Mile 163

Oregon Dunes NRA, west of south end Woahink Lake
Lane County

Latitude: 43.909099993018
Longitude: -124.151249980080
  • Motor vehicle travel is allowed at any time from the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area south parking lot (43° 57.5910', Mile 167), southerly to approximately 1,500 feet north of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Siltcoos River, parking lot (43° 53.2410', Mile 161).
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Oregon Dunes NRA, west of south end Woahink Lake
Mile 163 Reports (5)


December 11, 2007 - mjohnson
Beach is mainly a gentle up slope to the foredunes. There has evidently been heavy OHV traffic recently as shown by numerous tire tracks that haven't been erased by wind.Creek near south end of mile 163 has broken from the lagoon and is flowing to the ocean.Only wildlife seen more
July 20, 2007 - mjohnson
Flock of approx. 25 Canada Geese resting at the waterline. Several small groups of Shorebirds active, and many buzzards seen because of numerous dead birds and marine more
June 8, 2007 - mjohnson
Only a few scattered small groups of shore birds noted. Strong winds in the past one/two weeks have smoothed over the sand surface of tire tracks. The beach is showing a moderate up sloping toward the fore more
March 13, 2007 - mjohnson
Only two ATVs observed. Beach is much cleaner than usual; very little trash. Most stretches of beach have been smoothed to a very gentle slop due to tidal action and lack of wind. Creek toward south end of mile still flowing, but shallower and more braided since last more
January 30, 2007 - mjohnson
Few ATVs seen on this visit. Several sections of beach are eroded back to the base of the foredune; most of the beach is still gently sloping. Small creek near south end of mile is running straight to ocean without pooling up at base of foredunes as in summer/fall. more