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Human activities: total of 35 people seen walking, walking 5 dogs, 2 riding bicycles and 6riding horses.Shoreline: Wood pieces not as large as seen in March. Couldn't tell if an item we saw repeatedly was coated wire or vine. Foam at a few water outlets looked like eggs in it. Took some photos.Physical Changes: Erosion in one area south of Henderson Creek & north of beach access at Surfland Private Beach access seems to be getting worse. But plants/grasses seem to be helping to stabilize it. Don't remember one pipe outlet.


Temperature: 59 F. Cloud Cover: Sunny. Wind Velocity: Strong. Wind Direction: N. Tide Level: 0.0 feet.

Human Activities

Number of people: 35. Number of dogs: 5. Walking or running: 27. Other Activities: walking sometimes with dogs, on horseback & on bikes. There were 5 dogs being walked, 6 people on horseback & 2 riding bicycles on the beach.


Driftwood removal

Apparent violations: but not a concern; one person was carrying some.


Cars/trucks parking: 1.

Notable Wildlife

No shorebirds were observed; 3 crows sometimes eating the skeletal remains of an animal (see photos). Lots of crab shells (molting?)

Beached Birds

Total dead birds: 1. Bird remains not enough to identify.

Driftline Content

Seaweeds and seagrass, Animal casings (e.g., crab, shrimp molt), Styrofoam, Wood pieces. driftline cleaner than last time; smaller wood pieces; less styrofoam & bottle caps

New Development

Drainage pipes.

Natural Changes

erosion in southern part of mile below Henderson Creek seems to be getting worse but amazingly all kinds of vegetation/flowers growing helping to slow erosion

Actions & Comments

1) Because eroded area is close to housing, we're assuming this is being watched closely by owners. 2) Strange discharge in some "streams" see photos (unfortunately close-up photo is blurred). Eggs? 3) Seeking identity of skeleton (deer/seal or sea lion?). 4) Possible tsunami debris: felt pen with Japan written on it with Japanese/Chinese characters -- could be from a tourist. 5) Wood crate side. Unfortunately not a good photo of markings.

Report Images

Report Images

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Mile 213

October 31, 2023

Lovely sunny day with little wind.


decorative elemnt for a coastwatch report.

Mile 213

May 10, 2023

A pleasant day on the beach at very low tide which exposed one large tidal pool which hadn't seen before.


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July 6, 2022


Mile 213

January 23, 2022

Beach access previously had been closed for reconstruction.


Mile 213

March 2, 2021

We usually access the beach via an entry at Surfland which hasn't been easy in the past.


Mile 213

January 14, 2021

Morning after severe king tides along South Beach, OR.


Mile 213

October 24, 2020

1000s of washed up jelly fish and 1 washed up recently deceased sea lion


Mile 213

September 8, 2020

Around midnight last night, from our condo observed lights from a fishing boat apparently beached on South Beach, just south of SouthShore community.