Mile 36 Dispatch

April 6, 2021
by Lavenne22

Nesika Beach, north of Ophir Rest Area, south of Euchre Cr
Tuesday 7:45 PM
Party cloudy
64° F
Humans / Pets:
Apparent Violations:
Trash cans at rest stop were overflowing/blowing. (I returned the next day and this had been addressed.)
Activity Comments:
People in cars at rest area, no one on the beach. Lots of human and canine footprints.
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
New Development:
Natural Changes:

As I walked the path down to the beach, just to the north of the rest stop, a Canada Goose stepped out of the dunes and followed me. We walked about 3/4 mile south. I sat on the beach and it came within 10 feet of me, then flew in an arc, calling. It returned to the same spot, then came closer. It settled down about 4 feet from me, with its back to me. It settled down like a broody hen, tucked into the sand. When I stood and walked back, it followed. I thought maybe it is living here, maybe people are feeding it? (I returned the next day; it was gone.)

Sitting slightly to the south of the rest stop I saw two seals in the waves, close to shore.

The portion of beach I walked was clean/ trash -free. The beach is shaped in hills and valleys perpendicular to the water, and the drop to the water is steep. Sand bars are visible; the water is fairly clear at this location.

Driftwood is pushed up against the dunes, which show tidemarks up to maybe 6 feet, and some matted grass. The (January?) high tides look to have been very high. Today's high tide marks all end on beach, not dunes. 

  • Ophir State Beach, near rest stop
    April 6, 2021
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December 5, 2021 - hobbins
The king tides had pushed most of the debris up close the the highway wall of vegetation. I need to go back and collect the garbage. Below are the pictures of the whale and bird carcasses and debris.
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April 7, 2021 - Lavenne22
Made a quick stop and saw 16 whale spouts! With binoculars. They were moving towards the horizon.4 cars with people in them in the parking lot. No one on the beach. Noted lots of human and canine...


September 24, 2014 - [email protected]
We were here a little past high tide. Rain had stopped and the surf was high but easing. Not much of a storm and the worst of it had past. Our view was of pristine sandy beach in excellent condition...


December 21, 2011 - colleen-e
Beautiful day on the beach. The profile of the beach is much more gradual than our previous visit in the spring.
May 31, 2011 - colleen-e
This was the first observation trip to this mile. We picked up 1.5 bags of trash. The trash included ropes, flip flops, lots of plastic water bottles, two ice tea bottles with Japaneses labels, paper...