Mile 190

Captain Cook Pt, Cooks Chasm, Cape Perpetua SRA, Cape Cr
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.277845121626
Longitude: -124.113265341170
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Lincoln County-Lane County line (44° 16.5774', Mile 190), southerly to the Siuslaw River (44° 00.9720', Mile 170).
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), southerly to the Lincoln County-Lane County line (44° 16.5774', Mile 190).
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Captain Cook Pt, Cooks Chasm, Cape Perpetua SRA, Cape Cr
Mile 190 Reports (34)


December 26, 2019 - LyndaC

A beautiful day at the coast at Cape Perpetua, very strong winds, tide remains high 2 hours following high tide, Devils Churn full of water, foam whipped to consistency of whipped cream.   Cape Cove beach remained covered by water 2 hours after high tide.   Many people enjoying more

February 10, 2019 - oldMGguy

I normally don't report on Mile 190 but since I've been a volunteer naturalist/interpretive ranger at Cape Perpetua since 2008, I can report on those things that have been changing over the years.  I walk the Captain Cook , Cape Cove, and Restless Waters trails every Sunday.  Since the more

  • View of south half of Mile 190 from Cook's Chasm Overlook
  • Thor's Well from Cook's Chasm Overlook
  • Warning sign and Spouting Horn
  • Warning sign
  • Tide pool access trail damage
  • Spouting Horn lower observation platform
  • Temporary repairs to Cape Cove Trail
  • New safety signs
  • Driftwood logs at Cape Creek
  • Damaged asphalt trail surfaces
  • Bench at the north end of Mile 190


December 26, 2018 - LyndaC

Visited the ocean December 26th, a damp, showery day with small number of visitors.   Waves strong, brisk breezeread more

  • Entrance to Devil's Churn Cape Perpetua
  • Taking in the power of the surf-Cove Beach CP
  • Pigeon Guillemot
March 10, 2018 - LyndaC

Beautiful day at the beach, large number of people enjoying nature. Parking at Cooks Chasm and Devils Chum, only four parking spaces more


December 17, 2017 - oldMGguy

I have been a volunteer naturalist ranger, trail crew, trash-picker-upper at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area since 2008.  I have never seen wave-tossed driftwood logs launched so high into the creek-side underbrush salal before.  Some of the logs are 6-8 feet above the regular winter driftwood log collection at more

  • King tide driftwood logs in the salal brush.
  • Huge driftwood log tossed upward into salal at Cape Creek, Cape Perpetua.
July 18, 2017 - LyndaC

A beautiful July day, the coast  being enjoyed by a large number of people, Devil's Churn parking lot filled.  We visited at low tide, 0.7 enabling us to walk far out on beach and rewarded by seeing at least 50 seastars.    Next day we visited Neptune beach again at more

  • seastars at Cape Cove beach.
June 4, 2017 - LyndaC


a beautiful day, and a large number of visitorsread more

  • Healthy sea star


April 12, 2016 - LyndaC

The rock walls appear to have been scoured of small blue mussels and the only sea star noted was in a depression at the top of a rock at the western edge of the beach, which also appeared to be part of a healthy community with anemone. A discussion more

April 1, 2016 - LyndaC

A beautiful few days at the coast with strong waves which prevented me getting to rocks to check for barnacles/sea stars. Wave action continues to move logs about on the Cape Cove beach and Cape Cove stream now reaches beach slightly southward I was able to remove a good more


November 26, 2015 - LyndaC

A large number of people enjoying a gorgeous holiday at the coast. Waves splashing high on headland in front of Cape Perpetua visitor center, huge surges into Devils Churn. Cook's Chasm filling with wave surges, and the blowhole at that site sending up huge plumes. Logs at Cape Cove more

September 2, 2015 - LyndaC
Initially cloudy with a bit of drizzle, becoming a sunny, pleasant dayWith Fawn Custer and student, at Cape Cove beach rock noted for future low tide observations and sea star survey performed. >15 animals noted, all but one rated healthy, one with small lesion of one arm. Beach clean, more
July 29, 2015 - LyndaC
Gloriously sunny but very windy week at the coast. A large number of visitors in all areas, heavy traffic. Visitors walking on paths, climbing rocks. Happy to see seastars at Cape Cove beach, appear healthy, 12 individuals, plus a group in water, too numerous to count.7 dead murres found more
April 21, 2015 - LyndaC
Astounding number of seastars, 52! where previously none seen. Appeared plump and healthy, in clusters and singly.Plastic pieces in wrack line >1/2", larger than usual.Vela Vela, clumps of dead, but fewer than other locations we had visitedread more
  • And plump and healthy.   Seen 4/18, finally sending this photo.


November 29, 2014 - LyndaC
Wet and windy Thanksgiving weekend. Unable to explore the beach very well due to very strong wave more
  • on a short stretch of beach, pieces of plastic.  But too many tiny bits of plastic to gather
October 7, 2014 - LyndaC
A grey day at the coast, but a good number of people enjoying the more
September 5, 2014 - LyndaC
92 degrees at Devils Churn parking area! Cape Creek easy to cross - not much water at presentFewer seagulls noted, 4 sea stars appeared to be healthy, solitary, no clusters8 unleashed dogs on beach area, but under good control of owners, enjoying the day and respectful of other visitors.Wrack more
August 18, 2014 - LyndaC
Heavy tourist traffic in the area and many people enjoying a day that began cool and foggy with sun breaking out and giving us a pleasant day. A group of Chinese tourists were led by volunteer Ranger. Surf was churning up much sand. We did note 4 sea stars more
August 4, 2014 - LyndaC
Was told by assistant Ranger at Devils Church that a "neatly" decapitated raccoon was found there early in the morning. No explanation offered.Area remarkably free from trash - ?? other volunteers ?? park serviceread more
June 22, 2014 - oldMGguy
I have been a volunteer trail/beach naturalist at Cape Perpetua since 2008. Our tide pools are historically well populated with 1000's of ocher sea stars, occasional sun star.With the recent alarm over the sea star wasting disease, I walked thru our popular tide pools rocky complex today to inventory more
May 7, 2014 - LyndaC
Quiet day at mile 190. Two bags of trash collected, mostly empty bottles, few pieces of Styrofoam. Surf and wind was low.Collected one 8" float with shells imbedded, photo will be sent. No evidence of tsunami debris notedread more
January 26, 2014 - LyndaC
King tides were to occur January 30, however due to predicted rain at that time, we elected to enjoy sunshine so went on the 28th. Tide was predicted at 8.4, and we were there 3 hrs before high tide. Waves were still strong at noon, so unable to see more
  • intact bird at Cove beach
  • 3 hours to high tide, but waves still strong


November 10, 2013 - LyndaC
Waves higher than I expected, was glad I took the precaution of not going down onto sand as was surprised by an incoming wave which went higher up onto rocks than I had anticipated. Since I stayed further back, noted small bits of Styrofoam (too small to pick up) more
  • Foggy in the Willamette Valley, but glorious sun at the beach.   Despite being 1 hr away from low tide, waves very strong and surf high.
September 26, 2013 - LyndaC
Beautiful sunny day and many people in the areaLow tide point was very high and our time on the beach was quite limited. We found very little trash until we walked the final portion of the mile along Highway 101 where there is significantly more to pick more
August 13, 2013 - LyndaC
This was my first walk on the mile, with visiting daughter. Was unsure of actual end of mileTide cleans out this area quite more


June 10, 2010 - mbbsmile
The trail to Cape Cove is so overgrown that the two sides are almost touching. Lots of ferns, horsetail and huge skunk cabbage. New wooden signs with the names of trails or sites to see. Very black sky and occasional showers. The most litter I've ever seen on this more
March 18, 2010 - mbbsmile
A beautiful windy day. The paved trail is in great shape. Cape Cove continues to have lots of large logs near the shore and along the inlet. Good Fortune cove had no water even though it was high tide. It so happend the highway dept was clearing sand from more


December 4, 2009 - mbbsmile
My first time walking my mile. Very little beach to walk on but wonderful walk way which gives access to the rocky beaches and coves. Pelicans in flight traveling south. Cape Cove jam-packed with large more
  • Large drainage pipe runs under the paved sidewalk heading south toward spouting horn on the Captain Cook Trail.
  • Looks like something that will prevent erosion along the walkway, very close to the drainage pipe
  • Cape Cove inlet and the logs down to the beach.
  • Cape Cove and the logs.


June 27, 2008 - svenbrean
Beautiful sunny day. Lots of people walking the shorelines and trails at Cape more
March 22, 2008 - svenbrean
Beautiful sunny day and lots of folks out taking a look. The spouting horn at Cook's Chasm was putting on a more
February 9, 2008 - Ranger
The effects of recent heavy surf were evident. A lot more flotsam in the redistributed drift wood and much less sand on the pocket more


December 22, 2007 - Ranger
Bluff sloughing is close to undercutting the access trail adjacent to Highway 101. Situation was reported to USFS at CPVC.Weather and sea conditions made it dangerous to access the southern portion of Mile 190. No observations below Cooks more
September 29, 2007 - svenbrean
For a cloudy post-Labor day week end there were quite a few folks out enjoying the more
April 1, 2007 - svenbrean
Generally quiet day, nothing much out of the ordinary, other than one sea lion carcass found a couple hundred yards north of Cook's Chasmread more


September 15, 2006 - BJMcConnell
The over all ecological health of this region is excellent and has not changed significantly over the past ten more