by appeaarances. One dead squid is more
October 5, 2008 - bahngarten
5 bird carcasses: 1 banded common murre (reported to USFG (Roy Lowe)(3 unmarked orange bands L. leg), 2 Western Grebes,1 sooty shearwater(identified with COASST manual), 1 common murre(unbanded). 2 Western grebes stranded in sand, (plumage very wet from high seas?)- removed to calm creek waters nearby. Heerman and ring more
September 1, 2008 - bahngarten
Three dead Common Murre, launching a live Murre back to sea, and little beach litter were more
August 3, 2008 - bahngarten
Beach clean, 5 whimbrels feeding on Mole crabs, several 4.5" backed dead female dungeness crabs noted. 20+ people,4 dogs, enjoying summer beach weather. 2 clamming,1 bicycler,1 kite more
July 6, 2008 - bahngarten
8 whimbrels feeding at shoreline near Big Creek. Generally a very clean beach, small amount of fireworks debris removed from beach. Mod amt.s Dungeness crab parts, mole crabs, a few olive snails observed in sand near drift line. No further sightings of last month's old car chassis (embedded in sand) more
June 15, 2008 - bahngarten
Heavy amounts of mole crab on the beach, Whimbrel dining on molecrab, Caspian Tern flying north. Sited an upside down car chassis with all four wheels and tires still intact and reported it to State more
May 4, 2008 - bahngarten
Very clean beach. 200 sanderlings, 8 whimbrels actively feeding on mole crabs, and other small sand more
April 6, 2008 - bahngarten
There was not much litter to pick up, partly thanks to SOLV, but we did have a large styrofoam chunk, a big light bulb, and ssmall entanglements of fishing line. Although we could not identify several of our dead birds, they may be important by number...perhaps related to late more
February 10, 2008 - bahngarten
A 1.3 tide allowed us to see stumpage of old trees, perhaps tsunami victims. The berms of clay and sandstone showed like little cabins in the woods. We only observed one species of bird--Western Gull. Betty and I packed out about 25 lbs of litter--primarily ocean based debris. We more
January 20, 2008 - bahngarten
Moderate+ erosion of sand/clay foredunes with vegetation lost, some movement of rip rap rocks. Mod. amount of razor/ other clam shells on beach, along with scattered rocks. 20 lbs of garbage- plastic pellets, fishing line/rope, bits of stryofoam floats removed. Beach bed ( to 60 ft. out) had no sand, more


December 9, 2007 - bahngarten
In addition to the above comments,we observed copious amounts of bottle caps among our litter.(plastic)Fishing line was present in small amounts for this time of year. We packed out about 15 pounds of trash--primarily plastics and more
November 4, 2007 - bahngarten
Significant # of resting gulls, brown pelicans at Big creek. Sanderlings feeding along surf line. Eel Grass consistently along hi tide line, mod amount of brown tinged jellies-4"to 10" size. Smoldering beach fire in sand, with volleyball net nearby, much foot traffic here in last 24 hr. Clean more
October 7, 2007 - bahngarten
Interesting find of Northern more
September 9, 2007 - bahngarten
Beautiful morning, few winged orange termites drifting to beach. Clean beach enjoyed by all. 09/02/07 9:50-10:15 am, dragonfly migration to S.( warm sunny day, E. wind) Yachats Community park, 1 block from ocean. Count- 103/3 min. Orange winged and bodied(guessing it was sympetrum a meadowhawk?) Reported to Range Bayer. Bread more
August 2, 2007 - Slockyar
We packed off only about two pounds of plastics - bottles & caps primarily, in garbage. Beachside State campground was full to more
July 22, 2007 - bahngarten
Unusual amount of actively foraging shorebirds. Recent bloody predation on two of 2 adult common murres. Eagles, maybe? They are seen in area- breast predation only. Two garbage sacks of plastic,lighters, toothbrushes, styrofoam, plastic and glass bottles(some with oriental markings) removed. moderate amounts of sea palms in surf more
June 3, 2007 - bahngarten
Razor clamming activity. Most are not getting limit (15), most clams are small 3-4+". Sparse digging efforts in hardpacked sand areas, none in surf. Moderate numbers of dead mole crabs; and dungeness crab pieces and backs 3-5" size. Few Olive snails in sand laying more
May 5, 2007 - bahngarten
My first try at this report, it was not difficult.Very actively feeding shorebirds as noted. Beachside state park/campground,(point of entry) mostly more
April 1, 2007 - Slockyar
The campground was pretty full of spring vacationers. There was typical charred wood on the beach from campfire circles. We removed about ten pounds of debris from the beach. Amount was small, possibly because of recent SOLV Beach more
March 8, 2007 - bahngarten
Again this month, one set of tire tracks, coming and going on this more
February 4, 2007 - bahngarten
Large, copious kelp beds we observed earlier this winter ae now very dehydrated beds of rope. Some fishing rope is entwined in them. On the beach at Beachside State Park, at surf side, we saw Western Sandpipers for as far as we could look to the north -- perhaps more
January 14, 2007 - bahngarten
Some high surf erosion of dune plants, and regreat of bluff. It is in a signed "closure" area, about midway of the mile. Photos taken. It does not aplp[ear to be major erosion, just more