Mile 15

Boardman SP, China Creek, Spruce Creek
Curry County

Latitude: 42.174890022766
Longitude: -124.363115066920
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from Meyers Creek (42° 18.4422', Mile 23), southerly to the Oregon-California border (41° 59.9208', Mile 1).
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Boardman SP, China Creek, Spruce Creek
Mile 15 Reports (10)


April 30, 2020 - artist

Occupants of RV camped on Highway 101 at North Isle Trailhead are dumping trash down hillside above Coast more


March 1, 2014 - EKeith


July 27, 2012 - FlissE
We were on the beach for about three hours and saw no-one else other than the young man who was leaving as we arrived. Due to incoming tide, and wanting to go back up the Spruce Creek trail, we did not walk the entire length of the beach. There more
February 5, 2012 - EKeith
A warm winters day at the beach.A few high clouds,very light wind,the surf rough.A great day for beachcombing.There was evidence of storm activity,e.g. clumps of mussels and seaweeds torn from rocks and lots of mussel shells on the beach.In some areas the sand has receded 24-36 inches.The trail down more
January 4, 2012 - EKeith
High/heavy surf.Driftwood scattered all over beach.More loss of sand ,areas of exposed rocks.Several gulls on shore and other birds in the surf.There is some debris from crabbing /fishing boat gear,Bits of plastic and water bottles washed up on the beach.Overall the beach was clean with no trash left behind more


December 4, 2010 - EKeith
A very mild and pleasant day[almost zero wind],a little drizzle but some sun also.Mile Fifteen is a very beautiful section of the coastline,with rocky headlands[that are impassable] at each end.Much of it is acessable only at low tide,and because of the steep acess trails down,it has little human impact.There more
June 20, 2010 - EKeith
Beautiful sunny day on the oregon coast, [what we live for] although the wind kicked up and it became quite chilly. Five hikers/beachcomers. Most visiters to this section of beach are hiking through on the coastal trail and due to the steep access trail they are more
January 3, 2010 - EKeith


September 14, 2008 - EKeith
One dead sea lion. Visible retreat of solid more
August 14, 2008 - EKeith
Day was foggy and cool,hot and sunny inland.No other people present.Some signs of human activity,driftwood hut building and very small amount of not to recent chain sawing.Minimal amount of litter,mostly rope and water bottles washed up from boats.One partial hull of a wrecked fiberglass boat approximately 12' to 14'long.Lots more