Mile 137

Oregon Dunes NRA, west of [Coos] Clear Lake
Coos County

Latitude: 43.541614969008
Longitude: -124.240219911470
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  • Motor vehicle travel is allowed at any time from approximately one mile south of the Tenmile Creek estuary (43° 32.9232', Mile 137), southerly to approximately 500 feet north of Horsfall Beach Access (43° 27.3384', Mile 131).
  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from the Douglas County-Coos County line (43° 36.7314', Mile 142), southerly to approximately one mile south of the Tenmile Creek estuary (43° 32.9232', Mile 137).
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Oregon Dunes NRA, west of [Coos] Clear Lake
Mile 137 Reports (10)


September 24, 2010 - comubp
The humans were all riding southward along the tideline in four ATVs and one OHV. Multiple vehicle tracks were visible along the beach. The birds seemed undisturbed. The driftline was thin and scattered and contained shells, animal casings, kelp/algae and ocean-based debris. Twenty misc. gulls were present plus 21 more


December 28, 2009 - comubp
It was a beautiful sunny, windless afternoon at the beach. Such days are rare, especially during the winter. Although vehicle tracks were plentiful, only two ATVs and one street legal were seen, just riding the beach in an allowed area. The driftline was quite wide and composed of lots more
September 12, 2009 - comubp
Thirty-seven humans were observed during the hour and one/half spent recording data on the 16 dead birds present(new birds included 9 Common Murre, 1 Northern Fulmar and 4 gulls and two birds were "refound" Common Murre). Several live gulls and a small flock of Sanderlings were seen. All humans more
March 12, 2009 - comubp
Sharing the beach with other users is a pleasure when the vehicles, pets, and humans are under control and enjoying the same glorious weather. Twelve vehicles included six trucks and six ATVs. Six adults were fishing for surf perch and six were riding or walking for pleasure. The driftline more


December 16, 2008 - comubp
The beach area appeared winter normal with wrack present high on the beach in places, and very thin, if any, surf line debris, mostly small wood and a few shells.One vehicle was parked near the entrance on the beach, but no humans were visible. Lots of dog and human footprints, more
June 17, 2008 - comubp
A beautiful sunny day at the beach with tolerable wind velocity. Lots of ATV folks were using the area, including several families with multiple vehicles and young children. No signs of concern were evident. The gulls present were occasionally flushed as ATVs passed by, but they resettled immediately. Shells, more
March 16, 2008 - comubp
Nice day on the beach. Shells, kelp, animal casings, wood pieces and small amount of ocean-based debris in driftline. Two gulls and a Raven flew over beach. Dead birds were: 4 Northern Fulmar, 2 immature gulls, and 2 Greater Scaup. Erosion of the foredune. Lots of human ATV usage more


December 13, 2007 - comubp
Sunny day with mild breeze. Beach driftline was barely evident with a few shells, molted casings and the like. Most beachwood was covered by windblown sand, and the entire mile showed a flat sand angle all the way to the seawall. Several vehicle tracks mingled with recent dog and more
September 19, 2007 - comubp
Another sunny, windy day at the beach. Normal signs of ATV usage, one firewood cutter, and the usual variety of wrack items of shells, animal casings and wood pieces. 8 dead birds-2 Brandt's Cormorants, 1 gull, 4 Common Murres and one small unknown seabird. Four of the dead birds more
June 30, 2007 - comubp
Beautiful day at the beach with lots of recreational usage going on by ATV enthusiasts, ORVs and street legal vehicles. Wrackline was mostly continuous with recent deposits of offshore flotsam covered in one inch barnacles. Mostly bullkelp plus other species and wood, bottles, and a few floats. Lots of more