Mile 149

Oregon Dunes NRA, north of Army Hill
Douglas County

Latitude: 43.707994960210
Longitude: -124.193809886800
  • Motor vehicle travel is allowed from approximately one mile south of the mouth of Tahkenitch Creek (43° 47.4330', Mile 155) to the Umpqua River, (43° 40.3404', Mile 146).
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Oregon Dunes NRA, north of Army Hill
Mile 149 Reports (6)


March 13, 2008 - flotsam
This was a cursory visit, as we did not actually get to our mile, but viewed the general area from afar (at least a mile). We were lashed with rain, and were recovering from a 9 mile walk the day before, to visit the site of the supposed George more


October 8, 2007 - flotsam
Nothing unusual to report, other than a lack of trash and other alien debris. I don't know if SOLV worked this stretch of beach last month. I did see a lot of a certain plant growing in the high end of the beach, just below the foredune. See attached more
  • Sample of beach plantlife growing prolifically on the Umpqua Spit
August 24, 2007 - flotsam
The beach seemed unusually clean, with little trash, and less driftwood than at other more
  • A view south from the where I estimate the junction of Mile 149 & 150 is.
May 13, 2007 - flotsam
Our plan to walk to and thru mile 149 was altered by the knowledge that the lovely wind at our backs would be a challenge returning. Thus we turned around at the juncture of 149 and 150, to face a chilly 2+ mile walk back to the car. There more
March 17, 2007 - flotsam
Generally, more activity than usual, mostly in the access road area. Our miles were typically vacant, except for the occasional vehicle traversing the spit. We did see one seemingly abandoned vehicle, which seemed to have dug it's wheels into the sand. Have not seen this before, though we almost more
  • View of beach near mile 149


October 9, 2006 - flotsam
Beach and dunes clean, no problems, just the dead Sea more