Mile 35 Report

December 23, 2019
by [email protected]

Nesika Beach, south of Ophir Safety Rest Area
Monday 2:45 AM
Party cloudy
50° F
Moderate from the SW
Tide Level:
0.0 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
3 local people gathering mussels at furthest south part of the mile. Many good beds there. Presumably took no more than their limit, but 2 women shared the tote bag on their way back north.
Activity Comments:
Expected to see tire tracks as this is often the case, but there were none.
Notable Wildlife:
Otter prints, but fewer than last visit. 1 adult.
Dead Birds:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Minimal natural drift line content. Minor normal seaweeds, crab bits etc. Minor sea trash. Picked up 10-12 plastic items.
New Development:
Will have to watch for changes. Lots of old drain pipes, rip-rap attempts, failed staircases, some electric wiring from bluff top, and one area where bluff (30 feet high) was covered down to the beach with fresh pine trees, root balls and all, perhaps 60 feet wide. Probably clearing for a new building.
None that are obviously new, I think.
Natural Changes:
Landslides/major boulder falls·Major cracks appearing in bluffs·Newly exposed roots/trees falling·Erosion of vegetated foredune

The beach was relatively clean of natural and organic material, driftwood included. Sand was piled fairly high. One area of uprooted pines pushed over the edge of the bluff was concerning. There is much piping, old cement structures (septic tanks and paving), primitive attempts at erosion control. These are not new concerns, we have seen them for years, but they need to be watched. I will send an inquiry to Calum Stevenson regarding the small house which is beginning to hang over the bluff edge, as well as the use of the beach as an apparent builder's dump. There are at least a half dozen homes within spitting distance of the bluff edge. 
On a happy note, the Powdery Dudleya seems to be making a comeback on our single stack at the south end, and in a few spots on shore in the conglomerate cliffs.

  • Near the mile north end.
    December 23, 2019
  • Septic tank
    .5 mile approx
    December 23, 2019
  • Pines over the bluff for development
    .3 from the southern end of the mile
    December 23, 2019
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Dead Stellar Sea Lion at the water edge with 3 GSW ..... Located south west of Ophir Rest Area. I did notify Mr Rice.
  • My Friend and I did are best to keep people away from pup
  • The pup followed people up to the grass line to the entry way for the rest area ..... It was exhausted from trying to connect with any one.
  • Went back to check my mile and ophir rest area for sea lion pup and the was a large group of people there for what looked like a Renaissance Festival on the beach. No sea lion pup found and I was glad not to see it with all of the people.
  • Dead SeaLion on beach with 3 perfectly round holes that resemble gun shot wounds
  • Dead Sea Lion SW of Ophir Rest area
May 16, 2014 - Oceanhippie2
Debris found at the end of my mile 35 next to the Ophir Rest Area. They seem to have been moved to be put on display, to let anyone visiting the Ophir Rest Area that Japan debris has reached us.
  • Light blue crate with Japanese writing. Faded red gas can of some type. Blue cooler with barnacled type clams inside. A white disk maybe belonging to a washing machine and some nylon rope.
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September 9, 2013 - Oceanhippie2
Blue Whale spotted from first small view point just north of Nesika Beach about 200 ft off the shore. Appeared to be heading north along the coast possibly with a smaller whale. Sorry no photo this...
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A very large sea lion is decomposing right in front of the the rest area on the beach. Sadly a family with some boys felt it was ok to play in the sand next to the sea lion. The wind was blowing from...
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A gray whale stopped by this late morning and popped its head out to look at the group of travelers that pulled off on the small view point to take pictures, then it swam along the beach and back out...
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Its been a bit busy today. I have seen about 8 Gray Whales swim by today and a few travelers pulled off to take pictures, One gentleman asked me if the whales swim in this close was normal. I said,...
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Just one whale swam by and did stay in the area for a little while then back out to sea. So far I have not seen any of the whales jump out the water. Later that day a small group of 3 swam by and the...
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Another small group of just 2 swam by the beach for a short distance then out away from the shore.
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a few Gray Whales this morning than an hour later a very large sea lion checking out the crab pods. Around 12noon and then again close to 4pm just 3 gray whales same as the day before. This must be a...
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Today has been pretty busy with the small groups of whales swimming by I watched another 4 swim past but not together. 1 at 3:00 pm then another at 4:20pm and 2 later around 6pm
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A Gray Whale swam close to the shore about 2-300 ft off the beach and then in the distance there was a large pod of whales swimming by to many to count.


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I do see the whales come through this area a lot during migration north and south directions. There are a few small groups that come in close and swim over the shelf which if I'm fast I can take a...
  • Not sure what kind of whale but was able to take a picture