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It was a beautiful summer afternoon, so it was busier than usual for a weekday. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and we did not observe any problems.


Temperature: 65 F. Cloud Cover: Sunny. Wind Velocity: Calm/Light. Wind Direction: NW. Tide Level: 5.5 feet.

Human Activities

Number of people: 23. Number of dogs: 3. Walking or running: 7. Playing in surf: 6. Sitting: 2. Other Activities: 8. The 8 people in the 'other' category were riding horses. Three playing in the surf were riding some kind of surf skimmers [not sure what you call them].


Apparent violations: None.


Cars/trucks parking: 5. RVs/Buses parking: 1.

Notable Wildlife

Just a few gulls and crows.

Dead Fish or Invertebrates

Lots of dead 'sand crabs' in the driftline.

Driftline Content

Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt).

Man-made Modifications

Nothing observed.

Natural Changes

Nothing observed.

Actions & Comments

We found some sand dollars and a couple of agates. Both of these are unusual for this stretch of beach.

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Report Images

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Mile 259

January 3, 2024

extreme cliff/dune erosion from recent King Tides

Linda Fink

Mile 259

December 16, 2023

It was a sunny and beautiful day at the coast.

Polaris Polaris

Mile 259

November 28, 2023

We were not able to walk the entire mile, but we could see down the beach.

Mike Weddle

Mile 259

October 12, 2023

This was the first trip for JGEMS for this beach with Jesse Jones from Coastwatch and Patricia McBride from the Oregon Coast Aquarium.


Mile 259

March 18, 2023

Overall a very clean and beautiful coastline.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 259

August 30, 2020

It was a pleasant, sunny day with well-separated groups of people--including young children--just relaxing on the beach.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 259

July 24, 2019

From my perspective on horseback, the beach looked in great shape and was being used by visitors just like a beach should be on a nice summer day.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 259

October 30, 2018

The beach was not as busy as I thought it would be on a pleasant Fall weekend--only 6 people on the beach.